Jan 222013

Last Christmas Catch up post I promise….:)

We rounded out our Christmas celebrations at my parents for New Years. Since the holidays landed on Monday’s, we did the weekends prior to each traveling up to see family. That let us have the actual holiday at home with just the 4 of us and spread the travel out a bit to make it more manageable (my parents are 4.5 hrs away and DH’s parents are 2.5 hours away)

We lucked out and arrived just before the snow really started coming down (they had a bunch from earlier in the week and a fresh coating that arrived just after we did). This is the first time Noah’s really gotten to play in the snow this year and definitely the first time that he actually wanted to play in the snow (vs us suiting him up and pulling him along in a sled).

I guess after about 30 min he was cold and asked to go inside. DH and my dad were having too much fun so DH set Noah up at the door looking out so he could see what they were doing. They were building him an 8 foot snow man. Any time my DH is involved in snowman making it’s a behemoth of a snow man (we made a 7 ft man here at home a few years back). He said it too him and two neighbor guys to lift the middle and top pieces of the snow man into place. All the while Noah just hung out watching Cars on the phone and watching daddy out the window.

I think the best part of the snowman was the week following as he slowly compacted and started to lean. Frosty had a slight lean as soon as the next day and was listing even more the day we left. We all expected him to come crashing down in the day or two that followed but no, he stood strong for almost 4 days and at points was leaning so far over that his tree branch arm was touching the ground. He fell on New Years Day and when he did fall he fell in one piece, from the base and split his head open. My mom posted a pic of poor frosty on Facebook generating a pretty hilarious conversation about how Frosty celebrated a little too much on NYE and had a splitting headache to follow.


Jan 212013

So the plague has hit me and Lia hard (so far Noah and DH are okay) but as such I’m not uber functional after taking care of mandatory daily tasks. So these catch up posts are pushing on and on and on….haha. I think I have just one more after this and we’re on to non Christmas related catch up…haha)

Christmas morning was so nice and relaxing. DH and I decided that Santa gets to give one or two bigger gifts and the rest come from us or from family. It worked out really well that way. We get to indulge Noah’s new found understanding of Santa without going overboard.

As luck would have it, Noah slept in that morning so it was just Lia and I awake at 8:00 enjoying the tree, presents, and some coffee. It was so peaceful and quiet. Once Noah woke the fun began. We have a loft so he was able to see the tree and presents almost immediately (there was nothing there the night prior, we set everything out as he slept). So he made his way downstairs in a half excited, half confused manner. We left his Santa presents over by the fireplace along with his stocking. He ran excitedly to check out if Santa ate the cookies only to find that not only did he eat the cookies and drink the milk but the reindeer took a couple of chomps out of the carrots we left (DH did this and I totally love it. I actually fell asleep early that night and DH finished setting up…he had as much fun as Noah did I think).

We left his big Santa gifts unwrapped mostly because they were big but also because I wanted him to see them right away and get excited. I think the best part of everything was the fact that as Noah opened a present, he wanted to play with it. So we’d open one, play with it for a while, then open another and play with it etc….it took us a few hours to get thru all the presents and I was totally okay with that. He was having so much fun.

With no where to go that day, after we finished with presents I cooked up breakfast (french toast) and we just hung around and played with toys. We made the calls up to the fam and even Skyped with them so they could watch Noah open some of their presents (my mom and dad had stopped down a few weeks prior to drop off the presents from them and my grandparents so the kids would have them for Christmas morning since we wouldn’t be seeing them until New Years).

It’s still odd to me to just have the 4 of us for Christmas. Growing up I remember running all over creation to visit family on Christmas day. We’d do at least three houses in one day to catch everyone. This is our second year doing it just us and I’m still adjusting. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy not having to pack everything up and drive all over but I still miss that house full of people hussel and bussel that comes with family at Christmas time.

That said, I think this was the best Christmas yet just because of Noah’s enthusiasm for the holiday and watching him and DH work on his toys together to get them working. Like I said, I think DH was as excited (if not more) than Noah:)

Sep 072012

The sequence on these pics is priceless! Noah’s figured out how to work the water canons we bought earlier in the summer and he’s finally taken to actually immersing himself in the pool instead of just standing in it. So now he actually participates in a water battle vs just screaming at us.

[nggallery id=’27’]

DH’s face looks a little evil in the one pic but we were really all having fun:)

Apr 202012

We had a stretch of beautiful weather last weekend so I thought it was the perfect time to let Noah loose with some washable paints that I’d bought a while back. He’s still at an age where it’s all mess so doing it inside was out of the question. I set him up, in a diaper, with an open pot or two, a brush, and lots of paper. After a while we decided that one pot of paint at a time was best since he was just mixing them and dumping them anyways, no use it wasting them all at once.

At one point DH walked back and encouraged him to paint on his belly. That opened up a whole new world of painting. I found him painting his belly and then trying to lay on the paper to do a belly print (i guess they do hand prints alot at school?!). Seeing that belly prints were challenging I took his socks off and pointed to his feet. Perfect!

After he grew bored I needed to wipe him down to bring him inside. That required the use of the hose and I totally should have known better (noah’s obsessed with the sprinkler) anyways, there was no way I was getting out of this without at least a little hose time for him so I let him have at it. It actually worked quite well he was mostly clean by the time we had to come in (and I was only a little wet…he looooooved chasing me and trying to spray me). What I was most impressed about was the fact that he was running in the grass bare feet. He’s been hesitant to do that until now. Maybe his sand phobia is cured?!

Anywho, we both had a blast, enjoyed the amazing weather and managed to stay out of daddy’s hair long enough for him to get some trim work done on the front of the house (which is a story in its own). I look forward to more days like that one before the real heat sets in and we can’t bare to be outside.

Nov 082011

I’ve been trying to find different ways to engage Noah in play outside of his toys and puzzles. He loves coloring, running his trucks, pushing his bike around outside etc…but we needed something quiet for early mornings while I’m working in the kitchen getting breakfast etc…enter the bucket o beans.

Scooping with a spoon and filling his cup!

Daddy helping...

I tried rice a ways back with Noah but it was so hard to clean up after he decided to dump it on the floor that I abandoned that pretty quickly. This time around I decided to use a bag of great white northern beans that have been in my cabinet for years and I’d yet to incorporate them into any meal. They work much better as a play toy for Noah:)

It took a few dumps to get him to keep it in the bucket but after a while, even if they fell out of the bucket, he was cleaning up as he went. Just today he grabbed his favorite plastic spook and looked up and said “bucket? bucket?”. I set it on the floor and off he went, scooping and dumping for the next 20 min:)

I think i need to get another bucket or two and try things like pasta or buttons.

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