May 062013

I’m a little late on this because it’s been crazy around here. We’re all not getting much sleep so I’m generally out by 9pm on most nights in an effort to catch up. Lia’s hit the 9 month sleep regression bit. She generally spends 1:30 – 3 or 3:30 awake and yelling out in glee. I suppose it could be worse, she could be crying. Instead she’s being cute. I guess I’ll take it.

Can you believe she’s only 3 months away from 1 year old? I have no idea where all the time went.

Weight: 18lbs 4oz
Length: 29 inches (90%) (although I think she’s longer since she’s pretty much out of her 6 mo clothes)
Sleep:Having some sleep regression issues. She was sick at the start of the month and it just never got better. She’s down by 7 generally and wakes at 12/1 and then again at 3/4. Lately she’s been up for good at 5:30am which is not a pattern I like:) Hopefully now that she’s made the leap (we have new skills:) ) she’ll get back to a better schedule. I do remember this with noah too.
Eating: Not a ton new here. She’s gone thru all the frozen milk I had so we’re 100% formula and solids. I experiment with whatever table foods we have avail but for the most part she’s still eating purees, puffs, and cheerios. She’s okay with that. I need to try a sippy again too, last attempt was not so successful.
Sizes: Mostly 9’s and 6-9’s. I’m washing all the 12 stuff and rotating some of it in.
Milestones:So I think the root of our sleep issues was this development leap. She can get from back to belly to sitting and back down with no problem. Just the other night (a little past 9 months) I saw her crawl for real on all 4’s. It was more of a little hop for her legs and then advancing her hands but she’s getting the hang of it. No more potted plant. Plus, she’s pulling up a bit more on thing to get to standing. She’s making more vowel sounds too. I’ve heard mamama, dada, and gaga out of her on various occasions.

I’ll get her pictures done this weekend hopefully.

ETA: Finally got pics done:)




Mar 312013

Gosh, this has actually been a good month, that is up until the very end there. We all caught the stomach flu and now the kids both have horrible colds:( Oh well, such is the life of a child I suppose.

Weight: 18ish lbs (done by weighing me and then me with her:) )
Length: 27ish inches (90%) (although I think she’s longer since she’s pretty much out of her 6 mo clothes)
Sleep:Doing better! She’s still perking up once or twice a night but for the most part a quick paci check and we’re back down. She can go the whole night without eating but I’ll generally give her a bottle when she wakes at 4 or so. It’s just easier to get her back to sleep. She’s down in the evenings by 7:15 and will sleep thru till 6:30am
Eating: As of the 31st she’s off the boob. I’d been dropping pumping sessions all month and just nursing at home. Then she started to reject me at home so I figured it was time. We still have some frozen milk stashed way so she’s getting one bottle a day during the week plus her formula bottles. It’s so weird – at this point Noah was taking upwards in 30oz of formula a day where as she’s at like half that. Feels so wrong but she doesn’t seem hungry and she’s growing so I figure it’s enough. She’s taking three things of solids a day too (plus any puffs/yougurt bites we give her). I let her go to town on some noodles, beans and carrots the other night and she was so excited!
Sizes: In all 6-9 or Carters 9. Daycare sent back all of her 6 month stuff because she’s too long for it now.
Milestones:She’s a champ at sitting and is starting to figure out how to get on her belly without bonking her head. On her belly she’s pulling her knees in a bit and bouncing but still hasn’t figure out forward motion. Mostly she just pushes herself around backwards. I see her reaching for things to pull herself up with but she’s not yet strong enough. I expect this month we’ll see that milestone. Plus I think she has two more teeth coming in – joy!




Mar 212013

Lia was especially smiley this day (if you can believe that…this girl smiles all the freakin time). Anywho, we were having some fun on the floor trying to get her to push up to her knees. It involved a mommy doing obviously hilarious things since she’s in stitches laughing.

Mar 192013

As she nears 8 months I’ve finally had a few seconds to sit down and go thru the pics we took of her for 7 months…

I realize as I look thru the pictures that she has her mouth open a lot:) That’s because she’s taken to screaming with glee when she sees the camera (which is totally opposite her brother right now who run and hides his head..)

[nggallery id=’51’]

I’m slowly making it thru the rest of the pictures we have taken over the last month. I’ve had a bunch of real photo sessions to edit so my personal ones take a back seat to paying customers:) I’d say you can expect a photo dump over the next few days but who am I kidding. I’m averaging a new post ever 10 days right now.


Feb 282013

We’re closer to 1 year now than we are her birth..pretty crazy if you ask me. Lia’s developing such a personality! She’s still a really sweet and smiley baby although we’ve had some rough times lately with sickness and teeth. Despite all that she’s still the most chipper baby I’ve seen in a long time. I love love love when she flashes that wide gummy smile for you. She also loves loves loves her brother. She follows him around the room with her eyes and laughs hysterically when he runs around her. I can’t wait till their older and she can really participate.

Weight: 16lbs
Length: 27ish inches (90%)
Sleep:Has been hit or miss this month. We finally got rid of the ear infection and she started sleeping better for like a day and then those two pesky teeth made their appearance. I think that’s passed now (at least the worst part) so now I need to try to get her back on her schedule (she was so far off the deepend that i need a weekend to reset things)
Eating: I’m still pumping/nursing when at home but my supply is starting to decrease and I’m okay with that. She still gets 3 BM bottles and one formula bottle at school for the most part (some days it’s half and half). I’m saving my freezer stash for when I completely stop pumping so that she at least gets a little bit of BM. I figure at this point I can probably get her to 9 or 10 months with at least some breast milk. We’ll see how that goes. As for solids she’ll sometimes do a little container in the AM and then I’ll send a larger container to school. Then she’ll do another little (or finish off the one from the AM) around dinner time. Girl certainly likes to eat!!
Sizes: I bumped her up to 6-9 month and Carters 9 but then realized that I don’t have much in that size so I had to go shopping:) (woah is me right??!!:) )
Milestones:Again, lots this month (which could also explain some of the sleep fun stuff). She’s sitting on her own now although I do put pillows around since she’s not great about getting back to laying without bonking her head. Those two teeth that I felt last month have busted thru. She rolls back and forth pretty freely now. I’ll put her down and she works her way around to get what she wants. I’ve also found her sleeping on her stomach once or twice (although she still prefers her back). She pushes her chest off the floor and I can see those little feet and knees starting to pull up under her although I’m sure we’re still a ways away from crawling yet (and i’m okay with that…two on the move will be much more challenging)

I have a bunch of photos that I’ve taken in the last few weeks but have to actually get thru them..haha. For now, here’s a few from her photo shoot this am…




Jan 312013

6 months – half a year old!! Wow! I’d say that time went by fast but that’d be lying:) This month has been hard and long. She’s been sick pretty much the entire month which means her sleep is in the toilet. I spent most nights with her asleep on me while I sat up in the rocking chair (with the boppy propped up around me so she was safe and snug). So, to say we’re both exhausted is an understatement.

I think we’ve finally turned a corner in the last week though. She’s finally mostly healthy and so am I so now we can start working on getting those nice sleep habits back.

Weight: 15lbs (or so, DH did the docs appt and didn’t write it down) (50%)
Length: 27 inches (90%)
Sleep:So like I said, it sucked this month. Being sick (flu then an ear infection) combined with working on a development milestone we just didn’t get much sleep. She’d only sleep on me most of the time and for a good week she’d only sleep with a boob in her mouth so yea, I didn’t much sleep myself. But, we’ve turned a corner (knocking on wood) and I’m working on getting her back into a good sleep habit (which means tracking how much sleep she gets during the day to make sure we hit the sack early enough. I’ve noticed if she doesn’t book a full 14 hours a day she’s up all night.)
Eating: So we made it to 6 months of breastfeeding which was my big goal!!! Although, every time I think of weaning her I get sad so I’m not quite ready to do it yet. I did start giving her solids about 2 weeks ago before bed to see if it made a difference in her sleep. It didn’t but she did show me that she loves food!! She’ll put away a full 2.5 oz container 3 times a day now in addition to 4 4oz bottles at school and at least 3 nursing sessions at home. I don’t know where she puts it all.
Sizes: Mostly in Carters 6’s now. I have a few size 3 pants that work as capris but for the most part she’s graduated up.
Milestones:Lots going on this month. We get a consistent belly to back roll now and just this week she started back to side and almost over. She gets stuck on her arm. I give her another week and we’ve got both mastered. She’s also working on sitting. She can sit for a few seconds on her own and will sit for a while if I put a boppy behind her. We’re definitely making strides in that direction. Gosh, I can’t believe that in another month or two she’ll probably be pulling up to her knees!!

I can also feel her two front bottom teeth starting to push up. You can see her little gums bulging which means they’re well on their way. That could also be part of our problem with sleep:)

Adventures:Nothing big lately. We’ve made it thru our first ear infection so I suppose that’s an adventure.





Jan 052013

I realize that we have so few videos of Lia. At this point we had hours upon hours of Noah cooing, gahing and sleeping recorded. I guess that’s the second kid syndrome.

Here she’s trying out her baby einstein chair for the first few times. She was sooo excited when I stuck her in and she saw all the toys right at her level. I guess it gets boring in that bouncer:)

Dec 312012

And just like that she’s 5 months old! They say time flies when you’re having fun…well time flies when you’re not getting enough sleep too:) Hehe. That’s our new development this month. Call it 4 month wakeful a month late or just call it “we’ve been sick for almost a month now” but Lia’s beautiful sleep habits are a thing of the past. She’s still a super happy chipper baby, especially at 3am when it’s time to sleep. She’s found her voice and will certainly let you know she’s there. It’s funny because it’s not angry yells, it’s the “hey, i’m over here look at me yells”. Totally cute even at 3am.

I’m hoping that as we figure out how to kick these colds/viruses that she and I keep passing back and forth (DH and Noah are unaffected thankfully) that we’ll be on to better sleep. She’s just so freakin congested that sometimes she goes to breath thru her nose and it’s clogged which then causes her to panic and scream (which then only exacerbates the problem). She’s been sleeping in her car seat a bunch just because it props her up enough to keep the snot from choking her.

Outside of that she’s still the sweetest most smiley baby you’d ever meet. Other peoples reactions to her are always the same. They’ll coo and gah at her and she’ll flash that big gummy smile and they melt:) I melt:) Toss in a giggle and they’re incapacitated..haha. I certainly hope her sunny personality stays with her as she gets bigger. It will be a nice change from Noah’s stormy one.

Weight: She’s got to be pushing 14lbs now..she feels so solid.
Length: i’ll be we’ve hit 25 inches by now. If I can nail her down for more than 10 seconds I’ll try to measure.
Sleep:Yea, this. If we take the last 2 weeks as our guide, she’s down at 7:30ish, up at 12:30/1 ish, 2:30/3 ish, 4:30/5ish, then up for good at 7 or so. In between those times she’s fitful and just full of snot which when she tries to breath in thru her nose causes her to cough and sputter because it’s clogged. Beautiful stuff I tell you. I’ve spent most nights from about 3:00 on sleeping in the rocking chair with her propped up on my chest (but not on her belly, no, she likes the cradle hold). She’s most definitely not a belly sleeper.
Eating: 5 months EBF and going strong!! I’m shooting for 6 months and then we’ll see. I’m kind of torn about going longer or not. I’d like to get back to exercising but every time I do, my supply takes a huge dip. I haven’t found the magic combo that lets me do both yet. So that’s one argument for starting to wean but every time I think about it I get sad. We’re doing so well and it’s so easy!
Sizes: I pulled all of her 0-3 mo stuff out of rotation and dropped in a few Carters 6 and 6-9 mo things. They’re still a bit big but a quick roll of the cuff and things work.
Milestones:She graduated to the exersaucer now. Her head control is exceptional and she loves to stand up. However, we can’t get her to roll over with any kind of consistency. She’s happy to be on her back. If I stick her on her tummy she’ll just lay her head down vs. roll to her back so…we’ve been working on it. She’s also sitting better now with assistance. I can get her to balance for a few seconds before she slumps over.

She’s definitely working more with her toys. She’s mastered the bar over her bouncy and is getting the hang of the ones on the exersaucer. She’ll grab things and pull them to her and straight into her mouth. She’s even figured out that her hands are part of her and seems to be amazed at that.
Adventures:Lots and lots of holiday travel. We made trips to both grands over the course of a few weekends.




Dec 262012

I have a Christmas recap with lots of pics in the works. For now, check out this side by side. My dad pulled out this pic last time I was home and I was struck at how much Lia looks like me. I mean, she should, she’s my kid but it’s kind of crazy to put it side by side.

Me at three months on the left, Lia at three months on the right.

Dec 222012

She’s not even 5 months old but it feels like she’s been a part of our family forever. Life with two is challenging most of the time but oh so rewarding. I often find myself, as she and I hang out in the rocking chair at 3am, thinking about what her life will be like. And wondering how the heck am I going to raise a graceful, humble, and strong young woman that will become the pillar a family of her own some day. That all seems so far away but I know that in a blink of an eye she’ll be grown and I’ll be wondering where the time went.

Things I don’t want to forget about her:
– how she only loves to talk with a finger or fist in her mouth. Other than that she’s generally quiet.
– that she’s the calmest most chill baby I know. She’s fine just hanging out as long as we’re in the room with her.
– the look on her face when we walk into the room and she finds us. You can see her searching for the sound and when she finally turns her head to see you, her smile lights up the room.
– the chub on her thighs – the only place she really has any chub. The rest of her is lean and mean:)
– Her happy disposition, she’s quick to give up huge gummy smiles and it just brightens your day.
– How her free hand flails and searches for something to grab onto when she nurses.
– How she smiles in her sleep and lets out a little giggle.
– All of our nights spent sleeping in the chair. It’s not the most comfortable spot but I really enjoy the close time with her.

My beautiful little girl. The world is a scary place sometimes and I worry constantly about when she’s of school age and on in to her teen years and how I’m going to keep her safe but I’m trying not to let that get in the way of enjoying her now as she’s still my little girl.

Dec 112012

You’ll see one of these pics again (and you’ve seen the other in the past) but here’s a side by side of my babies around the same age. I think Noah was a little older in his pic but it’s pretty close. Excuse the conflicting watermarks:)

Nov 302012

4 months…gosh, I can’t believe she’s 4 months already. It feels like she’s been here forever. I was looking at pics of her birthday and that just seems so far away. Noah even looks so much younger…4 months can really make a difference.

She’s a growing happy little girl. We’ve struggled a little with sleep but only briefly and it was because she was sick. Seems she has a stuffy nose every few weeks. I blame daycare but it’s good because she’s building up immunity to lots of fun things. Noah’s hardly sick anymore because he got it all out of the way in that first year.

She’s still a super smiley girl and so content. She’s also still pretty quiet. It’s just in the last week or so that I’m hearing more coo’s and gah’s from her. Even her hungry cry isn’t anything to write home about (and now that I say that she’s going to jack the volume up..haha).


Weight: 13lb 2oz…
Length: 24.75 inches
Sleep:Still going down around 7/7:30 and will either wake at 1:30am or 3:30am depending on how much she ate the day before. In either case she’s down again until 6:30/7am. The other morning she was down till 8am!
Eating: Still on the boob juice. The doc gave us clearance to try cereal but I’ve not gotten my butt around to buying some. At this point it’s just to get used to taking in food with a spoon so I’m not rushing into it like I did with Noah. I realize now that bottles are sooooooo much easier than solids.
Sizes: I bumped her up the 3-6 month stuff mostly so I can get some use out of it but also because in certain brands she’s outgrown the smaller stuff. We still have Carters 3’s running around in the mix too. The onesie in her pic is a Gerber 3-6 mo.
Milestones:She’s getting really strong. As long as I’m there for balance she’ll sit on her own for a min or two. Her head control is great. Still working on rolling over with any consistency. She’s started to babble more too.
Adventures:Nothing big this month really. She got her shots with only a few seconds of crying. Otherwise we had a quiet month in preparation for a busy holiday.

Nov 212012

So, waaaaay back in October, right before I went back to work we had Lia baptized at the church that I grew up in. We had Noah baptized there as well so it only made sense to do Lia’s too. My mom did 99% of the planning and cooking which was totally unintentional but with going back to work and juggling two kids I just didn’t keep up. She did an amazing job planning and executing the reception in the church hall afterwards.

Lia did great thru the whole baptism and church service (so did Noah which is surprising). She slept thru most of everything only waking up when he put the water on her head. Even at that she was just looking around.

[nggallery id=’39’]

It’s always wonderful to get the whole family together. Because our families are 4 some hours apart we don’t often get everyone from both sides together. Come to think of it, the next time we’ll have most everyone together will be my brothers eventual wedding (some day…:) ).

Oct 312012

Our little Lia is 3 months already! I can’t believe it! I’m back to work, she’s in daycare and we’re settling in to a comfortable, if not exhausting, pattern:) I have a day in the life post in progress so that you all can see how we function. Pretty much every min is filled with something.

On the Lia front, she was baptized this month and started daycare. Both of which she handled like a champ. Day 1 of daycare was rough but it got better as we went along. New environment, sounds, smells etc…it was hard for her at first. She’s had an off and on stuffy nose that only seems to manifest itself in the middle of the night so we’ve had a few nights of sleeping upright in a chair (which is much more comfortable now that I found my neck pillow).

She still as smiley as ever and I think I even heard a giggle yesterday as I was changing her diaper. Her face just lights up when DH or I enter the room. I love it. She also loves loves loves her big brother. It’s all smiles when it comes to him and he eats it up! If I can ever figure out how to get my phone to dock with my computer again I’ll have to pull the vids and share. It’s freakin adorable and just melts my heart. Most days I can’t believe they’re both mine:)

Weight: No dr’s appt this month so nothing official but she’s starting to work her way out of the Carters size 3 clothes so I’m betting she’s pushing 12 lbs. I’ll weigh her when we get home tonight.
Length: Again, no dr’s appt so we’ll see next month.
Sleep:Since she started daycare she’s sleeping from 7/7:30 until 4/5 or so which is great. Poor kid is just so tired when she gets home but you’d never know it, she’s still all smiles. On the weekends she’ll generally give us one good nap during the day but only if we’re out and about. Otherwise it’s an hour here, 30 min there. In between she’s pretty happy tho.
Eating: She’s still exclusively breastfed. She gets bottles of pumped milk during the day and nurses in the evening/over night. She has no problem switching back and forth except for when my supply is low in the evening then she gets pissed but we work thru it. She’s eating ever 2-3 hours except at night.
Sizes: Carters size 3 and most 0-3 in other sizes. We’re getting to the end of those though. She’s getting too long for them.
Milestones:If you put her on her tummy she’ll fall/roll to her back. I don’t think it’s deliberate yet though. It’s more like she’s cheezed off because she’s on her tummy and flails until she makes it to her back…
Adventures:Well, she’s lived thru a hurricane:) We all camped out in one room while Sandy did her worst. Thankfully she (Lia) was none the wiser. Also, she was baptized on Oct 21. She slept thru that whole ordeal too…

Oct 172012

Lia’s last two weeks have been home with daddy. Because we’ve had to divide and conquer when it comes to the kids, he’s not had a lot of time with her and this was an opportunity for them to bond. And bond they have:)

I came home today and he handed me the camera with a bunch of pics of her on it from this afternoon. Love!!!

Oct 022012

Yesterday started my last week home with Lia before heading back to work. Just like that 10 weeks has sped on by and I have to leave my baby girl in order to get a paycheck…this sucks:( I have to admit I’m less anxious about daycare with her than I was with noah but I can feel it start to creep in the closer I get to leaving her.

Like with Noah, as I head back, DH will take two more weeks so that Lia gets a full 12 weeks at home before daycare. Up to this point it’s been me and her almost 24/7 while DH took care of Noah so it will be nice for him to get in some bonding time while I’m at work. However, since he’s spent so little time with her it’s going to be quite the adjustment. I’m debating on whether I should prepare a “Lia” manual for him..haha.

Now, unlike Noah, I’m working in an office vs. at home plus I’m still breastfeeding which means pumping at work. I’m interested to see how this plays out. We have special rooms at work but you have to book them like you book normal meetings…it’s weird. I have no idea how often I should pump and if I’m even going to be able to pump enough to keep up with her needs (babies are sooo much more effective at getting the milk out:) ). So I’m a little anxious about that. I know she’ll take a bottle, she’s done it for us a few times in the past. I’m just worried about keeping up (and the reverse cycling that often happens and will keep me up all night..) Part of me is going to miss that bonding too…it tell folks that she’s like my third arm and it’s so true. With the exception of our dinner out when she was 3 weeks old, I’ve not been away from her for more than an hour this entire 10 weeks. She’s a fixture and I love it. I’m going to miss her soo much during the day.

I know that she’ll be fine and I will to but those first few weeks are the hardest. I’m going to try not to cry this time:)

Sep 302012

Another month in the books and our little Lia is growing so fast! I love looking back to my posts about Noah around this time and comparing them. So many similarities yet so so different. Lia’s still a pretty easy baby. She cries when she’s hungry or over tired and that’s about it. Thankfully she’s pretty good at self soothing so we can put her down drowsy and she works her way to sleep (albiet a little loud and grunty but she does it on her own). Anyways…stats..

Weight: 9lb 14oz
Length: 22.5 in
Sleep:She gave us 7.5 hours the other night but hasn’t done it since. The long stretch is still 5 – 6 hours or so then another 3 – 4 hours. There’s a long stretch during the day too generally in the AM. Then she spend most of the afternoon/evening up with just a few small cat naps here and there.
Eating: The boobies are still going strong. I have quite a bit frozen for when I go back to work but hopefully I won’t have to dive into it right away. She eats every 3 hours most of the day and then clusters in the evenings.
Sizes: I’ve put away most of her newborn sleepers since she’s too long for them. The pants hang on as capris and her shirts still fit. I have washed and started using all of her 0-3 and 3 month stuff. Some is still a bit big but we make it work. I’ve retired the 4 Lil Joey all in one diapers but am still using her newborn covers as well as the size one covers.
Milestones:She’s all smiles and coos now, I love it! Plus she’s holding her head up really well. The doc was impressed at her appointment. Her brother was the same way so I’m not surprised I have strong little kids:)
Adventures:Made our first drive to Pittsburgh and it actually went smoother than I thought. I 30 min stop mid way to eat (for all of us) and we were on our way again. We even managed to get out (mom and dad only) and left grammy and papa in charge.

I did her 2 month pics today and you can see them below. She’s so alert! I need to do a side by side with her and Noah to see the difference.

Sep 212012

Most of the pics I have are of the kids and DH. There are very few with me in them since I’m generally behind the camera. The other morning DH grabbed the camera and snapped a few off of Lia and I relaxing. I’m actually happy with how they turned out given the fact that I hadn’t done my hair and had no make up on:)

Sep 182012

The lighting is wonderful in Lia’s nursery. I used to always take Noah in there to do his photo shoots when he was itty bitty. I’ve been feeling bad that most of her pics have been done by cell phone so far so I decided to break out the big guns and take some pretty pics of her yesterday.

[nggallery id=’31’]

I really need to do that more often:)

Sep 012012

We’ve made it to one month! I’m sure I’ll say this every time but wow has the time gone by quickly. I’m down to 6 weeks left on my leave and she’s a whole month old. Before I know it, she’ll be pushing 3 months and I’ll be heading back to work:(

She’s a great little girl. A good eater and relatively content at other times. She has her moments but she’s quickly consoled.

Weight: 8lb 2oz
Length: 21 in
Sleep:Nothing consistent yet. Generally she’ll give us one 5 hour stretch (from 7-8ish to 12-1 ish). Then from there it’s every 3 hours or so until we all wake up. Unless you look at last night where she was up every hour and a half or so. Someone was hungry I guess.
Eating: She’s still exclusively breastfed and eating every 2 hours during the day with a block of cluster feeding in the evening before bed. I’ve been able to pump after she eats and now have over 100oz of milk in the freezer! I’m well on my way to taking over the freezer.
Sizes: Still in newborn clothes and diapers. I have a few newborn all in one diapers and the rest are prefolds with covers. I’ve been using disposables at night but that’s about it. Yay for cloth diapers!
Milestones:Not much yet. She’s getting really good with holding her head up though.
Adventures:I try to get out of the house at least once a day. Sometimes we just walk around the neighborhood others we head to the mall. I’ve taken her down to where I work too and just hung out in the park watching the kids play in the water.

Anyways, here are the pics:)

[nggallery id=’26’]

Aug 232012

We took some time the other evening to try to get some pics of the kids together. However, someone must have slipped Noah a candy bar or something because he was WIRED! Getting him to sit still long enough to take a picture was a challenge. We did manage to nab a few cute ones though. I want to try again some time soon..

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