Jul 072014

I was going to put 4.5 but he’s not quite there yet and a lot can happen in 2 months!!

Sometimes I sit and stare at him and wonder where this little man came from. His face is thinning out and showing more maturity (but those big eyes still get me..), he’s more sure on his feet and doing more complex things motor skills wise. He can assemble legos, smaller puzzles, use my mouse, and find his own movies on the Netflix interface.

Then there are the days where the 4 year old shines through and the tantrums and attitude are rampant and the toy ransom bin grows in toy population. Those are the days that I’m reminded that he’s still a little boy who has a lot to learn about the world around him.

Sometimes it’s easier to think in bullet points:

  • 42 inches
  • 40 lbs
  • wears 4T, 5T and 5yr stuff and a size 11(!) shoe
  • played summer soccer, signed up for fall soccer (so he can do spring t-ball:)
  • can write his name, the word zoo and many of the other letters.
  • can count to firty (30) without help. Give him the 10’s beyond that and he’ll go to 100
  • wants to badly to read so he “reads” to me all the books he has memorized (which is a surprising amount)
  • picks out his own clothes and dresses himself, shoes, socks and all.
  • Loves elk-milk (oatmeal!) and camping with daddy in the backyard
  • Is into Legos, Ninja Turtles, Super Why, Wild Kratts, Bubble Guppies and Barney to name a few
  • can remember EVERYTHING! This kid never forgets I swear. He even remembered, 2 months later, that yellow and blue make green!
  • He wants to help with everything! Cooking, cleaning, yard work, painting, even my exercising he sits there and cheers me on. “Good job mommy! You’re working hard!” comes from the peanut gallery.

    I love his sweet sly smile when he’s trying to will me to do something he wants and his ability to try to negotiate for that sweet treat after dinner. Just last night he realized that he made a bad deal by agreeing to eat 100 carrots and backed his offer down to 5.

    His giggles as daddy chases him around the house and the screams of “you can’t find me” which totally give him away. How he and Lia will hold hands over their seats in the car – especially when she’s upset (she HATES the car ride home from school).

    With each day that passes I swear that this is the most fun age. In reality they’re all fun for different reasons and I’m trying like heck to pack away those memories in the vault so that I never forget them. If that doesn’t work then we’ll have lots of pictures to remind us:)

    May 052014

    A few weekends ago we had friends over who had a very articulate 2.5 year old. She and Noah hit it off and we’d find them deep in toddler/preschooler conversation a various points of the day.

    Noah was showing her his legos and telling her a story about the man on the car.
    N: (struggling to get his Lego man to sit in the car)
    E: You have to be patient
    N: Yea, there’s traffic…

    Other times he busts out with the most hilarious observations and/or logic..

    N: Daddy, what happened to your face
    DH: (thinking he’d done something goes to look in the mirror) I don’t see anything bud, what did you see?
    N: all those cuts on your face, do they hurt?
    DH: (confused as he sees no cuts…until he realizes..)…Oh buddy, those are wrinkles.
    N: it’s okay daddy, they’ll heal

    I really need to get on the ball and write more of these down.

    Apr 142014

    Noah has a ton of energy and we needed to find a good way to channel that instead of having him running like a nutcase around the house. What better way to tire him out than to send him running around a field chasing a ball with 9 or so other kids.

    Soccer at this age is laughingly called “herd ball” because they don’t really play games against others, they all run together (in a herd..) working on people avoidance skills (cleverly disguised as a game of tag). Using common games like tag, red/light green light, and follow the leader, the trainer worked on the fundamental skills of traveling with the ball, kicking into the goal, and player avoidance among others.

    Noah and the other kids had a blast and I’m so proud of him because he listened and followed directions so well. Way better than he listens to us:)

    Apr 032014

    I set up a little studio in the corner of our basement and just had to try it out with the kids. It started as a shoot with just Lia but then Noah dropped in and brought along props. He insisted we try them on and that I take pictures of the two of them.

    Lia looks like a goof but I love it…




    Mar 182014

    I went to put Noah to bed one evening and found the dog in his bed already. We managed to lay down on either side of her and make our way through his stories – just the three of us. Then once we were done I figured the dog would leave when I did but Noah cuddled into her and she just hung around. Before I knew it, they were both snoring loudly and looked comfy. I snapped a few cell phone pics because it was cute. Then I went off to take a shower and kicked myself for not pulling out my big girl camera. As luck would have it, they were in the same spot when I returned and was able to snap off a bunch of pictures of them.


    Mar 072014

    So, what started out as a low key, just a few friends over party morphed (like it always does) into just shy of 30 people…with just as many kids as there were adults. If it weren’t for my mom and dad being there to help we would have never gotten it all set up in time. But…we did and Noah and his friends had a blast. I’m really enjoying entertaining in the new house!

    We did a sports themed party this year. Noah waffled between another construction party and a sports party. He really only had two requests for his part – a piñata and cake. I showed him the baseball piñata and we were set. Sports it was…

    I did a quick Pinterest scan for ideas and decided on food that you’d find at a sports game – mostly baseball. We had hotdogs with all the toppings, nachos, soft pretzels, popcorn and “walking tacos” (taco meat and toppings dropped into a bag of Doritos or Fritos). I added a few “off theme” things like “fruit bats” (kabobs) with dip, home made mac n cheese, potato salad and of course cake and cookies. We had waaaaay too much food but honestly, I’d rather have too much than not enough.

    My mom was awesome in coming up with sporty names for each of the items – like World Series Potato Salad or Ball Park Hot Dogs and making little name plates to put in front of everything (I found paper at JoAnn that looked like basketball leather!).

    The cookies were a simple sugar cooke with royal icing on top then I used a food marker to draw the designs for soccer, volley, basket and baseballs. I found clear plastic bags at JoAnn and closed them with a cool baseball sticker. I also used peach, orange and pear fruit cups and drew baseballs and basketballs on to of them as favors for the kids.

    I had planned a few games but honestly the kids were too busy playing with all of the toys to really care. We had the piñata and that was enough I think.

    The best part of the day I think was the cake time. I ordered a plain cake again like I did last year an this time I ground up graham crackers and crafted a volleyball net and then drew on a ping pong ball to make it look like a volleyball. Noah’s obsessed with sand volleyball and wants to play “like daddy” so I thought this would be a great cake for him.

    DH and I were trying to figure out what I can grind up next year for his cake to continue the tradition (2nd bday was cookies for dirt on his dino cupcakes, last year was oreos for dirt for his construction cake, this year was graham crackers for sand…next year we’ll have to get creative)…

    Anywho….I think everyone in the house was asleep by 8:30 that night but it was oh so much fun and I loved watching his face as we were singing to him and then later as he opened his presets and thanked all his buddies for coming.

    Next year however, we’re totally outsourcing it…haha.

    Feb 232014

    4 years ago around this time I was waiting through those last 2 centimeters loving my epidural man….today I’m listening to a quiet house while DH takes Noah swimming and Lia catches up on her sleep. We had a blast yesterday at Noah’s party (post forthcoming) and I’m in awe of the fact that I have a 4 year old on my hands.

    Life with Noah these days is a mixture of awe, hilarity and frustration. Watching how self sufficient and independent he’s become fills me with awe. What’s even more amazing is he’s actually able to successfully accomplish what he insists on doing (dressing, bathing, setting the table, emptying the trash etc). I just can’t get over it. I can ask him now to help Lia with small things and it actually works!

    The hilarity comes in when he repeats something that we’ve said and uses it correct context. “That was super mommy” or “That might be a possibility daddy”. Or better yet, lays out one of the stories from his head that go into such crazy and disconnected details that you can’t do anything but nod along chuckling to yourself. It’s a mish mosh of crazy from his head and other stories we’ve told him in the past. I love it.

    Frustration happens at least 5 times a day, every day. Most of the time from him because he can’t do things or we won’t let him do things but many times it comes from us because he’s the king at pushing his limits. I’ve caught him out of the corner of my eye pushing his little sister (and then denying it when we confront him) or touching that thing that I asked him repeatedly not to touch just to see if he can get away with it. The “No Monster” still rears his ugly head some days but retreats back to his cave with a quick application of redirection. Get him talking about fires, firemen, rescues, tools, or ninja turtles and he’s all better. Typical 3 verging on 4 year old type of stuff.

    Like a typical 3/4 year old he’s a walking contradiction. He’s strong headed and strong willed yet at the same time sensitive to being told “no” or being yelled at (actually, we don’t yell – just reprimanding him, even in a calm tone, upsets him to the point where he retreats to a quite spot to pout). He’s not a fan of loud noises or puppets (?!) and will find a place to bury his head however, he’s the first to forget about his indoor voice and start shouting while he’s playing. He loves sweets and candy but will tell you that he doesn’t want them (sometimes) because they won’t make him big and strong.

    I know I say it every birthday but he’s turning into such a little man and every year I say that this age is better than the last and that this may be my “favorite”. It’s true though. I’ve loved every stage (even the whiny one from 1-3..haha) and looks like this one is going to be so much fun – I can’t wait!

    Here’s my little man from birth on up….how they change!!

    Hello World - 24 hours old

    Hello World – 24 hours old

    Mmm..cake - 1 year old

    Mmm..cake – 1 year old

    Dinosaurs? 2 years old

    Dinosaurs? 2 years old

    Take my picture - 3 years old...

    Take my picture – 3 years old…

    4 Years old!!!

    4 Years old!!!

    (for the record)
    Height: 42 lbs
    Weight: we’ll find out wed at his dr’s appt
    Sizes: 4T/4 and some 5 pants – 4T/4/xs shirts

    Dec 302013

    It’s been a long while since I’ve done a full update on Noah and I don’t even know where to begin. He’s just a little boy now. It’s crazy. He’s independent, sensitive, stubborn, and so damn smart. He retains so much knowledge

    – 39lbs, 42in (I think – he’s tall!), wearing 4T/5T for the most part, size 10 shoe.
    – 3’s room at daycare with his own “share” day and he LOVES it! Wednesday is a very important day in our house.
    – Loves playing outside and riding his bike (sans training wheels). He tells us when he sees people without helmets that it’s dangerous.
    – Very excited for our new house and yard (and basement for his trains). He was constantly packing up things prior to the move to make sure they were included.
    – Loves Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder and most recently monster trucks and he can find them on the tablet (and computer when we let him have access).
    – He can use a computer and mouse as well as we do!
    – He needs his milk and carrots before bed (it’s a stall tactic but who am I to deny milk and carrots)
    – He’s in bed between 8 and 10pm depending on his nap during the day – he’s still having a few accidents at night but generally because he’s sleeping so deeply he just doesn’t notice.
    – I always listen out for “noahisms” but frankly he make so much sense when he talks that I can’t remember the last nonsense phrase he uttered. He says things like “take care of yourself mommy” as I walk out the door. Or in response to me pouting because he called me a bad mommy, he turns around and says, “I’m sorry, you’re a good mommy”. Or “your beautiful mommy” (which of course melts my heart).
    – He always wants to help with Lia. He tells me that he’ll get her and take care of her.
    – He loves to pack his backpack with supplied (paper plates, plastic table ware, and usually Lia toys) for our trips around the neighborhood. He packs snacks and food too for the two of them. He likes to be prepared.
    – His tantrums have taken on a new level of intensity which is just payback for what I did to my parents as a child I’m sure. Screaming till he’s blue and crying till he’s purple is par for the course. Thankfully they don’t happen that often but when they do…EPIC!
    – I’ve been working with him on making up stories and using his imagination. On the long car ride home I’ll start a story and try to get him to add to it. We’ll go back and forth and make up something totally non sense…then he asks me to repeat it.
    – Lately he’s been a bit OCD about cleaning things. He’ll look at a room and tell us that we’ve made a mess and that we need to clean things up. Totally fine *most* of the time.

    I’m sure I’m missing things but…I just can’t get over the fact that he’s mine. I love just sitting back and watching him talk or interact with other people. I don’t know when it happened but at some point he became a little man capable of holding fully coherent conversations on subjects that feel beyond the realm of an almost 4 year old. Sometimes I forget that he’s not yet 4 because of how articulate he is (then he throws an epic tantrum and I’m brutally brought back to reality).

    Every time I think we’re at the best age, he grows a little more and I love the new age more than the last.

    (I promise pictures soon…the move is over, the holidays are almost over, and I may actually have time to go through the hundreds of pictures I have accumulated lately).

    Aug 082013

    I heard him get up and shuffle off to the bathroom around 2am. Over the next min or two I heard all the sounds I should to indicate he was not in need of my help so I went back to reading my book. Another min or two later I realized it went oddly silent. I never heard him shuffle back to his room. So, I got up to make sure he was okay. I really wish I had a camera to document what I found. He was curled up on the bath mat, covered in his blankie, fast asleep – his shorts cast off in the corner. Apparently it was too much work to put his pants back on and shuffle back to his room.

    He slept thru me dressing him and carrying him back to his room and back into bed. When this kid sleeps, he sleeps hard!!

    What’s better is this is the second time I’ve found him on the floor somewhere odd all covered up by his blankie. It’s like, as long as he has his maki (blankie) he can sleep anywhere. He’s so much his momma:)

    Jul 282013

    I swear I saw this on Pinterest somewhere. Regardless, Noah loved his “car”….I saw a box in the garage left over from his new carseat and thought it would be fun to put something together for him while Lia napped. He even wanted to take it outside to sit it next to daddy’s car!

    Jun 292013

    Every June all the bros and sisters on my dad’s dad’s side (my grandfather on my dad’s side) gather together with their children and their childrens’ children to spend some time together catching up. We’re spread across the east coast for the most part and it’s nice to get together to see cousins, aunts and uncles. Last year I was sooooo pregnant but the weather was merciful. This year the weather was warmer but still pretty nice.

    I think one of the best parts of this gathering was getting some photos of Lia with my grandmother (we had barely any) and then the adorable picture of my grandparents forehead to forehead. They have such a beautiful relationship – I don’t think I’ve ever seen them even snip at each other in all my memories of them.

    Jun 272013

    (i’m finally making my way thru a few weeks worth of photos and since I can’t seem to crank anything else out at the moment you’ll all just have to suffer thru photo dumps:) )

    Noah generally attaches himself to his papa’s hip when we’re up there visiting. I know it’s exhausting but my dad would never say it. He’s great about finding little jobs for Noah to do. This time he was helping water Memaw’s plants. The only problem is, he’d only let us put about a cup of water in to that watering can so there were many many many trips back and forth from the hose to the plants. They did all get watered eventually and it kept him busy for at least an hour.

    Jun 102013

    I found this little gem while sifting thru pictures this evening. Noah came back inside after being out with DH and said “mommy, come outside”. I walked out with him and he plopped down on the grass facing the sunset. He patted the spot next to him and told me to sit down. He’s like “look at the pretty colors mommy. See the pinks and reds?” We hung out there for a good 20/30 min until the sun fully set. He’s so amazing sometimes..


    May 142013

    And the photo dump continues….a few weeks ago we drove up to DH’s parents house to celebrate my father in law’s birthday and had amazing weather while we were up there. Their trees had just started blooming and my FIL took Noah for a ride around the yard on the mower (blade up of course). He was so intense half the time making sure he was steering correctly but wow did he have a blast. Couldn’t stop talking about it days later.

    May 132013

    It was a beautiful day yesterday so DH grabbed the camera to snap a few of Noah and I. Lia was napping so we’ll have to do a shoot with her later. I realized that I have lots of pics of the kids and the kids with DH but very few of me and them so here’s a start to remedying that.

    Feb 232013

    My little man is 3 years old today!! In many ways he seems much older than 3 and in others he’s still my little baby. Today we threw him a little party with a few of his friends and it was a resounding success (although momma’s a bit tired now).

    I still marvel in the fact that I have a three year old. He’s such an amazing little creature and it seems that in the last month or so he’s made huge development steps.

    – He’s 34lbs and like 38 inches tall (he asks us to measure him every few weeks)
    – He’s fully potty trained (both day and night) and has been since just after Lia was born. It’s been amazing!!
    – In the last month his language has exploded. He went from a sentence here and there to full on conversations that even other people can understand (unless he’s really really excited or very tire then he mumbles..)
    – His reasoning, logic and problem solving just blows me away. He wants something up high, he finds a stool/chair or finds a way to climb. I also remembers things I never thought he’d remember (like a hike we took him on when Lia was just a few months old).
    – His imagination has taken off. We’ve taken trips to the moon prior to school in the AM, ridden a train (that he used pillows to set up), climbed mountains (of pillows) and it goes on.
    – He’s incredibly helpful around that house (most of the time) and has his own set of chores now (emptying the silverware from the dishwasher, emptying the trash, and sweeping the floors)

    So, since he never stands still long enough to get any pics, here’s a compilation of shots from the last few weeks.

    Happy Birthday Monkey!

    Dec 212012

    In light of the events of the last few weeks I’ve been spending alot of time reflecting. I cried huge tears when I found out about all those children in CT and couldn’t even think about it for days without dissolving into a puddle. As a parent it’s unfathomable. I know that life without one of my babies would be unbearable (heck, without DH too). I’d like to think that I’d have the strength and poise that some of these parents are showing but know full well I’d be a hopeless mess for a long time.

    So, as I was cuddling with Noah last night before bed, things started running thru my head. Things I never want to forget about him. Things like:
    – that he’s ticklish just about everywhere but if you catch him on the back of his legs he dissolves into fits of laughter like I’ve never heard before. It’s the sweetest sound.
    – How he has to have everything just so. Everything has a place and when it’s not there, he fixes it so that it is. This runs the gammut from kitchen equipment to toys to his clothes. A little OCD perhaps but it’s so endearing.
    – His memory and the way he says “I rememmer dis”…and goes on to tell you a memory he has. Sometimes they’re from recent times, other times he digs up things that happens month ago.
    – His stories. He jabbers on and on and on about the activities of his day or just plain nonsense. I love listening to him try to communicate. Most of the time he’s dead accurate and you can understand him even if the story makes no sense at all.
    – How he squinches his face up and says “cheese” for the camera (when he’s not covering his face and yelling “No!”)
    – The way his little feet move as he runs around the house. It’s kind of a shuffle run. He even anticipates the corners and you can see him lean into it to keep from falling.
    – His enthusiasm for chocolate. Chocolate fro breakfast, chocolate for lunch, chocolate for dinner and nay time in between. Also, his understanding that there is no chocolate until he eats dinner (which to him is breakfast and/or lunch…everything is dinner these days).
    – When he says, unprompted, I love you and hugs your leg.
    – The way he says “yes” and nods his head real big. It’s more like “yeahus” and drawn out and those huge eyes open so wide when he says it.
    – Oh, those eyes….he has the most beautiful wide open eyes (except when he’s saying “cheese”)
    – the way his hair stands straight up at the crown of his head regardless of how short or long we keep it.
    – his cute little tushy as he runs around after his bath yelling “nakey boy” and then dropping to the ground in laughter.
    – how, as frustrating as it can be at the time, he has to dictate who gets to do what at the time. Like, “no, mommy reads the story” or “no, only daddy gets to drive”.
    – How he hears and absorbs everything we say. “no, only mommy touches that, not Noah” when I’m using something sharp in the kitchen.
    – The glee in his eyes as he thrusts the Christmas gift we assembled for his teacher into the air in front of her.
    – His wide little feet and the 10 perfect toes that I love to kiss. I could never find shoes for him as a baby because he had such wide fat feet. Now I love them.

    Oh gosh, I could go on forever. He’s such an amazing little boy who can be both frustrating and mind blowingly awesome all in the same minute. He’s hilarious and knows it and I’m glad he’s mine. I thank God every day for him and his sister and pray for their health and well-being constantly.

    Dec 112012

    You’ll see one of these pics again (and you’ve seen the other in the past) but here’s a side by side of my babies around the same age. I think Noah was a little older in his pic but it’s pretty close. Excuse the conflicting watermarks:)

    Oct 282012

    When we were home for Lia’s baptism Noah spent some quality time with daddy and papa on the porch cleaning up leaves. Of course they had to play in the leaves as they were cleaning them up.

    [nggallery id=’38’]

    I love this age! He’s hilarious and so much fun to play with.

    Sep 192012

    During our time home last week Noah regularly serenaded me while I was feeding Lia. He liked looking at himself in the mirror while he did so and the only way he could do that was to stand on the changing table. Normally I tell him to get down but this time he was hilarious so I videoed him before I told him to get down (like any good mom would do haha…)

    He’s going to hate me when he gets older for posting this but I can’t help it..he’s freakin hilarious.

    Sep 072012

    The sequence on these pics is priceless! Noah’s figured out how to work the water canons we bought earlier in the summer and he’s finally taken to actually immersing himself in the pool instead of just standing in it. So now he actually participates in a water battle vs just screaming at us.

    [nggallery id=’27’]

    DH’s face looks a little evil in the one pic but we were really all having fun:)

    Aug 232012

    We took some time the other evening to try to get some pics of the kids together. However, someone must have slipped Noah a candy bar or something because he was WIRED! Getting him to sit still long enough to take a picture was a challenge. We did manage to nab a few cute ones though. I want to try again some time soon..

    Aug 082012

    I started this prior to Lia’s birth but never got a chance to finish it:) As with most things these days, we’re a little late:) )

    Gosh, so much has changed with Noah since my last update. I feel like he’s made huge strides in the last few months with his language and motor skills. Looking at him at 2 and now and there’s such a huge difference. He talks in full sentences now and really is starting to comprehend situations and apply past knowledge to them. He busts out with things like “i’m going to mow the lawn with my head phones on” in this middle of dinner. Or he see’s an object (like a boat) and talks about how he rode on a boat when he was little and the horn was loud. He jabbers non stop. Most of the time it makes sense but others it’s just a collection of words and phrases.

    My favorite part is when he looks up and says “good job mommy” when I’ve done something to help him. The other day he added “I’m proud of you!”. I’m happy to know that he hears us when we tell him that and actually understands when to use it (well, for the most part).

    He sings all the time. If it’s not a song he knows from school (hokey pokey, old mc donald, etc) he’s making them up as he goes and including situational events in them. As time goes on you can understand more and more of the song. He’ll even dance when it’s warranted. The guitar and piano are still favorites (and I need to get him new strings for the guitar).

    He’s been regressing a little on the sleep – he needs one of us there to fall asleep these days and naps are a challenge if we don’t hit it just right but overall he’s not doing too bad. It took us awhile to get back to normal after the interruption/irregularity we faced after the storm at the start of July. So, he’s still shifting between an 8:30 and 9:30 bed time. He’s generally up between 6:30 and 7:30 in the morning and napping 2 hours a day (sometimes three on the weekends when we can actually get him down). He woke up today and said “I sleep good mommy”….so funny.

    Last time I got him to open his mouth wide enough I think I saw part of his 2 year molars in there so they came in at some point and we didn’t notice (probably one of his bad sleep months). I dont think they’re all in yet so I expect more drama to come but for now he’s done pretty well with it.

    He’s 100% potty trained during the day (excepts naps still). The over night stuff will come in time I’m sure. He does get up sometimes to go but not consistently. I figure he’ll get there at some point. His day time potty training was early so I don’t mind using pull ups at night (although, now I have a ton of day time pull ups that won’t work for night time so I’m trying to figure out what to do with them…I guess we’ll just go thru them every slowly. He’s more prone to accidents when he has a pull up on).

    I know I’m probably biased but he’s just so darn smart! He knows his alphabet, colors, numbers to 10 (to 20 with help) in Spanish and English and has memorized many of his books (he’ll finish my sentences or recite the book back to me). He has an incredible memory and loves to play memory matching games (we have a cool Melissa and Doug toy that has windows you can open to reveal shapes and stuff to match). I watch him build castles and trains out of his blocks with little help from us and he’s even starting to play pretend with his toys.

    Anywho, enough gushing. I’ve been trying to get some more updated pics of him. I really wanted to do a formal photo shoot but just ran out of time before Lia arrived. Perhaps we’ll do a park session one of these upcoming weekends. For now, here’s what I’ve managed to gather up:)

    Jun 232012

    I’ve been waiting to write this post until we were further along with the potty training and I think we’re just about there. I’d consider Noah 90% day time potty trained. He goes to school in undies and often comes home in the same ones. We use pull-up’s when we have road trips or long times between potty breaks but most days he holds it until we get to a good spot to pee. I have a portable potty in the car for emergencies as well (which he loves to use…haha).

    All in all this has been pretty painless so far. I attribute alot of that to daycare since they were the ones that actually started him and do the day to day work on it. There are three other little boys around the same age and they just started them all together and do the every 15 min thing (at least at first…now they break every 2 hours). I think it really helped him to have a potty buddy to learn with and from. He’s so proud of himself when he actually goes and will show anyone his undies to prove that he’s a “big boy”. It’s adorable.

    Anywho…of the three he’s the only one in undies a majority of the time which makes me happy. They were putting him in a diaper for naps but I found that washing one CD at a time was a big PIA so he gets a pull up at nap time too. I feel like a bit of a CD failure since we went for pull ups instead of cloth trainers but in the end the pull-ups worked best for us and he’s not really going thru that many so the cost is controlled.

    I can’t tell you that there was any trick to it. Daycare did most of the work but I know when we were home we were on a 15 min schedule asking and trying. We quickly spaced that out to 30 min and then an hour. I never really watched his fluid intake like some say to do. I wanted him to learn normally, not on reduced or increased fluids (depending on which method I read). Alot of this was just taking queues from him and being observant. He has a definite peepee dance that as long as I was watching I’d catch it in time. Now he just tells us or runs for the potty. There was lots of cheering and whoopla after a successful trip too (daycare even had a song that he still loves to sing:) ). The cheering has died down now that he’s doing better but we still make a deal of it (and he gets stickers!) every time he goes to show him how proud we are of him. I love the smile that he gets when we do that:)

    Also, we also had training potties on all floors of the house and generally had one in the room we were in at the time – at least at first. That way it wasn’t a far run to get there. Now that he’s doing better the potties have been relegated to the bathrooms on each floor and he gets to choose now what he wants to use (the big potty or the little potty).

    So that’s where we stand…he still has small accidents here and there but it’s generally just a tiny bit before he recognizes that he needs the potty and makes a run for it. We’re still working on a consistent #2 trips and night time but that will come in time. He has even woken me up a few times in the middle of the night asking to go (I’m not comfortable leaving the gate open for him to roam freely yet, he’s still far too inquisitive and into things he shouldn’t be. Plus we have two sets of steps he could crash down if he’s not careful….) so it’s a start. I’m just happy to be out of diapers before little girl gets here so I only have one set to deal with at a time.

    Jun 122012

    I’ve been craving a snow cone for over a week now. I blame the window display at JCrew by where I work. Anyways, I’ve been looking for a local fair because that’s a sure bet to find a snow cone and I was in luck. One of the larger county fairs in our area was this past weekend. And while I make it sound like the sole reason was to find a snow cone, we did also want to take Noah and let him have some fun.

    It was hot and muggy but not too crowded (probably because it was hot and muggy). We went loaded up with ice water but it didn’t last long, soon it was hot water (but water is water, hot or cold, so we forced it down!). We tried one ride in the big people carnival and that was a big fat FAIL. They stopped the ride early so hubs and Noah could get off.

    After that fail, we went in search of tamer waters and that’s exactly what we found. We used the remaining tickets to let him ride the bumper boats and the flying dumbo. He had a ball on both! Although, I think the highlight of the day was the firetrucks! Our county had their newest engine on display along with a bunch of equipment so the kids could explore. Noah had a ball telling the firefighter what a firetruck says (he has quite the impression of a firetruck and an ambulance).

    The advertisement on this game was ‘everyone is a winner’ – how could you go wrong with that??:) He was so proud of himself as he pulled up two fish!! His prize was a cheap little stuffed snake but you would have thought it was the best thing in the whole wide world the way he carried it and played with it.

    This is part of his boat ride. It’s like 3 min long but you can see him spinning circles and “driving”. He’s still talking about it today:) (“mama, i drive the green boat and bump the kids”)

    Here we’re trying to get him to do wheels of the bus but he really wanted to sing BINGO….he was also jazzed to be on a city bus (as opposed to a school bus)

    Jun 022012

    Last weekend it was nice and hot out but I didn’t want to be stuck inside all day so we decided to break out the baby pool and have some fun on the back patio.

    If I knew how much he’d love the pool I would have broken it out earlier. It provided a full weekend of entertainment and even week nights this entire week.

    He spent hours filling and dumping, sending things down the slide, transporting rocks back and forth from the pool and the pergola. It was great! I sat back, propped my feet up and enjoyed a no-jito and occasionally dunked my tootsies in the pool.

    Apr 242012

    I finally put new batteries in our point and shoot to take some pics of a project and noticed some videos started offloading (we have an eyefi card:) ). I sifted thru and found this one and couldn’t help but share it. It’s good for a smile:)

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