Dec 082010

I had all these great ideas for Christmas card pics (which if I don’t get crackin, may be New Years cards!) that just didn’t work out . A mouthy mobile 9 month old strikes again. Imagine my sadness when only the top two here were anything to speak of (and they’re not even that great).

It was fun practice none the less and we’ll have to try again this week or upcoming weekend to get something suitable for a Christmas card. Hopefully the wind dies down and we can try a family pic outside. Either that or I need to finish decorating my house and we can use the tree or something as a backdrop.

Feb 172010

Now, I realize little man will live in our bedroom in the pack n play for a while so having his nursery 100% done before he arrives is not a necessity but it’s always a nice to have:)  The last few things left to do were to get the mural painted and hang the art.  Well, this past weekend we managed to get one of those at least 75% done – the mural!

My brother is an amazingly talented artist!  He always blows me away with the things he draws (has ever since he was a kid) and I’m envious of his talent (funny, we’re twins and polar opposites – i have not a lick of artistic talent, I FAIL at stick figures!).  The way I told him we were expecting was to ask him to draw the mural in the baby’s room (well, I had the baby ask him – via text message).

This weekend he started the mural!  He still has to come back and add the detail and what not but he’s off to a great start!  He’s going to shoot me for posting this but i’m proud of him:)

Feb 092010

So I’ve been talking about progress so I thought I’d play show and tell to keep you guys updated!

First pic is of the kitchen as it stands today…sans outlet covers and paint but with pretty much everything else.  I can even claim to have helped with the grouting!!!  Wooohoo…

The some nursery pics…still not done but my bro will be out in the next few weeks to finish the mural – I can’t wait!! He’s so talented and little man is going to be a lucky boy to have that on his walls!

Notice the awesome glider in the right corner – scored that at BRU today, brought it home and assembled it myself!  Soo proud!  I also started washing little mans clothes in preparation for this arrival!  I can’t believe it’s getting close.
The last set of pics are of the mobile I made for little man.  Now keep in mind, this is for the corner of his room – not over his crib!  I realize that many of the parts are not child friendly!  As he gets older and grabby we can alter the mobile and leave just the plush owls!!  Anywho, this was a ton of fun to put togeher and I have to get a better pic once the sun comes up!

Jan 132010

I’m guessing this is the start of nesting or maybe just my version of nesting but all I want to do right now is make things for our little man – crafty things!  I saw a mobile the other day that had birds on it and I thought, how wonderful would that be if I could make that with woodland creatures instead!  Then that had me on the hunt for a good felt pattern for owls, foxes, hedgies, and other cute creatures.  Well, I’ve only found an owl so far but I thought that’d be a good start.  Let’s see if I can do this….:)

Here’s the inspiration:

These cuties and their pattern came from Juicy Bits Blog and they looked simple enough to make….although, I’m not much of a sewer and this carpal tunnel has me a bit limited.

Here’s my rendition:

Because this is going in the baby’s room (and the fact that I couldn’t find safety eyes at JoAnn or Michaels) their eyes are just sewn in rather than cute little buttons.  The blue guy is my second try and I’m definitely getting better and cleaner as I go!  I used Google to figure out the blanket stitch that you see around the outside (to fuse the two halves together) and sat and made them while DH tried to refinance the house:)

Pretty good for a first pass.  Now off to cut out 4 more or so and maybe a few small ones too. 

Next up, learning to crochet an amiguri doll!!

Jan 112010

So I was going back and forth with a fellow blogger over at Baby Booties  about nursery deco and she’s looking for a good mobile that’s not too girlie or cheap looking.  Knowing that I’ve seen a number of them in my travels on the internet I set out looking again for answers for her and just happened to find something I think I might do for little man’s room (since the mobile that goes with his bedding is like $60!).

There are tons of cute ones out there for sure but finding one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg but that doesn’t look cheap is harder so…I think I might DIY one!  Here’s some inspiration:

The Butterfly Mobile at Indie Fixx:

But I’d do woodland creatures rather than butterflies….
The Bird Mobile over at Spool Sewing:
This one I love love love but I’m so not a sewer that’s for sure and I dont know how I’d do woodland creatures on this (or maybe I’d just leave it as birds but again, so not a sewer!)
The Pinwheel Mobile over at Chickpea Sewing Studio
This is actually a pretty neat idea! It’s kinda theme neutral and you can use scraps of fabric (or even heavy paper is you’re really crafty).  You can make it to match any color scheme!
Anyways…now I’m inspired and am heading out to find good patterns for woodland creatures to go with my idea….i’ll post progress/results as I make them!
Jan 102010

Quite a productive weekend this time round.  I met up with the M54 girls for lunch (all of them are due right around when I am so we were trading pregnancy war stories:) ), I finally got the closet system up in Bigfoot’s closet, DH got the window casing in in the kitchen and we got the tile backsplash ordered for the kitchen!  Not to mention I spent way too much time at Target again and added JoAnn Fabrics to the mix just for fun!

Here are pics of his closet:



And his new toy cubby in the corner….soon to be relocated when we rearrange the room.

Jan 072010
So, I can’t help myself when I walk into Target. My list may only have 1 or 2 things on it and I inevitably walk out with a cart full of things. This time I did have intentions of finding art for the baby’s room I just wasnt sure what I was looking for.

I walked up and down the aisles trying to imagine the things on the shelves as wall art. After putting way too many things in my cart as always I found what I needed – in the scrapbook aisle! I found a pack of paper that had an outdoors/woodland creatures theme and had some great bright colors! Off I wandered to the frame aisle to find plain black frames to use to put my new “art” in.

Below is the outcome – I can’t wait to hang them on the walls!

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Dec 132009

Kind of…

We finally (actually – I finally) cleaned out DH’s office (sorry honey) and started to turn it into our nursery.  This meant finding a home for all the stuff that lived in that room including his computer. Thankfully, a little thoughtful rearrangement of the guest room and relocation of some furniture yielded a new spot for his set up.

Once that was cleared I managed to get the crib assembled and just stuck the bedding in place for now (i’ll have to remove it to get the mattress in once we have that).  We have the Babi Italia Eastside Classic crib from BRU – it’s beautiful (thanks mom and dad:) )

And best yet, with all that work, the crib box is now out of my office! horray!

Now, you all know me and lists so here’s the list for the baby’s room:
– arrange a time with my bro to get the mural painted (if not, paint the walls)
– find black out curtains and install them
– get changing table and assemble
– find glider/rocker, order, assemble as needed
– buy closet system for little mans closet and install
– paint said closet interior prior to shelving install
– find plush rug for him to play on and put it in the room (keep dog from claiming it as hers)
– install wall shelves for his little woodland creatures
– wash bedding
– install mattress
– find and purchase new tall lamp for the room (it has no installed lights, all light is provided by lamps)
– call HVAC guy to figure out why there’s little to no flow from the furnace in that room (baby needs to stay warm!)
– organize, organize, organize…

That’s what I can think of off the top of my head….I’m sure there’ll be more as his birthday approaches!

Nov 152009
Welcome the new additions to the yet-to-be-started nursery!  I found them at Target today and they’ll be perfect in the little man’s room as decoration (up high on a shelf so he can’t get them when he gets bigger!).  They match the bedding I picked out last week and are just too adorable to pass up.
Nov 082009

So, even with the kitchen reno going on, I need to start thinking about the baby’s nursery (I mean, we’re almost 6 months along after all, this baby is coming whether we like it or not!).  I’ve been looking for bedding for a while now and am so fickle! I’ve fallen in love with no less than 2 sets :(  Although I think though that I’ve finally made up my mind (and need to stop looking at bedding for fear of falling in love again).

My brother is going to do a mural on the wall that coordinates with the bedding and the latest stuff that I’ve picked out will give him lots of options I hope.  Here’s what we’re looking at:

It’s called Enchanted Hollow from Eddie Bauer.  I saw it at Baby Depot and just fell in love (again:) ).  It’s has all the outdoorsy elements we wanted for our little man including a cute little fox, hedgehog, and owls!  I just can’t get over the cute little animals on the quilt!  I figured he’d do a forest theme on the walls or something..we’ll see once he gets painting.  It should also work for a little girl if we happen to luck out with child #2 down the road.

We also ordered the crib this weekend from Babies R Us.  Mom and I felt bad, the guy at the store was helpful but didn’t get to reap the commission reward because they didn’t have the crib in stock and advised us to order it on line (which was actually better for us but I still felt bad).

Here’s the crib we bought:

It’s the Babi Italia Classic Eastside crib.  I really went back and forth between a sleigh type crib, one with a higher back, and this one.  In the end I liked the simplicity and build of this one and how it can be either masculine or feminine depending on the bedding. Plus, even with the mattress down in the lower positions, I can still reach in and put the baby down (yes, i tried this in the store, with my pretend baby!)  I need to find a changing table to match it but can do that in my own time.  Those you don’t have to order way out in advance.

The last thing we’ll need for the nursery is the rocking chair.  I really don’t want a glider but that seems to be all they sell.  DH and I talked about a poang chair from Ikea in leather so it’s easy to clean but then I sat in this baby:

It’s the Rock-A-Bye chair from BRU in chocolate chenelle. It goes against just about everything i said i wanted in a chair (rocker, simple, washable, cheap) but it’s so squishy and comfy and not only rocks but swivels that I think I must have it! There’s an ottoman that goes along that will be necessary too but for now I’m concentrating on the chair.  The seat is deep but not too deep so I can still reach the floor comfortably with my feet so when I’m nursing I can use my knees to prop things up.  Now I just need to raise the $350 that it costs (not including the ottoman!).  Ack – such a lovely chair at such an unlovely price.
Anyways, we’ve not started to assemble any of this yet. I still need to get DH’s computer out of the baby’s room and into my loft office but that’s an entirely new project that requires the purchase of matching desks and a bookshelf (because the loft is exposed and I’m OCD about matching, we can’t just put any ole desk out there next to my existing desk).  I may need to just give up and deal with that later – we’ll see:)
…Maybe we’ll have this done before he gets here (note to baby – please take your full time cooking, no month early surprises here please)
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