Feb 172010

How far along are you? 38 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? Welp…the water retention is setting in….I’m well over 35lbs total now…but a vast majority is water at least lately.  My hands and feet are almost always swollen:(

Stretch marks? Nopers

Baby Movement? Yes, he never seems to stop moving these days.

Best moment this week? Spending the weekend with our families all down here at our house just hanging out.  We got to have the shower that I missed due to the snow and just all in all had a nice time catching up with everyone.

Labor Progress?  Still 70% effaced but no dilation.  The doc said he’d wish my cervix would cooperate – so do I …I’m not looking forward to what they have to do to make it cooperate!

Food Cravings? None really….not all the hungry these days..

Belly button in or out? Still in….think it may stay that way…should have known, it was a cavern

Milestones?  Induction is scheduled…March 2 and we’re now supposed to be on bedrest to keep my rising BP at bay (means I’ll likely need to avoid conversations with specific co-workers too)
Weekly Wisdom?  Nothing this week really….everyone has a different reaction to how big you are:) I think it’s hilarious!

Dropped yet? I don’t think so…

Feb 092010

So, lots of excitement around here!  Lots of preparation and progress and SNOW!   First the excitement – I don’t know if it’s the snow or what but my BP was high at my last dr’s appt.  Combined with the swelling in my feet the doc wanted to see me again on Thursday for another BP check.  There’s not protein yet but because of the other two factors they want to keep an eye on it.  Of course we’re expecting another 14 inches of snow thru wed so who knows if I’ll be able to get out to the docs.

Preparation related, we made great progress in the kitchen – tile is in and grouted!  Need to switch the outlets, cover them and then paint.  All great progress.

We also had nursery progress – i finished little mans mobile.  I have to find a way to take a pic of it and share…it’s too cute!  I also scored a glider today at BRU (details below – great deal!) and bought his mattress, second car seat base, changing pad for the changing table, some covers, more sheets and other various nursery accessories.  Wow – it’s getting close:)

And 90% of this progress was thanks to the SNOW!  All 34 freakin inches of it!

How far along are you? 37 weeks….Full term!

Total Weight gain/loss? I actually looked at my chart at the docs yesterday and if I take what they have I’m still under 35 lbs!! 

Stretch marks? Nopers

Baby Movement? Well little man gave us a bit of a scare with a quite day at the height of the snow storm – little monkey!  No movement all day even with poking and prodding…then the snow plows came thru and that’s when he decides to start his gymnastics!  He’s back in business these days though and literally trying to stretch and kick his way out of the belly!

Best moment this week? Well, lots going on both baby and non baby related!  We managed to get the kitchen “finished” by installing and grouting the backsplash.  Then baby related just getting him to wake up and start kicking me was easily the worst and best moments of the week.  I also scored a glider today at a super discount (was $360 and got it for $236 before my 20% off coupon and $100 worth of gift cards!) plus, Uncle Jordan has a car now and can come do his nursery mural!  Yay!

Labor Progress?  70% effaced but no dilation.  The doc said there’s little chance I’ll dilate on my own since there’s some scar tissue from a previous procedure.  I guess it can happen any day now:)

Food Cravings? Broccoli and Cheese soup – finally made some last night!

Belly button in or out? Still in….think it may stay that way…should have known, it was a cavern

Milestones?  Full Terms!
Weekly Wisdom?  Dont leave things to the last min!  This last dr’s appt kicked my butt in to gear and made me realize that if they decided to hospitalize me or send me to L&D, I’d be in trouble!

I really need a bag over my head in this one….the head cold I managed to catch somewhere has turned my nose and lip area beet red (and sore to boot!)

Feb 022010

So my appt yesterday was a wee bit eventful for two reasons but not really:)  First, the last few days I’d been leaking a bit and couldn’t decide if it was little mans strategic spot right on top of my bladder of if it was amniotic fluid. Thankfully I’m just peeing myself (hehe…sorry, TMI) and not actually going into labor (he still has a week before he’s full term!)

Second, when I see them I normally have a few min in the waiting room to relax before they take me back for my BP and weight check. This time round I walked in, used the restroom and walked back for my BP.  No real rest after I climbed the 2 flights of stairs it was to their office.  This caused my BP to be much higher than it normally is and of course set off all kinds of alarms.  When i told the nurse that I just climbed the stairs she calmed down and said that we’d try again after my exam.  Thankfully everything went back to normal (120/80 which is well in range for me) and they let me go home:)

How far along are you? 36 weeks…just a month or so to go.  Doc said that if he’s not here by 41 weeks (March 9) they’ll talk induction.

Total Weight gain/loss? By the docs scale I’m up 35 lbs – eeek!  Although, no one at the office seems concerned anymore.

Stretch marks? Nopers

Baby Movement? Party time goes in spurts now.  He’s rocking around 8am for 30 min and then takes an hour break and then starts rocking again.  This happens pretty frequently and he definitely has a pattern now.  I can almost guarantee that I’ll have a party in my belly at 10, 1, 3, 5, 8, and 10 generally (then i go to sleep so I don’t feel him much).

Best moment this week?  Okay, not best moment but moment none the less – getting my tooth pulled! Ack!

Labor Progress?  None – locked up like Fort Knox!  Doc said I’m softening a bit but no real progress yet.  Which is okay according to her since I’m not even term yet.

Food Cravings? Strawberries!

Belly button in or out? Still in….think it may stay that way…should have known, it was a cavern

Milestones?  1 week to full term! We had our birthing class and DH actually watched a birth video without vomiting or passing out.  I’m sooo proud of him (we did have one gal rush out of the room looking a little green..)
Weekly Wisdom?  A watched pot never boils…right?  Now the countdown begins and of course these will be the longest few weeks of my life I’m sure (aside from the many many 2ww’s while we were TTC).  I’m trying to not think too much about it and focus on 1. getting the rest of the baby’s stuff together  2. Getting things rounded out at work so I can leave without worry  3.  Enjoying the last few weeks with him in my belly  4.  Enjoying the last few weeks as a couple and preparing to be a family.

Jan 262010

Wow!  My mom reminded me last night that I’ve made it to the 35/35 mark!  That’s 35 weeks pregnant and 35 days to go!  Wow! This is flying by!  I don’t know if I’m really growing tummy wise, guess we’ll have to look at the pics to see but I know that the edema is starting to set in pretty bad, but only on my right side – so weird!

How far along are you? 35 Weeks! 35 days to go!!!

Total Weight gain/loss? We’ll find out on Wed officially but it’s creeped up a bit due to the water retention.

Stretch marks? Nopers

Baby Movement? See the video from earlier this week…he was throwing a party in there!!!  

Best moment this week?  Catching his grooving on video…that was so much fun!

Food Cravings? Strawberries!

Belly button in or out? Still in….think it may stay that way…should have known, it was a cavern

Milestones?  All of his body parts are formed and what not.  Now it’s just time to put on weight.  We checked out a pediatrician today – not sure I like him.  He’s kinda creepy…
Weekly Wisdom?  Not a lot to impart this week…:)

Jan 192010

How far along are you? 34 Weeks! (~6 weeks to go!)

Total Weight gain/loss? Holding steady so far….under 30lbs I think….water retention is starting so I’m trying to weigh myself first thing in the AM:)

Stretch marks? Nope:) Although I have this dark line jutting out from the side of my belly button, trying to figure out if it’s just part of the Linea Negra or a stretchie starting…regardless I’ve been coco buttering the heck out of it!

Baby Movement? you can tell it’s getting tight in there because when he moves i feel it everywhere – not just at the top of my belly like normal.  He’s stretching and what not and for the most part feels like he’s trying to bust out

Best moment this week? The most fabu baby shower ever to be had! 50+ friends and family gathered to shower little man with love and gifts.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better – we’re soooo fortunate.  Momma did a fantastic job planning and had a lot of help from Caty, my aunts and grandmas!

Food Cravings? Hard to say since I’m hungry all the time:)  So I guess the answer is…anything and everything?

Belly button in or out? It’s hanging in there.  There’s still some innie to it but I can’t imagine that will last a whole lot longer.

Milestones?   We have more for the nursery due to the shower – now to organize it and get it into his closets!
Weekly Wisdom?  Wow…so many this week….1. hammer + fingernail = pain (see other blog posts)  2.  Baby wipes baby wipes baby wipes (and maybe some witch hazel)  3.  Yes, having to pee every 10 min is a PIA but so is having sausage fingers, toes, and ankles – drink up!  4.  Get maternity pics done – I know some folks say that they never want to see themselves that fat again but I dont know, maybe it’s the photo junkie in me but I want to remember this time and having a maternity photo session is the perfect way to do it!

Still feels like I haven’t really grown that much, he’s sitting high under my ribs and generally off to one side or the other

Jan 122010

How far along are you? 33 Weeks!

Total Weight gain/loss? Holding steady so far….under 30lbs:)

Stretch marks? Nope:)

Baby Movement? I had this odd feeling like he was doing spirit fingers right over my hip bones….odd…

Best moment this week? Getting the closet system in and organizing his room!

Food Cravings? Nothing really again – just hungry all the time and trying to find healthy snacks vs. junk

Belly button in or out? Yea, just needs to give it up already..it’s half in and half out

Milestones?   Making progress on the name game.  We don’t have anything picked out yet but we at least have whittled our long list down to a short one.  Sorry folks, we’re not sharing until after he’s born – you’ll just have to be surprised!
Weekly Wisdom?  There’s no shame in calling the doc when you’re not sure if you’re having braxton hicks or real contractions.  Being a first time mom, we have no idea what we’re supposed to feel.

Jan 052010

So it’s been smooth sailing this month! So much so that the doc said that I dont have to come back for 3 weeks (instead of the normal 2).  However, from that point out we’ll be down to weekly’s with internals – woohoo! Little man is really grooving in there but still likes to sit up high under my ribs which is not always the most comfy spot but he seems to like it.

We have a full month on tap for Jan – Mommy group lunches, Baby Shower, In-Laws visit, birthing class, CPR class you name it!  At some point my bro should be down too to do the baby’s mural (and I’ll finally get the closet system installed).  Things are starting to come together! I can’t believe this little one will be here in approximately 8 weeks!

How far along are you? 32 Weeks!

Total Weight gain/loss? According to the scale at the doc I’m up .5 lbs to something like 28lbs total.  The doc i saw yesterday was happy with that.  He’s more concerned with the overall weight gain that month to month.  So far I’m doing just fine he says – I like this doc!

Stretch marks? Nope:)

Baby Movement? He’s head down according to the doc which explains the odd mass under my ribs – his bum! He’s taken to jumping jacks the past few days where he’ll punch my hip and then kick opposite rib at the same time

Best moment this week? Knowing for sure that I slowed the tide that was my weight and that the doc is actually okay with where I am!

Food Cravings? Well until today it was thankfully just water….super thirsty but today it was Pez – 7 sleeves of Pez!  Now that it’s gone from my house I hope to not go thru that again – but it tasted sooo good!!

Belly button in or out? Yea, just needs to give it up already..it’s half in and half out

Milestones? Odd one but progress/milestone just the same – got the closet cleaned out and painted, just need to get the shelves up.  As for big foot in there he’s starting to put on white fat (?) and is working on developing his senses more fully. 
Weekly Wisdom?  The tingling in your hands is likely carpel tunnel induced by pregnancy…get used to it but don’t spaz too much as it is supposed to go away after the baby is born.  I feel like my hands are always asleep now!

Looking a little rough:)

Dec 292009

How far along are you? 31 Weeks!

Total Weight gain/loss? Well, even after way too many cookies and fantastic food over the holidays, I’m still at the same weight based on my home scale! 

Stretch marks? Nope:)

Baby Movement? I think he’s flipped as the kicks have moved from high to down low.  He needs to flip back soon! 

Best moment this week? Sharing with the families over the holidays and having the little man kick on demand for just about everyone.

Food Cravings? Nothing really.  I always really want sweets but have been good at keeping those to a minimum.

Belly button in or out? Yea, still in but just barely.  I really don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon unless little man has an enormous growth spurt.

Milestones? Nothing big the week really.  Little man is in for a growth spurt over the next few weeks (at least according to the bump.com)  He’s something like 3.5 lbs now (4 navel oranges!)
Weekly Wisdom?   Pepcid is your friend…

Dec 222009

How far along are you? 30 Weeks!

Total Weight gain/loss? Well, hoping my home scale is right and if so, I’m managed to hold back the tsunami that was my weight:) Depending on clothing etc…I’m either exactly the same as last week or down a lb or two!  I’m sure that it has to do with me putting a stop to the gallon of apple juice every few days and my wicked Panera Broccoli and Cheese soup craving (that I indulged way too many times in one week prior to the weight explosion) or the fact that we can now cook at home rather than eat out every meal….whatever it was, I’ll keep it up and my my docs happy:)

Stretch marks? Nope:)

Baby Movement? He’s in a rolly polly phase right now….not a ton of hard kicks but rather lots of rolls and pushes.  I think I can actually feel body parts now too….like a few nights ago when i layed down, the right side of my belly was deflated while the left side had a huge lump.  I started to feel around and figured out that it was little man just hanging out over there…not sure if I’ve got a head or a butt up top but based on the movements and his little kicks I’m betting it’s his butt.

Best moment this week? Being able to sit back and just watch my belly groove on it’s own.  I love putting my hand down and feeling him move underneath it

Food Cravings? Thankfully nothing big this week….again alot of it has to do with what I see around me and on TV.

Belly button in or out? I don’t think it will ever flatten out completely.  It will likely pop from an innie to an outtie in the next few weeks.

Milestones? Hitting 30 weeks! I only have ~10 weeks left in this pregnancy.  I can still remember when I was only 10 weeks in and couldn’t believe that I had a full 30 weeks left to go…now that’s flip flopped and I’m really ready for him to get here soon!
Weekly Wisdom?   I’m wisdom-less this week!

Okay, looking really rugged today….caught the hubby’s cold:(

Dec 152009

How far along are you? 29 Weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? I’m actually keeping track now on my home scale and have been watching my sugar intake so hopefully I can quell the tide that is my weight these days!

Stretch marks? Nope:)

Baby Movement? Yup, we played a game of kick the remote the other day.  I’d put it on my belly and he’d kick it off:) 

Best moment this week? Best moment has to be sunday night when DH started talking to my belly and made the little man move!

Food Cravings? Still sweets which is hard because it’s likely the source of my recent weight gain.

Belly button in or out? There’s a tiny innie lip left, after a big meal or if I push my gut out it’s just about disappears and becomes flat!

Milestones? Crib is together and the car seat is here.  We have our birthing class and CPR class scheduled and my shower:)  Plus we have our maternity pics scheduled (thanks Kim!)   Holy cow – we’re having a baby in like 2 or so months!
Weekly Wisdom?   Don’t worry about what your hubs says when you bring 4 more pillows to bed than you normally do.  Anything to help you get comfy is fair game at this point!

I’ll even indulge you folks with a frontal shot:)

Dec 082009

How far along are you? 28 Weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? um…the cream cheese caught up with me!  There was a significant jump in the dr’s scale which invoked a bit of scolding from both the nurse and the doc.  All in all I’m still only about 25 or 26 odd lbs up total (counting my shoes and sweater which are like 2 lbs combined! haha).  Doc said if I can keep it to 1/2 lb/week from here on out he’ll get off my case…haha…my apple juice addiction may prevent that.

Stretch marks? Nope:)

Baby Movement? Lots – I can sit here with my hand on my belly and feel him moving back and forth. 

Best moment this week? Passing my glucose tolerance test – no 3hr for me!!!

Food Cravings? Anything sweet – mostly Nerds and tangy/sugary things like that.  For once I’m not at all wanting chocolate – that’s a travesty!

Belly button in or out? There’s a tiny innie lip left, after a big meal or if I push my gut out it’s just about disappears and becomes flat!

Milestones? Sames as my best moment – passing my GD test.  Oh and dropping securely into the third trimester!
Weekly Wisdom?   Stop and take time to savor the little things – like little one kicking or flipping around in there.  Try and mark that memory in your head because soon enough he’ll be here and you’ll miss those little private moments between the two of you (of course to be replaces with a whole new set of moments but still…it’s going to be different) 

This weeks pics – at different zoom levels:)

Dec 012009

How far along are you? 27 Weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? so the Wii Fit told me I’m obese with a BMI of 25 haha…I wish I could tell it I was pregnant.  If it was right, I’m up 25 odd lbs (but in my defense, that was after turkey day which adds an unnecessary 10 lbs to anyone’s scale!)

Stretch marks? Nope:)

Baby Movement? This week it’s been more rolling and shifting positions more than anything.  He really doesn’t like it when I lean forward when I’m sitting.

Best moment this week? Spending the holidays with the family and marveling in the amazement that is my little nephews.

Food Cravings? Creme Cheese – I ate about a block of it over the holiday – oi!

Belly button in or out? Still in but barely

Milestones? Well, depending on what book you look at, I’m moving into my third trimester now.  Little man will start to really pack on the pounds at something like .5lbs a week now!  He’s the size of an eggplant!
Weekly Wisdom?   Avoid water, spicy food, bending over, orange juice, tomato based foods or sitting idle after a large meal if you want to avoid acid reflux!  Rolaids soft chews or Pepcid will be your new best friend

Nov 242009

How far along are you? 26 Weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? um…turkey day is this week, can we just pretend to ignore the scale?

Stretch marks? Nope:)

Baby Movement? he goes thru spurts. There’ll be a day or two when I don’t feel him much followed by a few days of gangbuster movements!

Best moment this week? DH finally felt the little man!  We were laying in bed after I got home and Hans (the babe) was kicking furiously so I pulled DH’s hand over to the belly and he finally got to feel it!  He was funny.  He was like “if I can feel this, then you really must feel like he’s punching his way out!” – yes dear, that’s about how it feels sometimes.  

Food Cravings? Nothing really substantial lately.  I have yet to have the overwhelming feeling that I just must have something….i was always craving prone to begin with.

Belly button in or out? Still in but barely

Milestones? Well, this happened a few weeks ago but I finally had to take off my wedding band and e-ring.  They were starting to get really tight and I didn’t want to take a chance of them getting started.  The baby bedding arrived this week too!
Weekly Wisdom?   Don’t over do it.  I used to know what my body could handle activity wise but I’m finding myself getting really run down and tired to the point where I’m starting to get sick. I need to remember that I am carrying a child and not my normal go-go-go self. 

I’m looking progressively tired in this pics – time to figure out how to get more sleep!:)

Nov 212009

I’m finally done traveling I think so that’s a great thing! Traveling while pregnant is a challenge.  It’s not so much the getting around part because walking/flying/etc are no problem.  Its the eating situation.  It’s just so hard to eat well while away from home when your only option is to eat out.  I tried really hard to eat fruit etc for breakfast but lunch and dinner were always out somewhere and I always paid for it later – Rolaids Soft Chews are my newest best friend!

How far along are you? 25 Weeks (and a few days – thank you work travel!)

Total Weight gain/loss? pretending not to notice…

Stretch marks? Nope:)

Baby Movement? Kunfu fighter for sure

Best moment this week? Chivalry is not dead! Maybe not a “best moment” but definitely a sweet surprise.  I was using mass transit while I was in San Fran and had more than one occasion where a gentleman gave up his seat on the crowded bus or train to allow front heavy me to have a seat.  

Food Cravings? Still have an apple/apple juice thing going on (which is good because apple juice is not as acidic as OJ which causes all sorts of pain!)

Belly button in or out? Still in but stretching

Milestones? Well, we’re past viability and the babe is about 1.5 lbs now!  He looks like a little doll (or so the books say)
Weekly Wisdom?   Get your fiber! haha…and water for sure!  The body functions much better when you get plenty of both!

Excuse how exhausted I look.  It was my first day in SFO and I was spent!

Nov 102009

How far along are you? 24 Weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? um…ya…up 17lbs so far.  Doc was surprised at the jump, hopefully it’s because little man had a growth spurt and not all the Halloween candy I ate – ack!

Stretch marks? Nope:)

Baby Movement? Yup, all the time – karate chops and ninja rolls

Best moment this week? Lots of fun things this week.  1. My mom felt the baby kick!  Sad that DH hasn’t yet but I dont know that he knows exactly what he’s feeling even if he did feel little man kick.  He can see the belly rock and roll all the time now.  2. Bean has a nick name now too – Hans:)  3. I ordered little man’s crib (see in previous post)

Food Cravings? Apples!

Belly button in or out? Still in but stretching

Milestones? I’m now into my last 1/3 of the second trimester.  Little man will start packing on the pounds over the next few weeks (as will mamma i’m sure:( )
Weekly Wisdom?   Yes, aches and pains are normal and no, you’re not a baby for complaining about them:)

I feel like there’s not a ton of change in the pics but as I look at them side by side there’s more volume in the belly if you get what I mean.  He’s starting to spread out more to the sides than to the front.

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Nov 062009

How far along are you? 23 Weeks (and a few days by now)

Total Weight gain/loss? haven’t looked since last week.  Hopefully all the walking and standing around for the trade show counteracted the great food we had in NYC!

Stretch marks? Nope:)

Baby Movement? He’s definitely got a pattern now – which unfortunately tends to be late night and wee early morning…but it’s still fun.  His kicks are getting harder and just this week I saw my belly move when he kicked it!

Best moment this week? DH saw the baby kick last night.  He’s yet to feel it but did see my entire belly rock and roll when little man laid a karate chop to my belly button!

Food Cravings? My cravings have to do with what i see around me – nothing yet that I can’t live without thought.

Belly button in or out? Still in but stretching

Milestones? I’m almost 2/3’s of the way thru my second tri – ahhh!!!
Weekly Wisdom?   Everyone will tell you your bigger or smaller than you should be at this time of your pregnancy – don’t listen to them:) You’re perfectly on target for you!

And here’s the belly shot from my lovely hotel room in NYC wearing our orange trade show shirts and looking much like a pumpkin:)

Oct 272009

How far along are you? 22 Weeks – 27 more days until I’m under 100 days!

Total Weight gain/loss? by the home scale I’m up 12.5 lbs which I guess is just about on track but after this weekend of great food with good friends I’m afraid to look again:)

Stretch marks? Nope…following Gram’s advice and buttering up!

Baby Movement? He’s the new Kung Fu panda in there! I think I can feel him on the outside but maybe not – my mind may be playing tricks on me since I can feel it from the inside….DH has yet to feel it although we spend many nights Al Bundy style on the couch hoping to feel it (his hand on my tummy…)

Best moment this week? Non baby related – getting the kitchen demoed the rest of the way – now to put it back together!

Food Cravings? Still fruit juices…not much on food cravings, it’s weird!

Belly button in or out? Still in but stretching

Milestones? We’re now into a place where the fruit comparisons spread out and instead of a weekly fruit, we get a monthly fruit.  Little boy is about the size of a papaya and he’s starting to settle into a sleep cycle (which, much to my dismay, is rather nocturnal right now…)
Weekly Wisdom?   I’ve seen this on a few other blogs as part of their weekly survey and since I’ve removed a few others I thought I’d add one back.  I’m never sure what they’re looking for here….i get advice all the time so there’s no lack of options here.  However, I’m going with my wisdom to others intead.  This week’s topic goes with yesterday’s blog – insurance!  Pay close attention to your bills and the fine print….I almost paid $700 worth of things I wouldn’t have needed to had I not paid attention!

I don’t think there’s a difference between last week and this week but I’m sure there will be soon enough!

Oct 202009
How far along are you? 21 Weeks – holy cow time is flying

Total Weight gain/loss? at last look it was +10 lbs…i’m scared to look really

Stretch marks? Nope…c’mon genetics, don’t fail me now!

Baby Movement? I felt him the other night with my hand but he stopped moving when DH put his hand down – of course!

Best moment this week? Feeling him kick on the outside and getting our first boy baby clothes from my mom!

Food Cravings? Apple Juice – I’ve drunk like a gallon in the last few days

Food Aversions? I’m removing this next week since it’s been no – if they come back I’ll add it:)

Belly button in or out? Still in

Milestones? Finding out that the little kicker is a boy:) Also, seeing my parents for the first time since we told them 10 weeks ago! I can’t believe it was that long ago!

Oct 132009
How far along are you? Half way baby! 20 Weeks!

Total Weight gain/loss? +10lb based on yesterdays dr appt – yikes!

Stretch marks? Nothing new, been trying to get better about buttering up….

Baby Movement? The movement is getting stronger, I think it’s just another week or so before I can start feeling it from the outside…

Best moment this week? Scoring a Kelty Wallaby baby carrier for $30 on babysteals.com!

Food Cravings? Still fruit juices with a side of Marshmallow fluff thank’s to Good Eats on TV!

Food Aversions? I think those are gone now…i hope

Belly button in or out? Getting shallower most definitley – i can stretch it and see it start to pop…i wonder what’s going to happen when my belly gets that big..

Milestones? Our big ultrasound is Thursday – hoping the baby is cooperative and shows us the goods! I have a nursery to plan!

Oct 062009

How far along are you? 19 weeks – holy cow, almost half way!

Total Weight gain/loss? +6lb based on last weeks dr appt and I’ll update next week with the new measurement. I dont think I’ve gained that much but we’ll see I suppose. The baby itself has gained more than a few oz’s so…

Stretch marks? Noticed a few on my thighs that weren’t there before….time to butter up!

Baby Movement? Lotsa bubbles, I can feel him/her quite a bit now but nothing from the outside…

Best moment this week? Non baby related – starting the demo on the rest of the kitchen! We’re making progress!

Food Cravings? OJ and Apple Juice!

Food Aversions? Nothing – it’s starting to be a problem!

Belly button in or out? Getting shallower most definitley.

Milestones? The baby is the size of a large tomato (about 6 inches and 1/2 lbs)

Not a huge difference from two weeks ago but they tell me that from here on out the growth will be more dramatic!

Sep 292009

So, one of DH’s long standing requests of me was a three day, two night backpack trip somewhere. Every time we’ve planned it, I find a way to back out of the second night (it’s just a comfort thing for me…) anyways…I always told him that he just had to get me out far enough that I couldn’t back out of our second night. Well, leave it to him to pick a trip to do with when I’m 18 weeks pregnant (well, almost 18 weeks!)

With the impending new addition (and cold weather) he was itching to get one last backpack trip in for the two of us and my upcoming trip to California for work offered just that opportunity. We two two days off and headed out into the Yosemite backcountry for a few days of R&R (and with how work’s been lately, it was totally needed!).

The plan was for a 9 mile first day, 5 – 7 miles second day and a 7 mile hike out the third day. Things happened a little differently than planned but overall was a resounding success.

Day 1 was 11.4 miles to get to our final camp site when it was all said and done. We got a late start and we’d planned on 9 odd miles in. As it turns out, it took till 11 to find a suitable spot. The first 6 or so miles were flat and meandering thru a canyon next to a river. We took a number of breaks and even took a quick nap in the grassy flat next to the river (well, I did while DH took pics). The next 4 were pretty much straight up thru a series of switchbacks. We’d stop and take breaks often, catch our breath and fuel up with food. It took a while to get up them but we did. Once we crested, we turned left and headed out to where our lake was. It was a long slow slog – we were exhausted and the altitude was starting to get to us (we were at 10,700 feet or so) but the prospect of a beautiful lake was egging us on. At one point we headed cross country to try to find a suitable spot and just as we crested the ridge, we saw this:

Ireland lake! We looked quickly for a spot to bed down and once it was found I set up the tent and we promptly crashed and were out for the night (skipping all the sunset pics and starry night pics DH loves to take – we were just too tired). The bean let me know he/she was there as I was curling up to sleep by thumping me a few times from inside her comfy home.

The next morning we took our time getting up and moving. We broke camp around 10:00 and started our cross country trek up and over the saddle on to our next spot. It was to be a rather short day – 5 to 6 miles maybe and proved to be the best day on the whole trip (and even shorter than we thought!). We took our time climbing up to the saddle between the two basins and rested at the top for an hour or so just soaking in the sights and the silence. DH decided to climb the peak next to us while I relaxed and read my book! Once we were done there we made our way down the opposite side, took in a few lakes on our way and finally made it to our night spot at Fletcher lake.

The pic below is me and my belly at Townsley lake. Such a picturesque setting. Not much camping to be had here but it was a nice stop on the way.

Day two ended up being 4 miles at the longest (we wandered for awhile before dropping the tent so I’m not positive of how far we went). We were definitley tired – cross country travel is harder than trail travel so we made camp early, relaxed, and then took in an amazing sunset over Fletcher peak. The last treat of the night was sitting on a rock that was still warm from the days sun and watching the stars come out. From there we crawled in for the night and were out. Bean gave me a quick tap too to let me know he was happy we’d finally stopped moving.Day three greeted us with the sun lighting up the tent at about 6:30am. DH wanted badly to get some sunrise pics so I woke him up and shuffled him out of the tent with the camera and tripod. I promptly stole his thermarest and made myself a very cushy bed to catch a few last z’s on. I woke an hour later and he’s still no where to be found and the sun’s completely up. I figure he’s just on his way back and start to break camp, pack things up and make breakfast. He finally rolls in around 8:30 and has some amazing shots (I’ll get those posted to our photo blog in the next week or so). We eat, finish packing, and start our trek out. It’s mostly down hill but is still about 7 miles total. One quick stop for lunch and a dip in the river to numb our sore limbs and we were back at the car and alive! Baby went on it’s first backpack trip while still in mommy’s tummy. I can’t wait to tell him or her that when they get older.

Overall I think I did better on this trip than have have on non pregnant backpack trips. One, I was more conscious of my water and food intake and we took lots of time to rest and relax. Two, my pack was slightly lighter than normal. Three, I knew this was our last big backpack trip for quite a while so normal aches/pains/complaints held little weight in my brain and were quickly dismissed/suppressed and put aside so we could just enjoy the experience. Once bean is born we’ll have to wait until he/she can walk on their own to backpack again. For now we’ll have to stick with car camping or trips without one another so someone can watch the little one and that’s okay! I can’t wait to introduce our children to the wonders of backpacking and the outdoors. DH already had 4 or 5 trips planned to National Parks once they’re old enough to understand and appreciate.

This is going to be so much fun!

Sep 292009

I have about 4 back blog posts that I need to finish and post but have been on vacation and am now in California for work (which leaves no play time at all:( ). I promise to try to finish some of those tonight and get them out. I’m also picture-less this post because I’m in Cali with no camera. I do have a fun post coming up once DH gets home and offloads some pics from this weekend – then you’ll have babybump galore!

How far along are you? 18 weeks!

Total Weight gain/loss? +6lb based on last weeks dr appt but after this weekend I’ll be surprised if I didn’t lose any weight…

Maternity clothes? Yup! (i’m pulling this one next week since they answer will always be yes from here on out!)

Stretch marks? Nope…not stretching enough yet for that to happen

Baby Movement? Felt a few good whacks the other day while we were relaxing after a day of hiking…

Best moment this week? Hiking 11 miles in to a lake to camp and feeling little bean kick me in gratitude that we finally stopped moving:)

Food Cravings? Fresh fruit of any kind…

Food Aversions? Nothing – it’s starting to be a problem!

Belly button in or out? Getting shallower most definitley.

Milestones? The Linea negra is starting to appear!

And congrats to my friend Yvonne who delivered little Emilyn over the weekend – 4 weeks early! 5lb 12 oz and doing just fine – she’s quite the little peanut!

Sep 222009

How far along are you? 17 weeks!

Total Weight gain/loss? +6lb based on last weeks dr appt and I’m swearing off the scale here at home:)

Maternity clothes? Yup! and I need to stop buying them! I think i have enough to get me thru for a while so hopefully I can curb my spending habit – we have a kitchen to pay for after all!

Stretch marks? Nope…not stretching enough yet for that to happen

Baby Movement? Feeling the drops, rolls and tickles on occasion. Mostly in the later morning while I’m sitting at the PC or later in the evening when i lay down to bed. Nothing really significant yet though.

Best moment this week? Getting my Halloween shirt from Cafe Press! I have a little ghost face on my belly!

Food Cravings? Red seedless grapes or anything I see on tv (or the grocery shelf for that matter)

Food Aversions? Nothing – it’s starting to be a problem!

Belly button in or out? Still a changing cavern..

Milestones? I have a significant bump in the morning when I wake up and it doesnt go away the whole way when i lay down! Sounds insignificant but it means that it’s more bump than plump now which makes me excited!

I have lots of pics this week….

One looking down – taken at 16w 4 d or so….
One with my face in it – I actually had done my hair recently so I wasnt ashamed to show it! Again, 16w 4d.
Regular belly shot – this am at 17 w even.

Definitely more hanging out there than before!

Sep 152009

How far along are you? 16 weeks!

Total Weight gain/loss? +6lb based on todays dr appt but it depends on where you put my starting point. I think I’m +10lbs based on my lowest weight in the last 6 months!

Maternity clothes? Yup! I’m still mixing bella band with maternity pants. I have one pair of jeans that didn’t need hemmed and all the others are at the taylors until tomorrow. Then I’ll have lots more!

Stretch marks? Nope…not stretching enough yet for that to happen

Baby Movement? Thought I felt a thump the other day but nothing since so I was probably imagining things.

Best moment this week? I guess finally starting to round out and not look so much like I ate too many cheeseburgers!

Food Cravings? Anything I see on the Food Network….i wanted maryland blue crab cakes last night….

Food Aversions? Nothing!

Belly button in or out? Still a changing cavern..

Milestones? Dr’s appt today! We’re 4 months now! My ute it just an inch or two below my belly button according to the doc – wah!

And for your viewing pleasure. I think last week I was really bloated because I seem smaller in this pic than last weeks pic – but rounder….it changes shape over the day so maybe that’s it…

Sep 082009

How far along are you? 15 weeks!

Total Weight gain/loss? Would assume at least +5, we’ll know next week after the dr’s appt.

Maternity clothes? Yup, at least part of the time. I managed to score some stuff at Kohls but need to get all the pants hemmed before I can wear them. The bella band is still my friend as well as a new pair of maternity capris!

Stretch marks? Nope…not stretching enough yet for that to happen

Baby Movement? None but I’m anxiously waiting….

Best moment this week? Dunno, it was kind of a boring week:)

Food Cravings? Rubens!

Food Aversions? Nothing!

Belly button in or out? In the AM it’s still pretty deep but towards the evening, it’s starting to stretch out. I don’t know if it’s going to ever really flatten out though…we’ll see…

Milestones? Nothing this week…just looking forward to movement!

Sep 012009

So, I’ve seen this little survey on other blogs and it was always fun to read so I figured I’d indulge you guys too!

How far along are you? 14 weeks!

Total Weight gain/loss? +5 based on my last appt. I think some of that is left over vacation weight from all the good starchy food in Germany! I’m avoiding the scale here at home so I can only guess what my pre pg weight was based on past history!

Maternity clothes? Still rocking the Bella Band and a few maternity shirts. I ordered some stuff from Old Navy online but everything was too big so it’s going back. So, I’m holding out as long as I can with just my bella band and a few shirts. I was very disappointed in the maternity selection at my local mall. You basically had Motherhood and Old Navy. Motherhood is waaaaaay too expensive for my tastes so I’m stuck with Old Navy. Not even my Macy’s or JC Penny had a maternity section…boo!

Stretch marks? None yet. I just spent $50 at The Body Shop for their coco butter stick but I’m hoping my genetics help me out here!!

Baby Movement? None

Best moment this week? Telling everyone – we finally let the cat out of the bag to everyone.

Food Cravings? It changes day to day, one day was enchiladas, the next was pickles. I’m very influenced by what I see on TV. Time to stop watching the Food channel!

Food Aversions? Nothing really – for once!

Belly button in or out? Still a cavern (i have the deepest belly button)

Milestones? Officially hitting the second trimester

And for your viewing pleasure – 14week belly pics:) A little change from last week but not much. I took these mid day since that’s about the mid point. I’m much larger at night than when I wake in the morning.

Aug 252009

Okay, I said I’d be brave and give you a belly shot this week. I still think much of it is bloat but I can’t fit into 90% of my pants now without the bella band so that must be something:)Our NT scan results are back and everything is great! We have a 1:1559 chance of a baby with Downs Syndrome and a 1:10,000 change of Trisomy 13 or 18 so those are fantastic odds! The geneticist said that my Downs odds were that of a 20 year old – ah to be that young again, haha!

The highlight this week is making it to 13w 3d and finally dropping into the second trimester where your miscarriage risk drops way down! I’ll go from about 5% to something like 1% so that will be a relief.

I’m still finding the HB on the doppler every few days and it’s getting easier and easier! Now i’m even picking up with the little bean moves because it causes feedback on the doppler! I imagine he/she punching (or kicking) the area where I’m pushing down saying “get away mom…”. The books i’m reading say that the baby responds to stimulus now so my poking around can provoke a reaction – if only we had a permanent window into my ute!

Symptom wise things are easing up (although they’ve never really been bad in the first place – i’ve been very very lucky!). I have alot of hip and pelvic pain (more aching than anything) that I’m almost positive is from my hips and pelvis shifiting and spreading to accomodate the growing child (who’s the size of a peach btw!). I’m still very tired and notice that it’s very easy to over do it but am finding that when it’s time to go to bed, I can’t sleep – what fun! And I really only get nauseous when i’m really tired or very hungry so I’m trying hard to just graze throughout the day and then take it easy in the evenings after dinner.

I did join the YMCA recently so I’ll have to start using that soon – hopefully in another week or so my energy levels increase and I’ll actually feeling like going for a swim! Anywho….things are moving right along! I can’t believe we’re already to the second tri! I think this is going to fly!

Aug 202009

Today was a day full of dr’s appts! We did our normal 12 week OB appt and then later in the day went for our NT scan (read: ultrasound) and bloodwork. So far everything looks perfect! The baby had all the right parts and measurements and was even kicking around in there which was crazy to see! It’s really starting to look like a little human with hands and feet and a profile!

So, even though we’re still a week shy of the second tri we’ve decided to let the cat out of the bag with folks and finally tell the rest of the family and set my mother loose to shout it from the mountain tops! I honestly think she’s been on the phone non stop since i called her after the appt to give her the all clear:) The woman is just going thru her roledex and I think it’s hilarious (and really cute, they’re so excited!).

I’ve scanned the new U/S pics for everyones enjoyment below:

Above is a profile of the bean, you can kind of see a hand hovering over the abdomen.
The image above is smaller but highlights the heart and the heartbeat! 176 going strong! The doc says that’s on the higher end of the range so if you believe in wives tales you may already have an idea of what that little bean is.

This one is a closeup of the face. The white areas are all bone and while it looks a little freaky (DH called it our little Skeletor), it shows all the bone in the right places. You can make out the jaw, nasal bone and even the start of the forhead and eye sockets!

Our next appt is in 4 weeks and then our next U/S is in 8 weeks (at 20 weeks 2ds) where we’ll find out what we’re having! Yes, we’re going to find out. DH and I are both HUGE planners and need to know so that we can prepare.

Maybe in the next post I’ll show a belly pic or two…I’ve been taking them every week but so far there’s not been much change. The bloat is finally going down and I think I see a little bump starting to form – how fun!

Jul 232009

There’s a bean in there and it has a heart beat! Well, we already knew that by wow, it’s grown by leaps and bounds!

For your comparison here’s 6 weeks:

and here’s 8 weeks:

Woot! We went from diamond ring to gummy bear! I didn’t get a count on the heart rate this time but the doc was happy with everything and put me on coast until our 12 week appt where we’ll get to at least hear the bean again!

According to the U/S I’m 8w 0d, by my LMP and their charts I’m 8w 2d, and by my count I’m 8w 1d….i’m going to go with their charts since, well, they’re the pros right?? Plus that puts me the furthest along:)

The hubster was able to tag along this time as well and was excited to have a picture to take home with him of the little bean. I still can’t believe there’s something in there! Aside from the constant mild nausea and the exhaustion you’d never know something was growing inside me!

Anyways, that’s the news for now. We’re going to the beach this weekend and will see my parents on Monday. We plan to tell them when we pick them up from the airport after their trip. I’ll be 9w 6d at that point.

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