Apr 292016

October 2015 was my last update on here and my oh my how so much has happened:)

– Noah’s almost done with Kindergarten! He’s made so much progress it amazes me. He’s reading and writing on his own and very much takes after his daddy – it’s a whiz at math (those are certainly not my genes!)
– Lia’s riding a bike without training wheels! We took them off a few weeks ago and she finally set out on her own last week. This is about when Noah went without training wheels too:) Mark is over the moon excited (I am too!)
– We’ve been hiking a lot with the kids trying to get them to a point where we can actually do a short family backpack trip. Last hike was up in Shenandoah and was a short 4 miles but super steep and rocky. Both kids did amazing!
– We hiked the Billy Goat Trail in MD – only a mile of it but it took us 2+ hours due to the terrain.
– We survived Snowmageddon 2016 – 40ish inches of snow over a three day period. No school for almost a week. Lots and LOTS of digging out (the snow blower was ineffective once you get past about 18 inches…)
– The kids are both doing soccer this year – pics to come (not in the array below)
Kloepping Photography is kind of going crazy right now. I’ve figured out that 2 newborns and 4 family sessions in one month is too much to keep up with. I need to plan better…
– Our neighborhood is finally sold out. There are still a bunch of lots to build but they are all sold. We find new kids in our backyard every few weeks and love it! Noah and Lia have so many friends now to play with. We spend all day outside when it’s nice (and even when it’s not quite nice).
– Sold the blue car and replaced her with a shiny new silver car – woohoo:)
– White car almost died on us totally – a couple of grand later and she’s supposed to be good as new. Better be for that price

Those are the highlights. We’ve been doing a lot of driving back and forth to see family as well as trying to get the kids out and about to enjoy nature. Week nights are full and weekends even fuller but it’s all a great time.

Here’s a quick summary of pics – mixture of the snow storm, noah’s Old Rag hike with Mark, our hikes in Great Falls and more.

Aug 202014

The theme of this vacation was “seize the moment”. With a bit of unpredictable weather on the docket (it was supposed to rain every day we were down there), we took every non-rainy moment to get out and do things. We even took a few rainy moments to play on the beach (we were getting wet anyways).

In the end, we had amazing weather a vast majority of the week. The skys were a bit overcast but the humidity was low and the air temps were moderate so it was very comfortable. We took the hottest day of the week and drove down to Nag’s Head figuring a few hours in the car would allow us to avoid some of the heat. It worked. We had a great day stopping at Jockey’s ridge for a bit and then continuing on to Nag’s Head.

The rest of the week was filled with early morning beach trips, lunch time naps at home and then afternoon pool sessions or biking around the neighborhood we’d figure out dinner and then take a walk on the beach for sunset. I don’t think we could have asked for a better week (maybe a better house…but we weren’t in it much and it had a pool so that made everyone happy)

These pics are from one evening down at the beach. DH and I took the kids for a walk to find shells and I dragged the big camera along. I’m so glad I did!

(and it looks like I mixed my watermarks again…oh well..)

I have a bunch of pics from the rest of the days but need to finish working on them but right now I’m working on two crocheted hats for a very special little girl!!:) I’ll share those in a bit.

Apr 032014

I set up a little studio in the corner of our basement and just had to try it out with the kids. It started as a shoot with just Lia but then Noah dropped in and brought along props. He insisted we try them on and that I take pictures of the two of them.

Lia looks like a goof but I love it…




Mar 132014

We had a break in the super cold weather right around Noah’s birthday so we took advantage and went for a walk around our neighborhood.

Noah wanted to try out his new fishing pole so we walked down to the lake so that he and Daddy could find a spot in the ice to cast into. Mean while, Lia and my dad hung out on the chairs and watched.

Jan 232014

I stumbled across these pics while off loading the latest and realized I never posted them. We ended up with a beautiful few weekends in September and decided to take advantage of the wineries that are close to our new place.

Cana Winery is about 20 min from the new house and welcome picnics and families on their lawn. On the weekends in the summer and fall they have live music so you can enjoy your wine and snacks while the kids play and you relax to music. Pretty stellar afternoon if you ask me.

Jan 092014

Lia had three Christmas dresses this year so I had to make sure we documented them, plus I wanted a set of pictures in our new house and neighborhood so one afternoon we dressed the kids up for some photos. I wanted to go outside but it was soooo cold so we stayed inside on our staircase.

Jan 072014

I’m finally getting back thru the pictures that I took in the last half of 2013, I figure now is as good a time as any to post them…

These are the family pics we took for our Christmas card. Our house wasn’t done yet so I borrowed my in law’s porch for these.

Oct 132013

Thinking the whooooole way back to the first week of Sept we decided to take a quick family vaca to Virginia Beach. Given the general chaos of our life at that time we decided a close beach was a better idea vs. driving to OBX or Myrtle (or flying to the Pacific NW which was my other choice). Anyways…Virginia Beach is less than 4 hours drive (counting stops) and is a really family friendly beach. It’s not overly crowded with plenty of food options and entertainment. Although, we arrived just after labor day so the options were much less than if we’d been there just a few days prior but honestly, I we were totally okay with that.

The weather was amazing – cool but not too cool and it only rain the day we arrived and the day we left. We couldn’t have planned it more perfectly. We ended up with a ground floor suite right next to my in-laws which mean that after the kids crashed we could just hang out on the patio and enjoy the ocean. Best idea ever (the suite that is).

We went for walks/runs/bike rides (we brought Noah’s bike so we could run and he could ride) on the boardwalk in the AM, spent the times before lunch at the beach (which was 10 steps away!), then Noah spent Lia’s nap time playing at the 4 different pools at the resort (which catered to kids without being obnoxious). Once Lia woke up we’d head to dinner (where Noah generally crashed) and then back to the hotel to either put the kids to bed or load them up and walk the boardwalk.

4 days ended waaaay too quickly but at the same time it was the perfect length with the two kids. We did a quick trip to the Va Beach Aquarium before we started on the road back and still made it home by 6pm. All in all a great trip. I can totally see us doing that again next year.

Aug 132013

We’ve really had some amazing weather lately and we’re taking full advantage of that with family walks in the evenings. Coupled with the fact that these are the the last few weeks at our current location before we pack up everything and move to our temporary house it’s all bittersweet. Every thing we do now is done with the “this is probably one of the last times…” mentality. Noah learned to ride his bike on these paths, got his first real goose egg on those play gyms, etc. This house and neighborhood hold so many wonderful memories and while I’m really sad to move on, where we’re going is going to be soooo cool! With a house that I’m sure we’ll love (once it’s built) and the lot we’ve always wanted.

So, for now, with these last weeks left we’ll be doing more of the things we love around here and just soaking it all in….

Aug 012013

It took two takes to get these right. My first attempt was a complete debacle. I took Noah with me and had no assistant plus it was bed time so she was just not having it. Fortunately I convinced DH to go with me the second time around and while we still had Noah, the extra hands were so helpful in wrangling her (and making her laugh).

Jul 282013

I swear I saw this on Pinterest somewhere. Regardless, Noah loved his “car”….I saw a box in the garage left over from his new carseat and thought it would be fun to put something together for him while Lia napped. He even wanted to take it outside to sit it next to daddy’s car!

Jul 262013

While I was taking Lia’s 11 month pics Noah came over and asked me to photograph him. This is the first time he’s done that in a long long time so I was all for taking advantage of it. Too bad Lia wasn’t really cooperating. Regardless, I really love the opportunity to get both of them in a picture together.

Jun 292013

Every June all the bros and sisters on my dad’s dad’s side (my grandfather on my dad’s side) gather together with their children and their childrens’ children to spend some time together catching up. We’re spread across the east coast for the most part and it’s nice to get together to see cousins, aunts and uncles. Last year I was sooooo pregnant but the weather was merciful. This year the weather was warmer but still pretty nice.

I think one of the best parts of this gathering was getting some photos of Lia with my grandmother (we had barely any) and then the adorable picture of my grandparents forehead to forehead. They have such a beautiful relationship – I don’t think I’ve ever seen them even snip at each other in all my memories of them.

Jun 272013

(i’m finally making my way thru a few weeks worth of photos and since I can’t seem to crank anything else out at the moment you’ll all just have to suffer thru photo dumps:) )

Noah generally attaches himself to his papa’s hip when we’re up there visiting. I know it’s exhausting but my dad would never say it. He’s great about finding little jobs for Noah to do. This time he was helping water Memaw’s plants. The only problem is, he’d only let us put about a cup of water in to that watering can so there were many many many trips back and forth from the hose to the plants. They did all get watered eventually and it kept him busy for at least an hour.

May 142013

And the photo dump continues….a few weeks ago we drove up to DH’s parents house to celebrate my father in law’s birthday and had amazing weather while we were up there. Their trees had just started blooming and my FIL took Noah for a ride around the yard on the mower (blade up of course). He was so intense half the time making sure he was steering correctly but wow did he have a blast. Couldn’t stop talking about it days later.

May 132013

It was a beautiful day yesterday so DH grabbed the camera to snap a few of Noah and I. Lia was napping so we’ll have to do a shoot with her later. I realized that I have lots of pics of the kids and the kids with DH but very few of me and them so here’s a start to remedying that.

Apr 062013

So, given that we were all sooo sick over Easter (long story short, a stomach virus hit Saturday AM while we were in PGH, we decided to make a run back to VA before DH got sick too and I ended up riding with Noah in the backseat with a bucket…such joy). Anyways, I never got the chance to take a picture of the kids in their Easter getups…. So, today being a beautiful day I decided to take them on a walk to try to take some pics.

I had to bribe Noah with ice cream and even at that I only got two or three really good pictures with him in it. Lia on the other hand is my little model and once she warmed up to it she was all smiles.

[nggallery id=’53’]

The dress is from Rugrat Design. I love love love it:) Lesley was really sweet and accommodating and let me pick the fabrics for the dress since she didn’t have one made already in her shop with that fabric in that size. the best part is that as Lia grows it will go from being a dress to being a tunic…and it’s reversible!!

Mar 212013

Lia was especially smiley this day (if you can believe that…this girl smiles all the freakin time). Anywho, we were having some fun on the floor trying to get her to push up to her knees. It involved a mommy doing obviously hilarious things since she’s in stitches laughing.

Mar 192013

As she nears 8 months I’ve finally had a few seconds to sit down and go thru the pics we took of her for 7 months…

I realize as I look thru the pictures that she has her mouth open a lot:) That’s because she’s taken to screaming with glee when she sees the camera (which is totally opposite her brother right now who run and hides his head..)

[nggallery id=’51’]

I’m slowly making it thru the rest of the pictures we have taken over the last month. I’ve had a bunch of real photo sessions to edit so my personal ones take a back seat to paying customers:) I’d say you can expect a photo dump over the next few days but who am I kidding. I’m averaging a new post ever 10 days right now.


Dec 112012

You’ll see one of these pics again (and you’ve seen the other in the past) but here’s a side by side of my babies around the same age. I think Noah was a little older in his pic but it’s pretty close. Excuse the conflicting watermarks:)

Nov 202012

Hubs was raking up the leaves from our huge tree out front and Noah ended up helping him. I couldn’t resist dressing them up a bit trying to take some pics. However, Lia was not having it (in her defense, it was chilly and she’s still suffering from a lovely cold/virus…)) and Noah’s “smile” is a cheesy face where you can’t see his eyes because he squeezes them shut tight. Oh well, it was worth a shot:)

Oct 282012

When we were home for Lia’s baptism Noah spent some quality time with daddy and papa on the porch cleaning up leaves. Of course they had to play in the leaves as they were cleaning them up.

[nggallery id=’38’]

I love this age! He’s hilarious and so much fun to play with.

Oct 252012

We’re fortunate to have a national park just 20 min from our door and we take advantage as often as possible. Pre children we’d mountain bike in from another spot down the road, post children we hike/walk around. Either way it’s a wonderful way to spend an afternoon/evening.

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