Oct 112011

Everyone says things come in threes…

1. Dog takes me out on Saturday and I end up with a concussion and 6 staples in my head.
2. Next day my mom tells me that gram fell last week and had a concussion and a massive bruise that stretches from the back of her head around her ear and down her shoulder.
3. Father in law calls tonight to tell us he has staples in his head now too. He lost his balance while working outside today and smacked his head off an electrical box.

Wear your helmets people, it’s dangerous out there!

and a little biking

(btw…we’re all fine, sore and ready for halloween, but fine)

Mar 212011

So this weekend didn’t go quite as we’d planned. Noah’s stomach bug didn’t miss us as we’d first hoped. My parent arrived on Friday night just as the first butterflies started in my stomach. By Saturday afternoon I was confined to our bedroom wishing the world away. Lovely DH was kind enough to entertain my family. Okay, who am I kidding – Noah did all the entertaining… So, while we didn’t get to the zoo, DH, the grandparents, and Noah of course went for a walk to the slides and swings. I don’t know who had more fun – the grands or Noah:)

By Saturday evening DH was sick (and it wasn’t due to the Pitt basketball debacle although I’m sure that contributed) and spent all of Sunday in bed (thankfully I was feeling better).

Finally by Sunday evening we were all back to functional and the grandparents had their Noah fill (at least for the next week..haha). We’re just hoping they don’t come down with the lovely bug we had.

Perhaps we’ll get to the zoo next weekend…

Mar 192011

So, the vomiting seemed isolated to Thursday evening and the wee hours of Friday. We made it thru the rest of Friday with no more incidents (and aside from a mild upset stomach for me we all see to be in the clear). However, last night his fever returned and the snot buckets also returned as did the wailing and pulling on the ears. We’re off to the docs this AM to get it checked out and had to skip our last swim class (i’m bummed – gramma and papa were here to watch Noah swim:( ). Hopefully we get him sorted and he’s in a good mood because today is beautiful and would be an awesome trip to the zoo! We’ll see…

So, I hope to have some awesome zoo pics for you all later…but for now here’s an adorable video…

Mar 172011

So, as we finish the last of the antibiotics for his double ear infection, he comes home today from daycare puking his poor little guts out. We’re still trying to decide if it’s a stomach virus or something he ate. I guess they had 4 kids at daycare all start to vomit today so it could be food poisoning…or it could be a virus. We may never know, I just hope it’s short. The only bonus is that he’s quite happy in between vomiting spells and he doesn’t really show any discomfort prior to puking (although he cries as he’s doing it and for a bit afterward).

Stay tuned for now, this could be a bumpy ride…

Jan 192011

So, last night is a night I’d rather not repeat ever again! About midnight we were woken to a horrible coughing/hacking/crying sound coming from Noah’s room. We both look at each other and sprung out of bed off to his room. I was suggesting to DH that perhaps he ingested something and was choking. So we started to pat his back but all that did was make it worse. After a few tense min DH said, “I’m not positive but didn’t my sister say croup sounds like a seal bark? Doesn’t he sound like he’s barking?” Yup, sure enough he was barking and quite alarmingly so.

So, while I had Noah and tried my best to console him (because his fright and crying was making it worse), DH ran off to Dr. Google to look up croup. Sudden onset when he was seemingly fine earlier today, the distinctive barking and stridor were exactly what we needed to read because they aligned perfectly with what we were experiencing.

The next 7 or so hours were filled with steamy bathrooms, walks around the sunroom in the cold moist air, and hours in the rocking chair under the humidifier. DH was a champ and took the brunt of the load (since I had an important business meeting the next day) but like any momma can attest, I didn’t sleep very much if at all. We considered the ER a few times but while he sounded awful, he was exchanging air and actually in good spirits when he wasn’t screaming. He slept in fits but did manage to book some shut eye (I wish I could say that same, I had about 2.5 hours the whole night). As soon as the sun came up we called the docs and got him in first thing.

He’s on the mend now. A dose of steroids in the am made a difference and we’ll do it again tomorrow to help work thru this. He’s been down for a few hours now and aside from a few coughing fits that he worked thru and went back to sleep, things are going okay. Although, I’m prepared for another long night…here are the “stations” from last night….that we’ve set up again for tonight…

Bed set up next to his crib that we really didn’t use

DH’s bed for the night, sitting up in the rocker with the humidifier blowing on them (isn’t he glad we got the big rocking chair?!)

My station outside in the sunroom as DH slept with Noah on the futon. We had him completely covered except for his mouth and nose. DH swore they were nice and toasty.

And my adorable, steroid crazed child!

And to add insult to injury, he’s cutting three teeth at once! Two on the top and a third on the bottom that I just noticed today.

Jun 302010

(this is going to be a long post…sorry…)

To say that this AM has been interesting is an understatement! It started yesterday when the dog decided that since we all got a good night sleep (Noey slept from 7:15pm to 6:30am!), she’d wake us up with the sounds of her vomiting all over our carpet at 6am (if it’s not one thing it’s another right?…no sleeping past 6am anymore).

To add insult to injury, as she was walking back inside from her morning potty break, she got stung by a bee. I thought the vomit was a one time thing until about 4:00 in the afternoon when she started tossing her cookies over and over again (5 times in the course of 3 hours…cleaning up doggie puke is sooooo much worse than baby poop!). A quick call to the vet, some pepcid, and a barricade to contain her in the kitchen – we all went to bed. What we woke up to in the AM was something I was not at all prepared for!

She’d decorated our entire kitchen floor with her bodily fluids – in every form imaginable (sorry…TMI). DH spent the next hour cleaning and scrubbing and praying that the OxyClean would get the stains out without ruining our natural stone floors (btw…it did! Total miracle cleaner) While he did all that, I called the vets and made an appt to take her in ASAP (and all the while, Noey is quietly playing in his crib, talking to himself…I love that little boy!). We’ve been thru this before with her and know that once it reaches this point the only thing we can do is hospitalize her for IV fluids and meds.

Once the vet looked her over, she confirmed that this is what we dealt with last year. However, at this point we have no idea what’s causing it aside from perhaps a virus or something environmental (in our backyard perhaps). She has a sensitive stomach to begin with so a virus that induces vomiting is harder on her than on other dogs and it escalates quickly. Having been thru this around the same time last year I know what we’re in for and that is an overnight stay in the vet hospital and very hefty vet bill. She’ll pull thru and we’ll go on with our summer and probably not face this again until next year. These are the days when I wish we had pet health insurance:)

And like the title suggests, when it rains it pours. See, I also had a dr’s appt this AM. I woke up on Monday with a sore eye. It was bloodshot and just sore in general. I thought that I’d maybe overdone it at boxing and strained too hard doing sit ups or something but over the course of the next few days it only got worse and I could see I’d developed an ulcer or something in the center of the redness. Off to the eye Dr. (that is, after I could find one – there’s only two in my local area that take my insurance and one was out of town!). It turns out that I tore the covering of my eye somehow. I must have scratched or rubbed in my sleep which then tore it..who knows. Anyways, I’m on antibiotic drops for the next 10 days to prevent infection as it heals on its own. thankfully Noah and DH are in good health. I dont know if I can handle more sickness.

I tried to take a shot of my dilated eyes but FAILed…so here’s a pic of our Macie..the consumer of my next paycheck…

oh…any yesterday when we went to cook the salmon that we bought from Costco, DH found a worm swimming around in the juices….ewwwwww…just ewwwwww….

Jun 132010

Poor Noah’s had a rough few weeks. First it was gooey eyes that turned into a sinus thing now he’s just recovering from a virus of some sort (best we can tell it was gastrointestinal).

I didn’t want to leave him alone for one second while he was feeling like that (even if he was sleeping which was about 90% of the day) so I was toting him around the house in his bouncer. For the most part he was strapped in but this was just a quick trip from one room to the room right next to it so I left him unbound. Look how big he’s getting! He’s just hanging out all over the place!

He finally turned the corner Saturday evening and is back to his normal cute bubbly self today thank goodness! I missed my smiling baby and just hated hated hated picking up a baby that felt like a ball of fire…poor thing…

Jun 022010

So, what started out as a clogged tear duct last week has turned into a full blown sinus infection in poor little Noah.  We were sent home yesterday from the docs with a script for amoxicillin and antibiotic eyedrops.

What’s worse is that due to my carelessness in dealing with the gunk in his eyes and when he sneezed and my endless need to snuggle with him close, I’ve contracted a lovely upper respiratory infection to accompany his sinus infection.  I was sent home today with a z-pack, a stronger cough suppressant, and an inhaler for the wheezing. 

The trifecta will occur when DH comes down with what we both have – which has already started.  I’m pumping him full of vitamin C and Airborne to see if we can fend it off! Crossing my fingers.  At least the antibiotics are free right now at our pharmacies:)

On another random note…I really feel old today.  I’m waiting in the grocery store for my script to be filled and I see these two young gentlemen wandering around the personal care aisles looking lost (or that they were looking for something specific).  I saw them later as I waited in the magazine rack and I asked if I could help them find anything (I know the layout of the store pretty well).  One boy says to the other “haha…you tell her what we’re looking for..” to which he responds…”um…no you”.  At this point I knew exactly what they were looking for but I wanted to make him say it.  The brave one said – “we’re looking for condoms”.  Good boy…way to spit it out there…haha.  So I told him that it was three aisles back on the far end – told him to look for the womens sanitary products and left them to their own.  About 10 min later they were back in the magazine aisle just milling around.  I got the sense that they were trying to work up the courage to buy them (or to ask me to buy them for them).  I was getting ready with my speech about how if you’re not brave enough to buy or even talk about condoms then you shouldn’t be putting yourself in a situation to use them when the pharmacist called my name. They were spared but I can’t help but feel old now….

Jun 022010

I’ve been a bit of an absentee blogger the last few days! I have some great updates from the weekend but right now we have a house full of the creeping crud! Noah brought home an infection that we all promptly caught. So the last few days have been full of dr’s appts, antibiotics, saline spray, bulb suctioners, Kleenex and bad sleeping patterns! Hopefully we’ll be back to normal in a few days and I can resume normal my normal posting habits:)

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