How we got here


DH and I decided in January of last 08 that it was finally a good time to have a baby. We’d bought our house, the dog was settled and we were doing well in our own jobs so why not! (DH is a huge planner see and had his 5 year plan set when we got married and yes, we did follow it!) Well we threw BCP away and just had at it. The first few months were normal, I’d cycle every 28 – 30 days – woohoo…we’d always been concerned that my body wouldnt cooperate since 10 years prior the reason for going on BCP was irregular cycles. Well, our excitement was short lived. Third cycle off BCP my body was back to it’s old ways – 30,60, 90 days pass with no AF (and no BFP). Off to the doc for testing. The next 8 months or so were filled with doc appts, a PCOS Dgs, clomid, provera and lots of BFN’s. We were trying to be relaxed about it but really? can you be?

In Feb of 09 we finally saw an RE who ordered more tests (which were all fine and dandy) and suggested an IUI cycle with gonal-f to help me produce a good follicle. Well, that cycle was a bust and the next was on hold because we were going on Vacation and would be out of the country at the time our IUI would be. I opted not to start BCP (which they use to help predict your cycle) and figured that if my cycle did what i expected, we’d just use provera when we got back to start things back up again.

Well…low and behold, my body decided to cooperate and based on my temps I think I O’d just before we left. Being away for 2 weeks is the best way to spend the 2WW!! I didn’t think once about it (okay, maybe once when my AF didnt’ show when i thought it should have – although I thought I was jsut wrong in my charting). Anyways, we got back into the states and were just lounging around the house and I looked at my chart. I was 17dpo which was not odd if I’d not O’d but I thought I did so , what the heck, let’s see what happens when I test.

I really wasn’t expecting to see that second line but there it was , staring me in the face. I wasnt quite sure that I wasnt seeing things so I ran downstairs, test in hand, to DH who was mowing the lawn and started yelling for him. He musta thought I was dying. I shoved the pee stick in his face and didn’t really say anything. He took the hint and asked, “does this mean??”. I said, “I think so but i could be dreaming”. Then he swooped me up in a big hug and made me go take another test:) 6 tests over 3 days later we finally believe we were pg and called the doc for our first appt.

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  1. What a fantastic ending to your long journey!

  2. I started following after Noah was born, so I never knew you’d had trouble conceiving! So sorry you had to go through all of that, but love the happy ending!

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