Sep 172012

So it’s been quiet around here because well, it’s been everything in me to just keep my head above water and blogging was at the bottom of the pool. Daycare was “closed” last week. The owner was on vacation as per our contract but she left it open with her helpers if you wanted to pay an extra weeks worth of tuition to send your kid…needless to say, I’m home and we’re watching our pennies so that left me here with both kids all day by myself. So far I’ve only had to manage both kids alone for short periods of time and never outside the house so this week felt daunting. What the heck was I going to do with Noah all day, every day for a week (while trying to wrangle Lia too). He’s non stop!

I needed a plan. The weather was suppose to be beautiful so I figured anything I could do to get him outside would work. So I planned out a weeks worth of visits to various playgrounds in our area. He could run free and I’d carry or stroll Lia and manage both kids at once. Best laid plans…

[nggallery id=’28’]

Those pics were on the days things actually worked out like planned…2 of the 5 days….haha. Although one of the two park visits ended early because someone wasn’t listening to mommy after repeated warnings. Anyways, I was proud of myself that we actually got out of the house without much incident. That’s not to say that it didn’t take us until 11am most days to get out (after starting at 7am) but we got out.

Props to all full time stay at home moms! It’s the single most empowering, discouraging, frustrating, and rewarding job in the world and I only did it for a week. There were times I thought I could take on anything (when both kids were cooperating and happy) and the other times when I had one kid hanging off the boob and the other trying to dump his own poop from the little potty to the big potty and then asking me to wipe him, when I questioned my sanity and my ability to do anything. Or when they’re both screaming at the top of their lungs while we sat in traffic on the way to the park and there was not a thing I could do about it. Fun times.

But we survived and actually had some fun while we were at it. Mornings were spent out doing something active and after nap (which didnt always happen) we did projects. I think projects were Noah favorite part of the day which makes sense since he’s my kid and I love crafty stuffs:) My mom said I was always a project lover as a kid too…

Anywho…I have 5 or 6 blog posts started and hopefully now that noah’s back at school and it’s just me and Lia, I’ll be able to get some of them finished and share what’s been going on lately.

For now, here’s our week in pictures…at least a few of them.


Burrito Boy | RTC Fun | Wrapping paper cape
Enjoying the weather | pool fun | I fell…
odd outfit | Project time | Sailing our boats
Cork boats | trying out the sleep positioner | out
sleepy girl | fruity girl | oops..duplicate

Jan 232012

I was browsing another blog they had an advert for the Nosefrida snot sucker. If you’ve not met the Nosefriday and you have a young child, you should. It’s one of the best snot suckers out there (once you get past that it’s powered by you sucking:)).

Anyways, I digress. While on the Frida baby site I saw “The Windi”. Intrigued I clicked thru the link

It’s a contraption to help your colicy baby fart! Bwahahahaha! I can’t decide if it’s genius or gross. Then again, I thought the same thing about the Nosefrida so I suppose I should reserve judgment till I actually try it because I love my Nosefrida. And it kinda of makes sense. I was always told to try a rectal thermometer to relieve a constipated child so I suppose this is the same idea, it’s just funny to see it productized.

Have any of you tried it? Did it actually work?

Apr 152011

No sooner had I said that the sleep and diaper battles were in the win column than Noah does his typical switch up! The last few nights have been rough beyond rough…last night in particular!

I’m in NYC for work but get a call at 4:00am from DH saying that Noah had been up since 1 screaming! My first response was take him to the ER because something’s very wrong…then we talked more and I found out he was awake and fussy but fine when you let him play. Silly boy, 4am is not play time. DH said you could tell he’s exhausted and really wants to sleep but he’s way beyond the point of no return and it’s a battle to get him down. Such a viscous cycle! It hurt my heart not being able to be there to comfort him (and DH!)…so I did what I could, direct over the phone. I ran thru my usual tricks with DH and we finally settled on teething and ibuprofen. DH hangs up and I get up and get ready to catch my car to the airport. 20 min DH calls back – it worked! He was sleeping (and DH was going to bed for the first time all night!). Needless to say, I have a feeling it’s going to be a rough few days due to new molars!

Me, sad, at the airport wishing I could just tele-transport home

In other news, well, there’s not much other news. Our lives are boring right now (which is nice). I’m hoping for a nice weekend so I can get out and take some pictures. Speaking of pics, I started a Fbook page for my photography stuff. It’s not really a business, yet, but I’m hoping that I can pick up some jobs on the side to help out with the house fund (the fund to help us accumulate enough cash to sell the house we have and buy another with more land..). Anywho..check it out if you get a chance – Kloepping Photography

Oh, and I’ve only run once this week – no bueno! This trip put a real crimp in things…let’s hope our 5 miler this weekend works out.

Apr 122011

There have been a few battles raging in our house over the last few weeks. Some we’re winning (but not ready to declare victory) the other, well, we’ve been defeated and will regroup in a while and try again!

1. The ants!
The little tiny black critters are always a problem in the spring. Va is just not cold enough to kill them off each season and our house is definitely not sealed up well enough to keep them out. We’ve done a better job sealing things as we renovated but nothing’s perfect. Case in point, they used to come in under the kitchen window around the sink. Since we sealed that up with spray foam during the renovation, they’re resorted to finding a way in thru the dining room under the window and base boards. I’m not about to rip the base boards up to spray foam so it was time to find another way to keep them out.

We tried a number of methods to kill them – spraying outside, ant hotels, Terro. We also cleaned very thoroughly, sealed up every thing in the pantry, and moved from eating in the dining room (noah’s high chair is a particular challenge to clean) to eating in the kitchen. Nothing was working and I was hesitant to spray inside because of the dog and Noah. So, we found this stuff, Home Defense, that was safe for pets and kids once it was dry. It was worth a shot. I sprayed along the baseboards of the outside wall and then around the corner into the kitchen. I also sprayed around the base of the kitchen cabinets where they were crawling up. While i’m not ready to declare victory, today was the first morning that I walked into my kitchen and didn’t see any of the little black critters crawling on my counter tops!

My hunch is that the Terro and the ant hotels were encouraging them to come inside and they’d never make it back out so they poison wouldn’t make it to the nest. With the Home Defense stuff, they never even make it inside! Win!

2. Noah’s sleep!
For now at least Noah’s back on a good sleep trend (and as I say this I’m totally jinxing myself). He’s easy to put down and when he does wake in the wee hours he’s usually just thirsty so a quick bottle with just water and we’re back to sleep. I kinda miss our snuggle time but I’m learning to love my sleep more (and the cuteness that he is when he wakes up rested in the AM)

3. Diaper leaks!
Now that he’s getting a little water in the middle of the night to quench his thirst we’re finding that his old diaper solution wasn’t holding up. The more I stuffed to get absorbency in there, the further off his body the diaper would sit and gap at the legs etc…I bought new inserts that are nice, trim and supposedly absorbent but all but I think need a few more washes to live up to their hype.

On a whim I decided to try a Kissaluvs fitted with a Joey Bunz booster and an Econobums cover. Two nights running and we’ve woken up dry! I hope this continues!

4. The bottle!
Okay, this is our one defeat. Noah’s no longer getting bottles at daycare or with meals and that’s great but we haven’t been able to break the bed time bottle or the one in the wee hours. Plus, he LOVES to just chew on it while he plays (and I attribute it to his new found ability to put himself to bed). I’ve been trying really hard to take it away when he’s not actually drinking something but man, if you don’t hide it quick you hear about it! The kid is obsessed (but easily distracted)…I figure we’re still doing okay with everything else, this is one I’m not going to fight just yet.

Anyways…for your patience in reading all of this, a little Noah cuteness…

Apr 052011

Before DH would entertain the idea of baby #2 he wanted to get a better sense of what our options were for preschool for Noah. I insisted that we had plenty of time but he wasn’t budging. My hunch was that he was just stalling…but, he under estimated me haha..I set to searching for preschool information asap.

Our biggest concern was the logistics of daycare, preschool and our jobs. Most preschools around here are from 9:30am – 12 or 1ish. So that meant that one of us would have to take a long lunch break to shuttle Noah around, find another mom who’d be willing to shuttle or we move him from the current daycare to another daycare that offers pre-school in addition to regular daycare (basically one of the big centers that are almost twice what we pay for Noah at his current provider).

Then I started to look at what preschool offered and the necessity of it all. I didn’t go to preschool and I turned out just fine (no, really, I did!). I realize that preschool establishes behaviors that are helpful when they get to kindergarten (like general socialization, lining up, following directions, numbers, letters etc..) but as I looked that the course work they did in preschool I realized that our current daycare provider does all of that with her kids! For the kids that are old enough there is structured class time where they read stories, learn number, letters, etc.

So there appears to be no reason to change our routine or have to worry about shuttling him around. Elizabeth provides structured day activities that he’d receive in a preschool. Bonus!

My question to you, how do working parents swing preschool? do they? Is their only option to either forgo preschool all together or find a center that provides preschool like curriculum (which is often times more expensive)? I’m interested in any creative ways folks accomplished it – we’re pretty set I think but I’m always evaluating to make sure Noah’s thriving and developing properly.

Mar 222011

I’m not one to impose my views on others, I feel that everyone has the right to do their own research and make their own decisions so what I’m sharing is my own opinion. I encourage everyone to do the research and make a choice for yourself…

That said, what are your thoughts on the new AAP guidelines to put kids rear facing until two (or the limit of their carseat)?

Personally we’d planned all along to keep Noah rear facing as long as possible. When we bought his big boy car seats, we bought the ones that would carry him up to 40lbs rear facing (Britax Boulevard 70 CS). I’d watched the videos of the crash tests and was horrified! Nothing like making an already paranoid parent even more so by showing them that (just search on youtube, there are plenty of examples). Never the less, it’s better to be educated and know the facts, no matter how horrifying (at least for me…not everyone is like that).

Now realize, the statement from the AAP is a “recommendation” or “guideline”. These are the same people that recommend you breastfeed for at least a year and don’t start solids until 6 months. Obviously not everyone follows that (we didn’t). The point is, no one can tell you what is right for your family – you need to come to that all on your own. Every situation is different.

Mar 142011

I’m always looking for good snacks for Noah. He’s a hearty eater but I find myself repeating the same things over and over. Sure he gets what we eat for dinner for the most part and I make sure he gets lots of fruits and veggies (we haven’t found one he doesn’t like!) but when it comes to other things like lunch and snacks (or the occasional dinner we can’t share like steak), I fall short. Pasta is easy but when he’s screaming hungry there’s not much time, graham crackers are quick but I fear the sugar, goldfish are good too but you can’t make a breakfast or dinner out of them (and the salt, oh the salt!). Enter mini Egos Waffles and Pancakes! They’re the perfect size for a quick snack and little toddler hands and Noah loves them!

Case in point:)

I wasn’t prompted to write this, I just know other mommas who look for snacks for their little guys and thought I’d share. What are your favorite snacks/foods for your toddler?

Sep 042010

I just stumbled on a post by Meredith over at La Buena Vida that really spoke to me. My girlfriend Melissa has always spoke of positive parenting and using the words “no”, “don’t” and “stop” sparingly. The idea is that the less you use those words, the more impact they have on the child when you do actually need to use them. So you ask – what do you use in their place? Redirection! So, rather than saying “Stop jumping on the bed” you use redirection instead “Beds are for sleeping, please step down and help mommy with xyz…” or instead of “no running” use “Please walk while in this room”. Adding phrases like “You’re so smart, I just know you will follow this rule” or some other positive reinforcement can do wonders.

I know I want to try this with Noah and it’s not going to be easy to keep from just jump to “no” when he’s doing something wrong but I think with a little effort from the very beginning I could become very easy.

What other ideas have you all heard to enforce positive parenting??

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