Sep 212012

Most of the pics I have are of the kids and DH. There are very few with me in them since I’m generally behind the camera. The other morning DH grabbed the camera and snapped a few off of Lia and I relaxing. I’m actually happy with how they turned out given the fact that I hadn’t done my hair and had no make up on:)

Sep 182012

The lighting is wonderful in Lia’s nursery. I used to always take Noah in there to do his photo shoots when he was itty bitty. I’ve been feeling bad that most of her pics have been done by cell phone so far so I decided to break out the big guns and take some pretty pics of her yesterday.

[nggallery id=’31’]

I really need to do that more often:)

Aug 112012

During my first week home my mom and I decided to do a quick photo shoot with Lia and let me tell you, doing a newborn photoshoot with your own child as you’re trying to recover from labor is hard! Crawling around on your hands and knees is just not an activity that my body wanted to cooperate with. We lasted about a hour before both Lia and I needed a break. We’ll have to try a few more times once I’ve had more time to heal plus I need a few with her sibling:)

Here are some of my favorites:

Oct 162011

My gram asked for a family picture a ways back and I realized that we don’t have anything recent that actually looks good (Noah’s screaming, DH is making an odd face, I’m scowling etc…) So my goal last weekend was to get a family picture. Well, the whole trip to the ER and staples which prevented me from washing my hair for a few days put a kbosh on that. So, when DH suggested we take a drive to see the fall colors up in Shenandoah, I saw that as my opportunity to get a nice pic of us as a family.

The light was fading fast and the dog was not cooperating so we stuck her in the car. 20 shots later and we ended up with this one:

And with the help of a nice Asian man who offered to push the shutter, we managed to get this on with the dog….not the best but at least we’re all accounted for:)

Oct 082011

I’d planned on a series of posts about our adventures to the OBX (Outer Banks, NC for those not down with the lingo) but seeing as it’s taken me two weeks to even get thru the pictures we’re going to cover it in one big one with lots of pictures!

NOTICE: SKIP TO THE BOTTOM IF YOU JUST WANT THE PICTURES….I won’t be offended (well, at least not a lot offended)

Overall our week in the OBX was thoroughly enjoyable. In the days leading up to it the weather outlook was bleak. They were still recovering from the hurricane and then tropical storm and the weatherman was not hopeful we’d have any sun. We arrived to lots of rain and stormy seas and had to unpack in very wet conditions. Fortunately for us the rain stopped around dinner and we were able to get our first glimpse of our beach. It was rough and stormy and there wasn’t much to it but it was our beach!

Where I’m more prone to grab a book and read on the beach, DH (and his parents) are doers. They like to get out to do and see things. It works well with a toddler that gets bored quickly so everyday there was an adventure or two. We hauled our bikes the whole way down there so on three of the mornings we decided to take them out for a spin. First day we started at our house and rode south into Duck and around. We rode thru neighborhoods and down to the beach and back. As we were making our way back to the house we decided to huff it up one more set of little hills and *snap* DH’s chain breaks. This was the first of three bike related calamities!

Day two of biking we rode north. About 5 miles in I noticed my ride was getting a little tough, kind of like I’m plowing thru sand. I looked back and my rear tire was low. We stopped for a second to check it out (in a bad spot where the mosquitoes were munching hard on us!) and you could hear it hissing. DH always carries a pump and a spare so we just had to roll to a more convenient spot to fix it, no problemo. Haha..right! The pump didn’t want to work so we were sunk. MIL and I worked our way back to a nearby diner (me carrying my bike because it wouldn’t roll anymore) and DH and FIL headed back to the house with Noah to fetch the car. DH spends the rest of the afternoon trying to get my wheel fixed so we can go out again later in the week (which yields ride #3 and flat #2 – this time on DH’s bike, not mine!)

On the days we didn’t ride we went out and explored Duck and the surrounding areas on foot. There was still quite a bit of debris and standing water so places we’d normally be able to go were close or so mosquito infested that it wasn’t worth it. There were tons of shops and stuff to keep us busy. DH even played the part of my hero when I dropped the camera lens cover off the side of the boardwalk into the water and he climbed down to retrieve it!

Later in the week the weather they’d been talking about all week finally arrived we spent the day at the aquarium on the main land. It was a nice change and Noah really enjoyed himself. He actually sat down with DH and watched the divers shows in the big shark tank! I couldn’t believe (nor could I believe that I ran the whole way back out to the car to grab the dSLR because it’s better in low light only to find when I got back to the building that I forgot to swap the battery and it was dead – oops).

Anywho, I’ve talked enough. On to the good stuff…

Aug 292011

So this weekend was a bit damp and breezy thanks to Hurricane Irene. We were cooped up inside most of Saturday while it rained and blew and Noah was in rare form. I guess he woke up on the wrong side of the bed and just cranked alllllllll day. Topped off by not being able to go outside (and the fact that he could see his swing on the floor of the sun room) we were a bit miserable.

Momma took a quick break around nap time to get a hair cut at a real salon (yes, there is a difference between a $30 Hair Cuttery haircut and a $70 spa/salon cut. The head massage alone was worth the extra coin!) but then we were back to trying to entertain a crank pot child. I tried to get some pics of him but they were all like this:

Sunday was much better. He was still more mischievous than normal but we were anxious to get out and both clean up the yard some and enjoy the beautiful weather that Irene left in her wake.

At one point during the yard work DH mentioned taking a bike ride. Noah immediately ran to the front of the house and in through the open garage doors to find his bike helmet. It was hanging up so he yelled at me and pointed saying “mine..mine…mine”…until I gave it to him. Once I pulled his down and strapped it on him, it pointed to DH’s and said “daddy..”. I pulled DH’s helmet down and Noah ran it out to DH in the back yard. So, with himself and daddy outfitted, he ran back to the garage and pointed to the last helmet and said “mommy”…guess it was my turn. At this point there was no turning back. I ran to change while DH strapped noah into his little trailer. A quick sippy and some cheerios in a snack trap and we were off. He really loves going for rides in that trailer but then again who wouldn’t – toys, snacks, lots of fresh air. Heaven!

After the ride we had a little time before bed so Noah played hide and seek with daddy:

Climbed up on things he wasn’t supposed to:

And congratulating himself for figuring out how to stop, start, and change tracks on his silly song CD.

Overall a good weekend that was thankfully uneventful given the circumstances.

Aug 232011

Holy moly…He’s a year and a half old now. And to celebrate the occasion, he cut a new tooth, contracted croup and survived an earthquake. Boy knows how to do it right!!

26lbs (they weighed him on the big boy scale today!)
? inches tall. I can’t get him to stand still long enough.

He’s got too many words to type out. He’ll mimic everything you ask him too and he’s started to pair up sounds with animals and objects. He’ll ask to color with crayons, for you to sit next to him, and he’s good with answering with an affirmative yes or adamant NO!. He babbles and has full conversations with himself and i swear I hear him singing some times.

Motor Skills:
Running is his preferred mode of transportation, climbing is the next (although that’s not necessarily transportation, just havoc causing). He stacks blocks like a champ now and has mastered most of his toys. You’ll find him dancing when there’s music and spinning circles till he’s dizzy (soo funny). Hand him a wooden spoon and a pot lid and you have hours of entertainment. Loud entertainment but entertainment none the less.

Potty Dealings:
He’s interested in the potty and all that is involved and will sit on the seat but doesn’t quite get what to do when he’s up there. I put him on in the evenings before his bath just to get him used to it.

He sleeps pretty well when he’s not cutting a tooth or has croup:) Still 7/7:30 – 6:30-7am. They still give him a 2.5 hr nap at daycare and that seems to work out really well. Eating on the other hand is hit or miss. You can always convince him to eat a waffle or a banana but outside of that we just have to try until something sticks. I know he won’t starve but sometimes I worry.

Anywho…enough blabbing, on to the pics. This shoot was harder than I thought it would be. I really needed someone else to help wrangle him while I got the shot ready. My keys helped some but in the end it was a pretty quick shoot.

Aug 082011

I have lots to post about the weekend and perhaps by this coming weekend I’ll have actually authored a post. For now though I’m going to direct you all over to my photography blog. I don’t do reviews alot but this one was really neat. Since I’m such a photo nut this one was close to home.

Check it out

Jul 302011

Just a few days late here:) It’s been super busy.

I just love this age with Noah because he’s such a little person with his own wants/needs and opinions. If he has a choice he’s outside, he wants to sit at the big table, he wants to feed himself etc. He’s understanding more and more and follows simple directions pretty well. He’ll mimic what we ask him to say and has been associating things more and more.

The other day I got a real “mama” from him in reference to me! Now he does it all the time and it love love love it! Such a sweet sound from him little mouth.

Eating is still a challenge. One day he’ll eat something the next he won’t so you never know. We have found a few tricks that work most of the time:
1. give him a fork – he loves to fork his own food
2. saddle him up to the table like a big boy – I took the tray off his high chair so now he can sit at the table or the counter like the rest of us and that seems to make him happy.
3. watch it with the snacks – I noticed that he was snacking alot. He’d grab his snack trap or ask for something and we’d just give it to him. Now I’m watching more closely and he’s eating normal meals better because he’s actually hungry when I make things.

in addition to last months we’ve added car, lellow (yellow), hat, Gabo (friend at school), lala (another friend at school), bano (potty in spanish), please, noooooo!, color, bye, backyard, and lots of affirmative grunts (typical boy) Plus he’ll mimic just about anything you ask him to.

fine motor:
– climbing! OMG this kid climbs now.
– running full steam ahead
– This kids grasp on cause and effect is amazing. He knows that you need to turn the hose on for water, that if he pushes that button something happens etc.

– balls
– blankie
– bottles
– water (if it’s a dirty mud puddle even better!)

He’s 25lbs or so and I’m not sure how tall (next month is his dr’s appt). He’s solidly in 18 mo clothes and wears size 5 shoe (although i can only get sandals on him since his little feet are so fat).

I can’t believe he’s going to be a whole year and a half old next month!

Jul 222011

Yes, it’s friday and I’m writing a weekend post for the previous weekend. It’s been a busy week, what can I say?

This past weekend we took a trip up North to see the fam and celebrate my adorable nephews first birthday. A good time was had by all but wow, was it a whirlwind!

We drove up Saturday just in time for lunch. Noah’s cousins dropped by (along with my BIL and SIL) and we all spent the afternoon on the lawn snacking away and watching the kiddies entertain themselves with a giant red ball (which I didn’t get any good pics of, bummer!). After they left Noah happily discovered the hose and spent the next few hours watering himself. Grandma’s flowers benefited from this wet activity as well.

Sunday was spent setting up for the party and enjoying the company of family and close friends. I was elected to take pics of the birthday boy as he dug into his cake (and of course I was more than happy to oblige:)).

After a little while longer we had to pack up and head back home. It was a quick weekend but filled with fun, laughter, friends and family.

Jun 302011

So it’s wed night and I’m just now getting to sit down. Such is life these days. We’ve had an awesome few weeks here punctuated by an impromptu trip to the beach this last weekend to visit a few friends. DH was in a volleyball tournament in Seaside Heights (yes, Jersey Shore territory) and our friends are just across the bridge. We’ve been trying to get out to see them and due to sickness and traveling with a toddler and a dog, we just weren’t connecting. Thankfully when DH called at the last min, they are open and agreed to put up with us:) I was so excited (she’s 20 odd weeks pregnant and I love me some baby bump:) Plus they’re just the most adorable couple!)

Saturday was spent at the tournament getting sun burned and seeing famous pro volleyball players. Sunday was spent at Island State Beach Park which was AMAZING! We loaded up our friends truck with 4 adults, 1 dog and one toddler in a carseat (rear facing even!) and went for a drive on the beach. I have to say, these guys know how to do it right! They had everything you could want for when relaxing on the beach! Prego mamma had a nice reclining chair with an umbrella. Macie had a nice long lead so that she could roam but not get lost (we let her off for a while to go swimming in the surf). We had snacks and drinks and even a portable potty (you’re out in the middle of a remote beach, there’s not restroom outside of going in the ocean. A portable potty, even if it’s just a bucket with a privacy tent, is a welcome feature)! There was a nice breeze blowing and it was clear and blue. While I didn’t exactly get to sit and relax since Noah was not a fan of the sand and just wanted to be held but that didn’t matter, I could totally spend every free weekend like that. Noah did finally warm up to the sand (but only with his shoes on) so my arms got a rest eventually.

(excuse the conflicting watermarks, i’m too lazy to fix them:) )

I actually found another set of pics when getting these ready that I’ll share tomorrow. For now it’s bed time:)

Jun 162011

I found this one while going thru some unprocessed pics and I love it! Uncle J makes an effort every time we’re home to come out to see Noah (even when I don’t tell him until way late:) ) and we so appreciate it! I grew up with my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents close in proximity to each other so we were always able to see them on a regular basis and it’s important to me that Noah has that experience too (which was reason number 1 we moved back from the west coast)

Jun 082011

(i really did start this on Monday…it only took till wed to finish it:)

I really love weekends with no plans! Friday night, after recognizing our freedom, we decided to spend Saturday hiking and just hanging around. The weather was amazing and we had a newly finish pergola to break in! Sunday was dedicated to some yard work and making momma pretty (I badly needed a hair cut and highlight touch up)

Our first choice of hiking location was mobbed so we opted for one a bit further down the road and I’m so glad we did! We’ve always said, “I wonder what’s back there” or “We should hike that one day…” and just never did. Welp, cross that one off our list. It was a really nice hike, just long enough with a pretty waterfall and riverside beach towards the end. It was hilly enough to feel like you got a work out without getting all nasty or exhausted.

When we came back we decided that I would be fun to have some friends over for an impromptu BBQ. We spent the rest of the afternoon cooking and cleaning and getting ready for friends and spent our evening enjoying a good meal and conversation. The kiddos played too!

Sunday we did some yard work and hung out in the grass until it was time to eat dinner. Having cooked a ton the night prior, we opted for dinner out and were back in time to get Noah to bed almost on time:)

Unfortunately for me he decided that sleep was not something he was down with that night and I spent most of the night up and down with him finally allowing him to just play himself to sleep while I crashed on the floor of his nursery (it’s well baby proofed and he can’t get into anything that would hurt him). I shut out the lights while he played. Eventually he laid down next to me and we woke up 4 hours later at 8am (I was soooo late for work!).

Jun 062011

You may have noticed a dearth in posts recently. I can lay out about 30 different excuses but truthfully it boils down to the fact that I’m having trouble finding balance. I never realized how much I did around the house while working at home. Conference calls were great for starting laundry, picking up around the house, getting dinner started etc. Now that I’m actually commuting more than 10 feet all those things are left to the evenings and weekends and I’ll tell ya, I’m having trouble keeping up.

Blogging will take a backseat for awhile until I find some sort of rhythm. I do have a few posts that I may get finished tonight and will schedule but then again I may also fall asleep before that happens…

Here’s some cute Noah to keep you entertained:

May 082011

and happy birthday to meeeee…..:) So awesome that I get to celebrate both on one day this year!

Spending my day with my boys enjoying this amazing weather! Will post later:)

For now, enjoy some of my favorite “mom” pictures from Noah’s stash…

Apr 242011

We had a busy but awesome weekend with the fam…I have lots of pictures to edit and share but right now I’m exhausted so it’s off to bed. I’ll leave you with these two:

Apr 172011
Apr 102011

We had a productive and relaxing weekend in the Kloep house! Saturday was rainy but that didn’t keep hubs from working on the landscaping and I spent the morning with an adorable 1 week old doing a newborn photoshoot for a friend (then spent the rest of the afternoon editing the pictures because I was so excited).

Sunday was nicer weather + nothing really in the plans so Noah and I went shopping. He was only partly amused, I had to bribe him with Nutrigrain bars to get thru Kohls but man was it worth it! 50% off kids clothes plus another 15% means I got like $400 worth of clothes for just over $200! Noah is set for the summer!

Then, as the sun was setting, the lighting was beautiful and weather just right so DH grabbed the camera and had an impromptu photo shoot with Noah while I got things straightened up inside and his bath drawn. They both came in covered in grass and mud brandishing a beat up tulip (which Noah thrust into my hand at the prompting of daddy – he’s getting better with instructions)

Apr 082011

Wow, that came up quickly! I was just writing the recap from last weekend it seems – phew! I guess that’s a good thing, means we were busy and things just moved along. It was a relatively uneventful week thankfully. Noah was healthy and was sleeping better (not great but better) and work was surprisingly normal. So I don’t have much to share…it’s good to be boring some times.

I will humor you with some pictures though. I was cleaning off our CF cards in preparation for a photo shoot with an adorable newborn tomorrow and found these:

He’d pulled the goldfish bag out of the snack drawer, closed the drawer and promptly upended the bag dumping the entire contents on the floor. Both he and the dog were in heaven….

This one was last night. He sleeps with his little bum straight up in the air and we were trying to get a picture of it. By the time we got the camera out, he’d shifted into this pose…fast asleep…

Anywho…hopefully I’ll have more exciting things to talk about soon.

Apr 042011
Mar 302011

I’m skipping Vlogging Vednesday because it’s super busy here and I’m not going to have time to get it assembled in time. Instead I’m sharing a wordless Wednesday with y’all..

Btw…i’m still looking for someone to help me with a wordpress theme for this site…

Mar 282011

DH let me sleep in this AM! I woke up at 7:45 and everything was silent. I figured they were sleeping again so I took my time getting ready and then decided it was time to get Noah ready for school. I opened the door of the nursery to find DH on the floor under a blanket and a tiny little lump next to him. Upon further inspection, this is what I found:

Mar 212011

So this weekend didn’t go quite as we’d planned. Noah’s stomach bug didn’t miss us as we’d first hoped. My parent arrived on Friday night just as the first butterflies started in my stomach. By Saturday afternoon I was confined to our bedroom wishing the world away. Lovely DH was kind enough to entertain my family. Okay, who am I kidding – Noah did all the entertaining… So, while we didn’t get to the zoo, DH, the grandparents, and Noah of course went for a walk to the slides and swings. I don’t know who had more fun – the grands or Noah:)

By Saturday evening DH was sick (and it wasn’t due to the Pitt basketball debacle although I’m sure that contributed) and spent all of Sunday in bed (thankfully I was feeling better).

Finally by Sunday evening we were all back to functional and the grandparents had their Noah fill (at least for the next week..haha). We’re just hoping they don’t come down with the lovely bug we had.

Perhaps we’ll get to the zoo next weekend…

Mar 142011

I’m always looking for good snacks for Noah. He’s a hearty eater but I find myself repeating the same things over and over. Sure he gets what we eat for dinner for the most part and I make sure he gets lots of fruits and veggies (we haven’t found one he doesn’t like!) but when it comes to other things like lunch and snacks (or the occasional dinner we can’t share like steak), I fall short. Pasta is easy but when he’s screaming hungry there’s not much time, graham crackers are quick but I fear the sugar, goldfish are good too but you can’t make a breakfast or dinner out of them (and the salt, oh the salt!). Enter mini Egos Waffles and Pancakes! They’re the perfect size for a quick snack and little toddler hands and Noah loves them!

Case in point:)

I wasn’t prompted to write this, I just know other mommas who look for snacks for their little guys and thought I’d share. What are your favorite snacks/foods for your toddler?

Mar 112011

It’s only been like three days since I last posted but let me say they have been the longest three days in a very long time. I’m struggling right now balancing work and home. It’s the end of the quarter at work and I’m in sales so things are super super busy and we’re pushing hard to close everything we can for those quarterly numbers. That means 12 and 15 hour days and working the weekends most times. It’s fun and exciting but damn it’s exhausting! I swear this week has just gone on and on and on. It seemed like friday would never get here. Because i’m too darn exhausted to think in full paragraphs here’s an update in bullet form:

– Noah has a double ear infection
– He’s cutting two molars too (and i need to feel for the other two because I swear they have to be pushing thru too with all the crank and attitude I’m getting these days)
– Noah’s also in a new habit of popping up at 5 or 5:30am to play…he thrashes and cries when I try to get him back to sleep (he thrashes and cries if ignore him too hoping he puts himself back to sleep) so I’ve been starting my days early. I’m surprisingly productive in the AMs…perhaps this needs to be a habit.
– I paid $20 for the doc to tell me I just have to ride this stupid virus/cold/whatever out. She said keep taking the Robitussin and get lots of rest, fluids, and hot showers (to losen the congestion i suppose). Haha…right…rest…
– Upside to the docs appt is that I found out that my home scale is about 6lbs heavy and in dire need of batteries. I knew I couldn’t have been “exactly” (like down to the oz) the same weight for almost 2 months now! So, in a matter of min, I lost about 8 lbs! woohoo…
– Our beach vaca is booked! We’re off to Duck in September!
– Got the save the date for my girlfriends wedding in September too! Lots of beach time for me in the fall!
– The rain has stopped and we haven’t floated away (trying for something more hopeful and upbeat)
– annnndd….I just saved a ton of money on my car insurance….(haha? get it?)

And for good measure, because every whiny post needs some Noah to brighten it up…

Mar 082011

This week at swim class DH was in the pool with Noah so I was free to take pictures. I only carried the 50mm with me which was not quite adequate to get nice and zoomed up (without landing me in the pool too…) so I had to rely on post processing zoom (aka a close crop).

Feb 282011

You saw at least one of these posted for my i♥faces post above and my fbook friends has seem most as well but I thought i’d share with my bloggy friends too!

We finally went and cut Noah’s hair. I miss his little curls and can’t get over what a big boy he looks like but DH is much happier now and Noah’s no longer mistaken for a little girl:)

Feb 282011

When I saw the theme for this week’s i♥faces contest, I had the perfect picture and I’d actually only just taken it yesterday – what timing!

Since about 9 months old my husband has been dying to cut Noah’s hair. It was getting really long and it was easy to mistake him for a girl (especially the last few weeks – if he were a girl we could have done pigtails:) ). However, in an effort to keep those adorable curls just a bit longer, I made him wait until Noey turned a year old. Wouldn’t you know, the first weekend after he turned, we were over at the local chain hair cutting place chopping his lovely locks.

The lady was nice and Noah well behaved and I know some day I’ll beg him to cut his hair but in this moment I couldn’t help but be a little sad…my little baby was turning into a little boy right in front of my eyes…

(I’ll post the rest of the series in a different post, I just thought this one was a nice entry for the contest.)

Check out the other entries over at i♥faces!

Feb 252011

Noah had on an outfit he got from Melly, Jay and the Bean and it was so adorable that we had to try it on. Coupled with the awesome construction hat that came with a set of Megablocs he got for his birthday and a screwdriver, he makes one adorable construction worker:)

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