Jun 082014

Lia’s always happiest when she’s creating a mess. A mess with paints and she’s in heaven. So one morning I covered the table with newspaper, gave her a bunch of white construction paper, a set of water paints and a brush and she was off.

She was having so much fun and ended up sitting and painting for over 30 min which is amazing given her attention span. Now I just need to string up the wire display line so that we can hang her masterpieces.






May 272014

A few weekends ago (gosh – it’s been at least a month now) we hosted some friends and their daughter over to see the cherry blossoms and while we didn’t get any pictures of the actual blossoms – the crowds were just too nutz, we did a get a bunch of the kids down at the lake as we had dinner. We just had to break in the new grills down there and try things out.







Jan 282013

Things have stalled. I’m counting calories (or at least was for a while but fell off the wagon over the holidays) but I’ve been bouncing around in the low 140’s for the most part. I’m not happy with that but I’m dealing with it for now. I’d love to go below 140 but it seems that as soon as I do, my milk supply tanks:( And since my goal is to get Lia to 6 months with breastfeeding I can’t yet give up!! Almost there (although, with how sick she’s been I think I need to keep it up until at least March so she gets those good antibodies).

My dilemma is this tho – we have a half marathon coming up in May (early May) and I’m not even the slightest bit in shape. I figure I need to hit training hard core by early March at the latest but it would really help if I started things now (because, let’s face it, I’m a lazy trainer and a lazy runner. There’s nothing “hard core” about me when I exercise. I’m definitely a fair weather athlete haha). I just haven’t figured out how to add exercise in without causing my supply to tank. I’m counting calories and thought I was making up the deficit (I worked out for like a week back in the fall:) ). I know people have done both I just can’t figure out how I can.

So anyways…that’s where we stand. I’ll check back in on this front next month.

Nov 302012

4 months…gosh, I can’t believe she’s 4 months already. It feels like she’s been here forever. I was looking at pics of her birthday and that just seems so far away. Noah even looks so much younger…4 months can really make a difference.

She’s a growing happy little girl. We’ve struggled a little with sleep but only briefly and it was because she was sick. Seems she has a stuffy nose every few weeks. I blame daycare but it’s good because she’s building up immunity to lots of fun things. Noah’s hardly sick anymore because he got it all out of the way in that first year.

She’s still a super smiley girl and so content. She’s also still pretty quiet. It’s just in the last week or so that I’m hearing more coo’s and gah’s from her. Even her hungry cry isn’t anything to write home about (and now that I say that she’s going to jack the volume up..haha).


Weight: 13lb 2oz…
Length: 24.75 inches
Sleep:Still going down around 7/7:30 and will either wake at 1:30am or 3:30am depending on how much she ate the day before. In either case she’s down again until 6:30/7am. The other morning she was down till 8am!
Eating: Still on the boob juice. The doc gave us clearance to try cereal but I’ve not gotten my butt around to buying some. At this point it’s just to get used to taking in food with a spoon so I’m not rushing into it like I did with Noah. I realize now that bottles are sooooooo much easier than solids.
Sizes: I bumped her up the 3-6 month stuff mostly so I can get some use out of it but also because in certain brands she’s outgrown the smaller stuff. We still have Carters 3’s running around in the mix too. The onesie in her pic is a Gerber 3-6 mo.
Milestones:She’s getting really strong. As long as I’m there for balance she’ll sit on her own for a min or two. Her head control is great. Still working on rolling over with any consistency. She’s started to babble more too.
Adventures:Nothing big this month really. She got her shots with only a few seconds of crying. Otherwise we had a quiet month in preparation for a busy holiday.

Sep 012012

We’ve made it to one month! I’m sure I’ll say this every time but wow has the time gone by quickly. I’m down to 6 weeks left on my leave and she’s a whole month old. Before I know it, she’ll be pushing 3 months and I’ll be heading back to work:(

She’s a great little girl. A good eater and relatively content at other times. She has her moments but she’s quickly consoled.

Weight: 8lb 2oz
Length: 21 in
Sleep:Nothing consistent yet. Generally she’ll give us one 5 hour stretch (from 7-8ish to 12-1 ish). Then from there it’s every 3 hours or so until we all wake up. Unless you look at last night where she was up every hour and a half or so. Someone was hungry I guess.
Eating: She’s still exclusively breastfed and eating every 2 hours during the day with a block of cluster feeding in the evening before bed. I’ve been able to pump after she eats and now have over 100oz of milk in the freezer! I’m well on my way to taking over the freezer.
Sizes: Still in newborn clothes and diapers. I have a few newborn all in one diapers and the rest are prefolds with covers. I’ve been using disposables at night but that’s about it. Yay for cloth diapers!
Milestones:Not much yet. She’s getting really good with holding her head up though.
Adventures:I try to get out of the house at least once a day. Sometimes we just walk around the neighborhood others we head to the mall. I’ve taken her down to where I work too and just hung out in the park watching the kids play in the water.

Anyways, here are the pics:)

[nggallery id=’26’]

Jun 112012

Yes, I totally skipped 31 weeks but honestly, we’re pretty much status quo here. Not much is changing week to week and I totally never got around to taking my 31 week picture!

How far along are you? 32 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? Tomorrow is the doc’s appt. I don’t feel like I gained that much, I’ve been better about my eating and such so I’m hoping I’m only putting on her weight, not my own:) That said, I’ve had more than my fair share of “omg you’re about to pop” and “are you sure there aren’t two in there” cracks…. (ETA: up 1.5 lbs (160.5 lb) which is pretty good!! I’m up about 20 total with the bulk of the gain stil to come I think. If I can hold true to the 1 lb/week then we’re looking at 27/28lbs for the pregnancy…a far cry from the 40 or so i put on with Noah:) )

Stretch marks? No marks. Linea negra is there though but still pretty faint.

Baby Movement? I have a permanent hard spot at the top of my belly. I’m thinking it’s her bum (at least I’m hoping). It’s too small and pointy to be a head so… I can feel her alot and can generally find body parts as I feel around my stomach. She’s pushing out pretty hard most days but not really kicking, instead I think she’s stretching and just enjoying the buoyancy of all her fluid:)

Best moment this week? Oh ya, got my sno cone!!! The fair was in town and we braved the 90+ degree heat so I could get a sno cone (and so Noah could ride rides but that’s secondary to the sno cone…haha).

Food Cravings?Nothing distinct…just food. Although any time I eat now (or dont eat even), i have the worst heart burn.

Belly button in or out? It’s pretty much out now…

Milestones? Well, the swelling has started some. Nothing bad. My fake rings still fit but are more snug at the end of the night than they use to be. I feel like a hundred year old woman when is stand up from sitting for any length of time. I’m more sore this time around for sure (feet, hips, back, you name it). Plus, if I can make it a full day with my contacts in I’m doing good. I carry solution, a case and my good glasses around with me all the time now for when my eyes start to water. If I don’t get them out right away, I end up looking like I’ve been crying.


32 weeks with Noah

Feb 242012

So, many of my fbook friends are already up to speed on this whole saga but for the past month it seems, Noah’s sleep was in the pooper. He was waking up in the middle of the night hysterical and we ended up sleeping in the rocking chair with him more often than not (or I’d be on the floor with my hands thru the side of the crib). DH and I started to discuss toddler beds and what we’re going to do.

Noah’s crib has the option to convert to a toddler bed with a new rail. Thinking that it would be a good transition, I went to BRU and ordered it up. They said it would take 10 – 12 weeks to get here – that evening (that evening!) he managed to make it over the rail and each night the rest of the week. There goes that idea so off we went that weekend to get him a twin bed.

We made a big deal about the change over by buying cool dinosaur sheets (and not letting him see us disassemble the crib) and talking it up all thru the buying process. He’s been in the twin for almost a month now and things are going okay. He’s still struggling to get to sleep at night (naps are near impossible). We put a new gate in to make it easier to get in and out since we have to go in like 100 times a night to put him back in bed. Alot of times I’ll climb in with him and just fall asleep too which I know is a terrible habit but when it’s 10pm and he’s still running like a maniac, you’ll try anything! I know it’s just a matter of time before the bed loses it’s magic and he’ll be more willing to just lay down and go to sleep but for now we do alot of back and forth.

In the end he really seems to enjoy it so I’m happy we made the switch and went straight to the twin. I tried to get a few pictures of him but he wasn’t cooperating so you just get the two below!

Dec 122011

For some reason Noah woke up very very early (5:30am) and just didn’t want to go back to sleep. Mamma didn’t want to wake up for the day yet so I figured I’d find the best of both worlds. I parked myself with a blanket and a pillow on the floor of his nursery and shut the door. I figured he could just play around me.

I woke up and hour or so later to this:

Notice the toys clustered around the pillow, where my head was. I ended up with a few in my face but nothing enough to wake me up I guess. Aside from the hour that this took to clean up, he had a great time and momma got her much needed beauty sleep!

Oct 312011

It was a fun weekend in our house. We took a quick trip up to PA to visit the grands and took Noah trick or treating for the first time in the neighborhood that I grew up in. He didn’t quite get it but he did “roar” for a few of the houses when we asked him to (so the lion costume was that much cuter:) ).

Tonight we carved the pumpkin and handed out candy (to all of the 3 kids that showed up!) all before Noah went to bed.

A lion for our little lion:)

Sep 242011

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I’ve thought about it a bunch of times but things have been hectic as heck around here. We’ve been gone 3 out of the 4 weekends this month (well, I have, DH had Noah duty while I was off watching my bestie get married!)

Lots to update on including Noah’s newest tricks (and some videos to prove it) but for now I need to unpack. We’re among the living again and if I can find the time, I’ll tell you about all the adventures that were had on our vaca:)

Aug 052011

Counting calories and eating a reasonable diet plus trying to get out and exercise more is working…of course I had to break up with my old scale and buy a new one since my old one decided that I was 137lbs no matter what I did….my new one is much nicer, i think i’ll keep him…but there is progress!!

Wanna know how much progress?….

Are you sure?….

Hmm….should i tell you? I might jinx myself….

Nah, I need everyone’s support….

Okay, this is getting annoying…


Tada…Just this morning I was down to 132.6 which is just about where I was when I fell off the wagon last time.

Now, again, that was due a large part to switching scales again and I’m anxious to see what the Dr’s office says on the 15th. I’ll believe that one over anything. But, it makes me feel good. It’s just a number but a number that is moving in the right direction.

No real tricks here outside of putting a calorie tracker app on my phone, being diligent about using it and adding some exercise into my routine. Most days it’s just a walk or ride around the block with the fam or making sure I take the stairs between meetings (often times my meetings are on the 10th floor when my desk is on the 15th etc..). But I did go out and get that 25 admissions pass to the gym so I’d have a reason to make myself go (i paid for the stupid thing, i might as well use it). So now I’ll do like a 3o min swim followed by a quick run.

Anyways, just thought i’d check in with everyone. Maybe one of these days i’ll have hubsy take a pic of me to share. I’m noticing a slight change but not a ton yet. That’s to come I’m sure!!!

Aug 042011

I mentioned in this post my new affection for my crockpot. As much as I love it, I struggle for healthy, tasty foods to do in it. I’m still on a mission but thought I’d share one big success lately:

Crockpot Chicken Chili


2 cups canned black beans
2 cans diced tomatoes with green chilies
1 packet taco seasoning
24 oz chicken breasts (i used 3 breasts)
1 cup chopped onion
8 oz tomato sauce
15 oz kidney beans

Drain beans.
Combine beans, onion, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes with chilies, and taco seasoning in a slow cooker.
Place whole (thawed) chicken breasts on top and cover. (i left mine frozen so it would take longer to cook)
Cook on low for 10 hours or on high for 6 hours.
Half hour before serving, remove chicken breasts and shred. Return chicken to slow cooker and stir back in.
Top with fresh cilantro, reduced fat cheese, and/or light or fat-free sour cream. Serve with cornbread, low-fat chips, or rice.

This was great the second and third day!!

As soon as I get a chance to type it up I’ll share the awesome chicken corn chowder. It’s not super healthy but it’s oh so yummy!!

Jul 142011

Noah’s always been aware of the piano in our house. When I was pregnant with him I’d sit and play for hours hoping that he could hear. As a babe I’d hold him on my lap and play songs for him hoping he’d pick up some musicality like me. Now, as a young toddler I was excited to find him walking over on his own and playing with the keys. These days he asks to be helped up on to the bench so he can play (pound) properly. I know it’s only because it makes noise and anything that makes noise under his command is a wonderful toy but part of me believes that he will grow to love the piano like I do.

Waxing poetically about this aside, these toddlers are damn cute aren’t they? My girlfriend popped over with her little one who’s only a few weeks older than Noah and we all played outside in the water until everyone was spent. After returning inside Noah walked over to the piano like he does alot now and started to pound. That attracted little K and the duet started. We plopped them side by side and just let them have at it for a while. One would start the other would follow and so it went for 10 min or so…

After their performance was over we were all spent and hungry. The pizza had arrived and the kiddies retired to the toy corner until they were ready to pass out. All in all a nice end to a good Saturday! (yes, i’m way late writing this post)

May 302011

So we’re already to 15 months! He seems more and more like a little boy every day, it’s disturbing! My baby is disappearing before my eyes:( He’s independent and curious but still likes to check in periodically when he’s playing, just to make sure we’re still there (I secretly love that part, she snuggles in real quick to show that he still needs me).

He follows directions very well and even crawls up the stairs at daycare and gets his shoes for us. He likes to grab them and then sit in your lap to let you put them on. All the while chanting “shooooos…shoooooos” (which sounds like his “joooce” or Juice in Noah speak). He’ll put things away when you ask and hand stuff over when he knows he’s not allowed to have it (the channel changers for example).

We’ve been sick on and off unfortunately and I’m very much looking forward to the end of cold and flu season. I’m tired of this two weeks on/two weeks off game. We’re on antibiotics for something or other at least half the month. Last time it was pneumonia and now we’re fighting an ear infection (number 4 or 5 i think).

He’s has 10 or 12 words (shoes, juice, cheese, papa, daddy, mama, uhoh, ball, bubbles, book, hello/hi, thank you, more/mas) and I swear I heard doggie the other day. Daycare says he also says water and milk in Spanish as well as cracker although I’ve never heard them myself. Oh, and just this morning I heard “poopy”…lovely!

He can tell you where is belly, head, feet and tongue are as well as “shush” you when you’re loud. He signs “more”, “doggie”, and “all done” pretty consistently and I’m working on others (help and hurt).

He’s sleeping from 7ish to 7ish pretty consistently now. Sometimes he’ll pop up around 5am but I usually hand him a small bottle with water in it and he’s back to sleep (this kid drinks a TON!). At his last dr’s appt he was 75/50/50 for height, weight, head circ although i didn’t get the actual numbers since I didn’t go (hubs did and he doesnt remember). I think he’s like 24lbs or so.

I did a quick photoshoot with him the other day to try out a new chair (well, old chair from my great uncle’s farm) and we only lasted a little bit (it was towards nap time) but we got a few nice pics out of it!

Time is flying and I keep thinking back to where we were last year at this time. I wonder if I’ll ever stop doing that.

Apr 302011

I told you I had some photos from Easter weekend and I’ve finally got around to editing them all so time to share!!:) I apologize to Fbook friends, you’ll see some duplicates here.

Mar 012011

Okay, so I was browsing some of my favorite blogs and noticed that The Paper Mama did a Vlog called the dialect vlog. I was intrigued by how I might say things so I decided to try it for myself. I’ve decided that when I talk unscripted to a camera I say stupid things…haha…so, if you make it thru all 7 and a half minutes of this, you really love me..haha.

The list of words if you want to do it (or have no clue what I’m saying) are Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught

The questions are:
What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
What do you call gym shoes?
What do you say to address a group of people?
What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped
body and extremely long legs?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry
groceries at the supermarket?
What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

Anyone else want to try it? if you do, send me your link:)

Feb 202011

I owe you all a post about the party (which was a raging success btw) but right now I’m too flippin tired to even think straight! We had a blast and really enjoyed ourselves but I’m plumb worn out. I’m off to relax and crash and will do a full post tomorrow – pictures and all!

Jan 212011

So Noah still has a fever so it’s a no go for daycare….since I have a pretty tough deadline today, DH is going to come home after his one mandatory meeting and take over Noah duties so I can focus. Until then I’m using the TV nanny and blockades to keep him busy….see..

It makes him mad but keeps me sane and I’m able to sit in the same room with him and continue to work some….

If i don’t blockade him…this is what happens….

And last but not least….another in the raw Noah performance…(i dont know why these are so dark, they look fine when I’m taking them….odd…)

All before 10am….what is DH in for today??! haha…

Nov 232010

And the march of time continues! Today my little man turns 9 months old – 3/4’s of a year old! It seems that every day he’s doing something new and his abilities are just exploding!

We had our 9 month dr’s appt this past Friday and she confirmed that he is a string bean of a baby – tall and skinny! He’s 21.1 lbs (70ish %) and 29 inches tall (90%). I guess it’s good we switched to the big boy car seat this past month – its limit was 30inches!

Here are some other things going on with Noah:
– He’s a crawling machine now. Nothing gets in his way.
– He can go from crawling to sitting and back with no problem. He even gets to his knees from sitting – safe to say there’s never a dull moment in this house.
– He has two fully emerged teeth and two more coming in that I expect will be here before Turkey day (you can actually see them pushing on his gums)
– He can now pull up on EVERYTHING! I need to invest in a baby football helmet for his poor little noggin that bounces off of everything.
– And seemingly overnight he went from crawling and pulling up to cruising. He’ll cruise his toys and sometimes the couch. If you grab his little hands he’ll walk with you. He’s definitely got a brave streak in him because he’ll let go of the activity table and try to walk over to me (and usually just ends up falling over and crawling into my lap).
– Because of all this new found upright mobility we had to drop the crib to its lowest setting – I found him standing and bouncing up and down one morning!
– He’s always been a talker but now we hear distinct mamamama, dadada, and gah gah sounds in there! I’m reinforcing as best I can the mama part:)
– One day out of the blue he crawled across the room, plopped to a sitting position and started clapping. He was so proud of himself!
– He also does a kissy fish face and smacks his lips alot. It’s hilarious!
– He’s eating more and more solids and is slowly pulling back on the formula. I fed him some clementines this morning and he LOVED them!

I just can’t get over how amazing he is!

I’ll have to get his monthly shots this weekend since we’re up and out of the house just after the sun rises and not back until the sun is down (darn you winter).

Oct 122010

So, I’ll spare you pictures because I was in too much of a rush this AM to stop and take them but I have to tell you guys about our poosplosion (why? well, because I think it was funny and you’d get a chuckle..see, i’m nice like that!)

I have to say first that I believe this poosplosion was due in part to an error on my side during the security portion of this AM’s diaper change. We’ve been VERY lucky not to have encountered this thus far and I believe that’s mostly due to my fab cloth diapers (okay, CD plug for the day…*check*).

..Okay, on to the story…

This AM when I was getting ready, Noah was in his exersaucer like normal. I had an interview so it was taking me longer than normal to get ready (gotta look perfect although I know it’s not my looks they’re hiring me for). Anyways, I hear the tell tale grunts and sighs that are associated with – um well…”evacuation”. I look back and yup, sure enough he’s got that face. Fine, I’ll change him before we head down for breakfast and I continue with curling my hair. After a bit I start to notice the stench and think to myself, “wow, that’s a ripe one! Oh joy”. I didn’t really think anything of it though, he can be a stinky little boy sometimes! It wasn’t until I bent down to give him a kiss that I noticed. I noticed that he was standing (and now stomping with glee) in poop.

So, here I am in nice slacks and a silk shirt wondering what to do with my now-covered-in-poo child (DH was out walking the dog so reinforcements were a no-go). My first thought was to take him to his room and use the changing table but as I pull him out of his exersaucer I knew that wasn’t the wisest idea. There was poo the whole way down his leg. So, I carried him airplane style to the other bathroom (belly over my forearms), used the sink to wash the bulk of the poo off his feet and then plopped him in the tub to get him naked and change that diaper.

As I pull off his pants a good chunk of poo comes rolling out. I have no idea what happened, it just shot out the side of his diaper! I guess I didn’t get it on tight enough! But that must have been how he was able to step in it…the kicking that he loves to do in that toy dislodged a piece and it rolled down his leg and out the bottom of his pants (how’s that for a visual??!). Me, not knowing that we had excrement present, had him giggling and stomping his feet which only served to spread the poo around in the bottom of his exersaucer.

Ugh…anyways – I got a new diaper and outfit on Noah and DH finally arrived back home. He took little man from me so I could finish cleaning up (how did I get stuck with the poop clean up?). A quick assessment and I decided that the only option is to hose the toy down! So again, dressed to the 9’s, I very gingerly carry the exersaucer out one door, down two flights of stairs and out two more doors to the back yard (did I mention that is thing is rather large and needs to be turned on it’s side to get out some of the doors. I was praying that the poo wouldn’t fall on my foot!). Safely outside and after good thorough hose down it’s now all clean – phew! Just in time for us to leave to get Noah to daycare and me off to my interview (which went well I think..btw’s).

Anywho…first poosplosion and I just had to share:)

Jul 302010

Later this fall my home church is holding a fundraiser for an organization called Nothing but Nets….

Nothing But Nets is a global, grassroots campaign to raise awareness and funding to combat malaria, one of the largest killers of children in Africa. With a $10 contribution, Nothing But Nets provides individuals – from CEOs to youth, professional athletes to faith leaders – the opportunity to join the global fight against malaria by sending a net and saving a life. – Nothingbutnets.net

Anywho…the fundraiser consists of a bunch of booths with themes circling around the word “Nets”. IE: A Bassinet booth full of baby crafts, a Sermonet book we’re compiling and getting printed that is filled with faith devotions written by local clergy. And the list goes on.

I’ve offered up a few things for the bassinet booth including ribbon pacifier holders and custom painted onesies. Someone pointed me to a freezer paper stencil that I’ve been experimenting with and I’m really happy with the results. (but now I need to buy Noah some new white onesies since I used all of his to experiment with..haha).

Here’s my first few attempts. It works really well! Cutting the stencil is a PIA though – so I found a Cricut on Ebay for $75 and just had to have it (DH is gonna love this…we already need another room for all my crafty stuffs, the closet is overflowing). I’m just waiting for it to arrive so that I can try it out.

I’m thinking of setting up an Etsy shop to help augment the fundraiser and widen our audience (since it’s an on site thing and only those local to the church will be in attendance) where all the proceeds will go towards the fundraiser. Once I do (if I do) I’ll post a link here and you guys can spread the love:) It’s a good cause and I’ll be talking about it more as the fundraiser nears. (Those of you local to Lower Burrell that aren’t already involved thru my church but want to help in some way, let me know. I’ve got connections:) )

Jul 182010

Wow! You guys actually read this thing:) I got a few comments asking where I’ve been. I promise, we’re back and will have some fun posts over the next few days. I was out in California for work and DH and Noey went along for the ride. They spent their days walking around San Fran while I toiled away at work…:)

I didn’t do the Friday weigh in because I wasn’t anywhere near a scale and in all honesty, with all the great eating I was doing, I was afraid of the scale. Maybe I’ll weigh in tomorrow and do an off cadence update..if you’re lucky!

For now, I need to unpack and maybe offload some pics (and tend to my sunburn!). I’ll be back in business tomorrow evening hopefully.

Jun 302010

I’m conflicted on where to put this challenge – on this blog or the photography blog. I’m going to put it here because I think I’m going to be combining them in the future (since most of my work is of Noah right now anyways:) ).

Anywho…on to the challenge. In a Yellow House is having a Travel Photo Challenge – bonus points if it highlights Europe! I think I can oblige…something iconic for everyone:)

And just so this stays connected to Noah – he was but a tiny embryo growing strong when I took this pic. We found out about our pregnancy the day we got back. I had a feeling on the day we woke up in Murren when the clouds lifted and we could see the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau that something special was happening:)

BWS tips button

(to see more of the Europe Pics head over to my photo blog at http://blog.kloeppingphotography.com and look back in the June/July 09 archives)

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