Dec 042014

(as per normal for these check in’s I think – this is more bullet format than actual coherent with it..)

It’s been a while since I did a check in on the kids. Mostly because there’s not much to check in on but also because things happen so gradually that it doesn’t seem like much has changed and then I step back for a second and realize that a ton has changed!

Like – Lia’s really starting to talk more. You can hold a conversation with her and both parties actually understand what’s going on. There’s still plenty of jibberish coming from her mouth (almost a constant stream) but I’d say 80% of it is legible to not just us.

– she asks a question like “where’s daddy” and you answer. Then she returns “okay”….like, “I got it mom, storing that for later”.
– “noah did it” or “macie did it”….etc..
– looking at the picture of our wedding day she busts out with “look at your pretty dress mommy”
– or “look at my froggie” as she points to her PJ’s.
– “no like it” when she’s not happy with something or doesn’t want to look/listen/do
– We’ve entered the “i do” stage (or “lia do”)
– how she always calls herself “lia grace” or “noah andrew”

We call her CC or Repeat because if Noah has it, she has to have it. Or if Noah does it, she follows right along and does it too.

She tantrums like you can’t believe. It’s totally karma coming back to bite me for the torture I put my parents through.

Still a hugger and a kisser. She has to be touching you too to fall asleep. Which means we’re still having to stick with her as she falls asleep and she ends up with us at either 2am or 4am.

For all those signs at early potty training, we still haven’t made a ton of progress there. She’s fine at school and out places but at home she has zero interest (less than zero is that’s possible). I’m trying to incentivize her with pretty minnie mouse panties…not working!

Her hair is FINALLY filling in I hope. She’s entered a funny stage where it’s super fluffy and full but not long enough to lay. She has one longer layer over top which is the only thing saving her from a full on spike. You can see less of her scalp than before. I’m happy because I thought she was going to look all ragged forever. The recent hair cut really helped shape it up some (Now I want to retake our family pictures since it looks so ratty in them…oh well).

Her little personality is really starting to shine. She’s so funny and loves to make you laugh. She roars at you and giggles so hard when you pretend you’re scared (she’ll go one for 20 min if you let her).

She’s a dancer! This girl can and loves to move. You put on her songs and she’s beboppin around the living room arms flailing, feet tapping or hopping and her head rocking back and forth. I love it. She’s actually got quite a bit of rhythm for a 2 year old. I see dance lessons in our future!

She is good with directions and will go get what you ask her to. More than that though, she knows where things are – obscure things like mommy’s knitting bag etc.

She can dress herself for the most part – needs a bit of help with the pants but really she’s come downstairs completely dressed all on her own. She’s even pretty good a picking out matching clothing. (which is good because whatever she puts on is what she’s wearing and she won’t let you change it).

She loves to draw and color – it’s almost a sure fire way to distract her.

Anyways. I could probably go on and on about how long her legs are or how she loves to kiss you or how sweet she is when she accidentally hurts you (or how feisty she is when she doesn’t get her way) but then we’d be here forever. I just want to soak it all in – she’s so much fun right now and I know she’ll never be this little again and for all the frustrating parts of this age – there are 10 times more fun parts.


Sep 242014

The end of the crib era has arrived in our house! We took Lia’s crib down this past weekend and put up her big girl bed for no other reason that it’s getting too hard to snuggle with her in the rocking chair haha.

She’s put her foot up a few times in her crib but showed no desire to climb out so it wasn’t that. It was just the fact that I love to snuggle with her and it’s easier if she has a bed vs. bringing her back to ours and starting that habit.

I would have done it sooner but I couldn’t find the bed that I wanted. I was waffling between a Jenny Lind that I could paint a fun color and a plain metal bed that wouldn’t compete with her pretty dresser. What I found wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but it’s perfect just the same! It is a metal bed but not entirely plain. It’s delicate and pretty and I love it! (and I’ll have to take a picture of it later..)

Lia’s adjusted pretty well to it. We have rails up on either side and I noticed the other night those are necessary (I found her smashed up against one). Plus, we put a gate on her door because she’s at the top of the steps and I fear she’ll wonder out and fall down. So now when she wakes (usually around 4:30am), she’ll come to her door and yell “mamma!” or “daddy!” at the top of her lungs until we come out. Once she sees us she generally turns around and climbs back in. Lately she’ll do that then pat the bed next to her for one of us to lay down too. Who can say no to that?!

Now I just have to get her big girl quilt made to cover her bed (just like I did for Noah). More on that later.

Jul 312014

I’m still in denial that Lia turns 2 today! I was browsing through my phone pictures and found ones of her just a few months ago before we moved and she was a totally different little kid. She still had many baby qualities that have all but disappeared now. Plus her hair has finally grown in some (that makes such a difference!) and her little personality has just continued to evolve and grow. She’s so funny.

I’ve always said this before but she’s a fierce little munchkin. She’s intensely funny and always trying to make you laugh but will turn on a dime and scream if you don’t do it the way she wants. I remember it being kind of like this with Noah except his turns were atomic and generally lasting vs. hers can be reversed with a slide of hand or a big bulldozer.

“Me too”, “I don’t want it”, and “I do” are her favorite phrases these days. Always wanting to be included in what’s going on I now realize why my parents were so big on being fair – we probably wouldn’t let them get away with anything else. If Noah has a pretzel, Lia has to have one too. And she will be considerate and ask for one for him if she gets to it first. (she always asks for a smoothie for bubba when I hand hers to her.)

Poor thing didn’t get a proper party because we’re heading to the beach the weekend we would have held it so we’re taking her out tonight and have a cool Minnie Mouse candle (because she’s kind of obsessed with Minnie Mouse). Our plan is to throw her something while we’re at the beach – cake and all. Just a few days late. Next year she deserves a big bash!!

Weight:27lb and holding strong
Length: not entirely sure but she’s sprouted a bunch based on the marks on the walls we’ve been making. I’ll have to measure later.
Head:big…haha. I don’t think it’s changed much actually.
Sleep: Still needs rocked to sleep:( It’s actually quite the process now. She starts on the floor reading books, playing puzzles and then asks to be rocked. It’s tough because she’s so big now and has trouble getting comfortable. Although I still secretly love her snuggles.
Eating:anything and everything still
Milestones: Has really started to talk now. Stringing words together to make primitive sentences etc..

I do have pictures to share but they’re on the other computer and I’ve just not had the time or energy to fix them and post. Hopefully soon!!:)

Jul 022014

kayak ride that is…the only other time she’s been out is when she was in my lap while my dad paddled. This time we suited her up, distracted her with cookies, and she and DH took off for a lap around the lake.

She really enjoyed it I think. She didn’t try to get out or climb around. In fact, she seemed to just relax back into the life jacket and almost take a snooze. I don’t blame her, it’s quite peaceful out there.



Click to enlarge this one – her face is awesome!!!

What was even cooler is that one of the neighbors had just come off the lake in their kayak and let me take Noah out with me so all 4 of us were paddling a the same time. So awesome!!!

Jul 012014

(so this is one of those posts that you can chalk up to the baby book/diary aspect of this blog. There are things I don’t want to forget but probably are boring drivel to the rest of the world…bear with me:) )

Just like her brother Lia’s gone from nonsense babble to actual words and sentences almost over night. In the last two weeks we’ve had an explosion of communication from her.

We still get our fair share of just plan babble but there are more and more real words mixed in there to a point where we actually know what she’s saying.

This is a pretty good list. I know I’m missing some and she adds a few new ones every few days. I’m just so happy that she’s finally starting to communicate better with us. Now if I could only get her to go to sleep on her own.

I ride
I walk
I go
Big Truck
Bubba hit
I don’t know (I no no)
Yogurt, Milk, Cheese, Fresa, Apple, Bread, Uvas, Water, Shake, Moothie (smoothie)
Memaw, Papa, Tucker
Chicken, Goat, Horse, Cow, Goldfish, Snake, Meow, Macie, Bug
Pants, Shirt, Socks, Shoes, Pull Up
Mommy, Daddy, Bubba, Lia
Up, Down
Snack (nak)
Sippy, Fork, plate, bowl, spoon (poon), cup
Mickey Mouse, Minny Mouse
Baby, Lambie, Makkie (Blanket)
Brush (tooth brush)
More/mas, me, mine, me too
potty, pee pee, yucky, poopy
I love you
please, thank you, bye bye, night night

Apr 162014

How can you deny your child when the actually ask to use the potty? I’m certainly not going to. So, when daycare mentioned that she basically helped herself one day and actually had success, we decided to break out the froggie potties and give it a go. Forget that she’s still 4 months shy of 2.

So far we’ve had more failures than successes but she can generally “perform” if you plop her down. Daycare is having her sit at the times they normally do diaper changes and some times it works, sometimes it doesn’t. She’s been hit or miss too with telling us. She generally tells us after she’s done so we switched to pull ups to see if the feeling the wetness helps any. Again, the results are mixed.

I’m not really pushing this, just going with the flow and letting her lead. I was very surprised that she initiated it this early but figured we should just see what happens. My fear is that this will just get drawn out forever (vs. Noah who mastered it in about 3 months) but we’ll see. Once she hits 2 we can try harder if she’s not mastered it yet.

Apr 112014

So we’ve shifted a bit away from cloth as Lia’s shown interest in potty training (! yes..she’s potty training…all on her own) but they still come in quite handy on a child that has decided clothes are a convention that she’d rather not partake in. She’s found it quite hilarious to take off her pants and then take off the diaper and run around bare bummed. This is particularly funny at bed time because she knows it means I have to pick her up to put it all back on (we’re sleep training…another post for another time..). Last night, after having to put her disposable back on 3 times, I whipped out a snap BumGenius cover and popped it on her. Problem solved. She’s not strong enough to get the snaps undone which meant that it had lost its novelty. She still slept pants less but at least she had a diaper on.

Tonights trick – a one piece sleeper so maybe she’ll have the luxury of having her legs covered (although it didn’t seem to bother her last night).

Apr 102014

Lia has a thing for socks. Whether they’re on her feet or off (usually they’re off…) she loves them. She takes them off, puts them on, collects them, and hides them. Wherever that sock is, if she sees it she has to have it. Case in point, I sorted all the clean close on the bed in the guest room and had to go in there to grab her pants. I was holding her until she spotted the socks. She screams, “Socks!” and dives from my arms onto the bed. She comes up with two fists full of socks and a huge smile on her face. I tried to explain that we only need one pair but she was having none of it. All the socks came along for the ride down to breakfast (which meant they got a ride back upstairs once Lia was off to school). Her teachers at school have even commented about how they’re always having to put her socks and shoes back on her.

I’m looking forward to summer when I can put her in just sandals however I don’t know if I want to take her joy away by not putting socks on too:) It makes her so happy (and sooooo mad when one escapes out of her reach).

Apr 032014

I set up a little studio in the corner of our basement and just had to try it out with the kids. It started as a shoot with just Lia but then Noah dropped in and brought along props. He insisted we try them on and that I take pictures of the two of them.

Lia looks like a goof but I love it…




Apr 012014

I’m starting to feel bad about these monthly update – or lack there of. I was looking back at Noah’s and I was pretty consistent until two so I figure I have to make up for with Lia:)

20 Months huh? That spot half way between 1.5 and 2 where they’re more little kid than baby but you (I) refuse to let go of the baby part. The place where we start thinking about potty training and bracing for the terrible twos.

Lia’s a funny but fierce little girl. She goes from sweet as pie to mad as a hornet in about .2 seconds if she’s not getting what she wants. Her language skill have yet to arrive so I’m sure that’s extra frustrating. She makes the best faces when she’s mad’s really hard not to laugh. She’s ended up in time out a bunch lately and she’s totally compliant which is a change…Noah was not one for timeouts – they’d go on forever because he’d never actually stay in them.

As for words – Mamma, Dadda, Bubba, Noah, Macie, eeah (pointing to herself), NO!, ball, boat, jacket, head, nose, apple, milk, bye bye are the most clear. The rest you can figure out usually. She just started making animal sounds when you ask her what says what. She like the lion (roar…) and the sheep (baaa) the best.

She’s a kisser – she loves to kiss (usually). She’ll walk over to any one of us and plant a kiss on the closest thing to her. Sometimes it’s your leg, sometimes your foot. Generally your hip or if you’re holding her it might actually make it to your cheek. Regardless, it’s so adorable. She’s definitely a lover and a snuggler.

She’s a talker too…oh my goodness. Like I mentioned before, she has few words but that does’t stop her from having a full on conversation with you in gibberish. Inflection and all….she gets it right and even appears to as you a question (and point). She must figure that we talk to each other like that so if she does it then we’ll totally understand her. Haha…

I’m still rocking her to sleep which I know I should break but I just love the night time snuggles with her and since she’s our last I’m soaking it in and figure we’ll deal with it when she gets to a big girl bed (which could be soon…we move Noah to a big bed around 23 months…).

She’s decided to potty train herself which I’ll expand on in another post (because you know you want to know all about her potty habits right??!) and we’re just going with it even though she’s a little early. I credit it to the older kids at daycare and her older brother.

I’m still in denial that I’ll have a 2 year old and 4 year old by the end of the summer. I miss the baby stage a little bit but I’m loving this stage so much more. We’re getting to a point with both of them that we can start doing the fun “educational” trips and family events and see that they really understand what’s happening and have fun with it (whereas before it was more for DH and I:) ).

And…per tradition:)
Length:up to my hip? best I could do given she moves so much
Head:big…haha. I don’t think it’s changed much actually.
Sleep: She still has not yet mastered putting herself to sleep. She’ll sleep through the night just fine (with the occasional cluster of Night Terrors which are horrible) but when it actually comes to falling asleep she’s a mess unless it’s on your chest (with three blankets, a sippy, and a book).
Eating:anything and everything still
Milestones: Has a full conversation of gibberish with you. Has decided to start potty training herself…

And I promise I have more pictures but man…I sit down to work on them and I pass out. Perhaps I need to move to an actual desk when I’m editing vs the couch.


Mar 312014

(i have her 20 month post ready – just need to finish the pictures from the other day…maybe tomorrow)…

Lia’s independence streak is starting to show. I don’t remember it this early with Noah but alas…she wants to do everything herself. I first noticed it with feeding (she will not let you feed her…period. She has to do it herself). And just recently I found her like this:

Pantless for a good part of the day because she couldn’t figure it out nor would she let us help in any way. Not even to turn the pants around to help her put them on the right direction.

I found her in her crib this AM with both legs in one pant leg (and mad as a hornet about it..). I also find her putting her socks on which she’s actually quite good at (although she’s better at taking them off.)

She can do her jacket, hat, and shirt (if you pull it over her head first). She also likes to brush her teeth on her own (and just recently – potty on her own – more on that later).

Anyways, I can see we’re going to have our hands full with her (perhaps not literally..if she’s so independent and all…)

Mar 262014

Lia’s hit a point where she’s “talking” and uses inflection and tone pretty well but it’s a slew of jibberish. Then she looks at you like you’re the crazy one.

Jan 312014

18 months huh? She’s moving on up in the daycare world to the next room and growing by leaps and bounds. I love seeing her little personality emerge. She’s silly and oh so smiley but has a fierce temper when she’s frustrated or doesn’t get her way. She’s got a streak of the dramatic too when things are not right (gracefully splaying herself prone on the floor when you leave the room…crocodile tears and all).

She likes to do girly things like shop. I find her, purse strung over her arm, pushing her shopping cart up and down the halls. It’s full of things she found around the house like her sippy, other cups/bowls, play food, clothes…whatever she can find. Usually one of her babies is in the front seat. It’s all so hilarious.

We never push gender roles here and I think she would have been perfectly happy with all of Noah’s boyish toys but man, as soon as we got a few baby dolls, play kitchen and a shopping cart up in this place, her inner girl came bursting out and we found her naturally gravitating to those items. I find it fascinating.

Weight:24.7 lbs
Length:32.75 inches
Head: I don’t know but she’s still like 95% (19ish inches)
Sleep: Better! We get a few nights here and there where she’s up to party from about 2 – 4 but those are stretching out thankfully.
Eating: Everything in sight! No problems with being picky or no appetite (now that I say that I’m jinxing myself for sure). We’ve just recently started to give her a fork and a spoon to feed herself. I don’t know why we waited so long other than we just didn’t think to do it earlier.
Sizes: Carters 18’s, 18-24 mos and few 2T things. She’s tall with long legs so I have to use the 2T pants sometimes for them to be long enough.
Milestones: Words are slowly coming. She’s a chatter box but much of it’s babble. She’ll try to repeat what you’re saying so we’re making progress. DH said if you just listen to her you can tell what she’s saying…most of the time that’s true. Otherwise she’s block stacking, climbing, running, and has figured out how to get the printer to give her paper to color on. For the most part, when Noah does something or goes somewhere she has to go too. I started to dress him for the snow the other day and she drops her snow pants and jacket on my lap and waits for me to dress her as well.





Jan 052014

Today I was in charge of both kiddos while DH was out in the garage building shelves (new house and we still somehow have a project list a mile long…) and at one point I lost track of Lia. Next thing I hear is her little feet padding back and forth in the kitchen and then her giggling. I walk over to find her emptying a tissue box one by one and putting them in the trash can. I managed to catch her on her last pass (last tissue)

I did wash her hands after that I promise:)

Dec 292013

My goodness, I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without a blog post since starting this thing 4 years ago. I attribute that to packing and living in limbo as the house finishes…that and our longer commutes which mean earlier mornings and later evenings to try to fit everything in. I have so many pictures stacked up from the last few months that I need to share and will hopefully some day.

Anyways, trying to stay on the wagon with posts for Lia (and trying to get one out for Noah before he turns 4 in 2 months!!)

Lia these days is just hilarious. She’s monkey two in the monkey see monkey do pairing:) Noah does it, she follows right along including bebopping to the music in his head and sliding down the stairs on their bellies. The interactions with them are becoming more frequent and deliberate and it’s so amazing to watch. He loves his little sis and she thinks he’s the coolest thing out there. He can get her to talk better than we can these days. Our rides home in the car consist of Noah asking Lia to repeat words after him and her actually doing pretty well.

She’s talking more but still pretty garbled. You can clearly hear Apple (which I’ll count as her first word), Shoes, Thank you, mama, dada, dadoo, baba (noah), nana (banana). If she’s hungry or thirsty she smacks her lips and sticks out her tongue. Pretty darn obvious on what she wants.

If you ask her a yes/no question she’ll respond by shaking her head one way or the other. She does this best when you ask if she’s hungry or thirsty and then show her what you have to offer to eat/drink. As for eating and drinking, this kid has an appetite! I remember all the problems we had with Noah and eating. She shows none of that.

Her fine motor control is pretty good which makes up for her not really talking. She’s using a fork quite a bit of success. I found her putting Noah’s plastic screws into the right holes in his tool box. She loves to pretend to feed you and eat with you. Plus just the other night I found her in Noah’s room coloring with him and holding a pencil correctly to draw scribbles.

Sleep is still hit or miss. Some nights it’s easy to put her down and she’ll sleep the whole way thru. Others I struggles to put her down. Most nights she’ll sleep straight thru, others she’ll perk up but put herself to sleep, still others – rarely now thankfully, she’s up for the duration….Those are always fun mornings.

I love in the mornings when we go to get her we find her bouncing up and down. Then before you pick her up, she bends down to grab all of her blankets so that she can get one last snuggle after you pick her up. Then she struggles to be let down so she can go find her daddy.

She LOVES her daddy….the calls of “dada” from her room in the AM (or PM when she should be going to sleep) totally melt my heart (and his). She has him wrapped around her little finger for sure. Many nights she won’t go to sleep for anyone but him. I watch him melt every time she yells his name or runs over for a hug.

Life is so full and days have been passing by so quickly. I’m trying my best not to let things pass so quickly in my head and to savor all the moments – good and bad. When I find myself wishing away the hours when they’re being particularly naughty I try to catch myself and shift back to soaking it all in. She’s our last and as those baby years slip away I don’t want to forget any of the experiences.

And just to keep with tradition:

Weight:24, almost 25lbs
Length: 33 inches (i think)
Head:19 inches (110%!!!)
Sleep:Hit or miss….
Eating: Anything and everything:)
Sizes: Size 5 shoe, likely a 6 soon. 18-24 clothes…I need to buy more 24 mo pants.
Milestones:Just recently she had one of those leaps (where she wakes at 4am talking up a storm) and since then more words and clarity have appeared. She knows fully what she wants you to do but just can’t articulate it yet. Pointing, grunting and crying usually gets the point across.

Nov 302013

*this was written actually around her 15 month mark amazingly but never posted… May as well post it:)*

It’s been a busy month. The house is coming along nicely and we have a closing date. I almost feel like a normal home buyer at this point. Now that they time has changed tho, we don’t get to see it as often since it’s well past dark when we get home. We’re left with the weekends.

As for kiddos, Halloween was a blast. Lia was a fairy with an enormous tutu and Noah was a construction worker for one and dinosaur for another.

I have lots of pictures to sort thru including house, halloween, my dad’s birthday and pumpkin patch ones…one of these nights I’ll actually get to them.

As for Lia and being 15 months – I just can’t believe it. She’s getting so big so fast. She’s funny and sweet and loves to give hugs and kisses especially if her brother is crying or upset. She is temperamental and hates her carseat but usually because she’s bored or we corrected her about something.

She dances when she hears music and usually calms down too when you start to sing (but only specific songs…happy and you know it and head/shoulders/knees/toes are popular)

She has two more teeth breaking through (incisors) and I hit or miss on sleeping. Most nights she’s good for all night but ever once and a while we end up with a 3am gab/cry session.

Weight:My guess is 23 lbs
Length: 32 inches
Head:19 inches (110%!!!)
Sleep:Sleeping thru the night for the most part. She’s also getting better about putting herself to sleep. I still rock her because I just can’t give that up but I will put her down drowsy most times.
Eating: Anything and everything:)
Sizes: 18-24 stuff for sure and even some of those are too short or too tight (they run small I guess?). She’s moving on up to a size 5 shoe pretty soon.
Milestones:Nothing huge, mama/dada are more clear and now the dog has a name (dahdoo just like Noah started with). She’ll say “thank you” when she hands you thinks and will try to mimic anything you ask her to say (Apple, mama, dada, dahdoo, thank you, car, ball etc..).

Oct 152013

So, as it happened with Noah I fell of the boat with their monthly updates after they passed a year. It’s likely because it also coincided with our move to temporary housing (more on the progress of that later hopefully) but also a new commute, new school and amazing weather:)

The neighborhood around us is so wonderful. Lots of young families that you’ll find out using the miles and miles of sidewalks that lead to schools, fields, and play gyms. Sure, we’re in a smaller house with no yard bit we’ve it’s not really that bad.

Anyways, I digress, on to Lia. She up and walked a week or two after her first birthday and we actually managed to get it on video (now I just need to find which phone it was on)! From that point one she’s been running full speed. At this point she’s all about following her brother and will climb and run right along with him (or at least try ). She’s going to be a handful for sure! I already found her trying to get out of her crib (she was jamming her feet between the slats and twisting them to get traction – I see a climbing wall in her future!)

She’s vocal but really doenst have any words yet. I get “mama” and DH gets “dah” occasionally and I could have sworn I heard all done (rather..”ah dah”) this evening (with the right sign). Noah was a late talker too and once he did he spoke in full sentences so I suppose she’s just following his lead.

She HATES her car seat. Any trip where she’s not sleeping is pretty much miserable – unless I’m singing silly songs at the top of my lungs. Then she’s quiet. I guess she just doesn’t want to compete to see who can be loudest:) Thankfully Noah loves that game and joins in the singing. That said, she loves singing so I hope we have another musical child on our hands.

New daycare is wonderful. She’s finally warming up to it and not crying when I leave (neither of them are actually). They’re making new friends and we’re so much more involved. It just has to do with the type of daycare but it’s definitely different. We loved our last place and were sad to leave but we love this place just as much!

As eating goes, she’s a fan of everything and in large quantities. I’ve never seen a kid her size put away so much food. She put away about a 1.5 cups of pasta and two meatballs the other night on top of the milk, apples, and yogurt she’d had just prior. I do think she has a strawberry allergy because she gets terrible diaper rash after eating them so sadly we’ve cut them out for now. I think she’s sensitive to eggs too (just scrambled, not in things) because a similar thing happens. I’m cutting them out and then going to try to reintro them to see what happens. Otherwise, any fruit or soft veggie is fair game. Apples, cantaloupe, plums, and bananas are particular favorites.

Sleep is much improved. She’s been going down around 7/7:30 and will sleep clear until 6:30. Sometimes she perks up around 10pm but will put herself back down. I’m still rocking her to sleep but noticed that I don’t need to. Once she’s drowsy I can put her down – I just don’t want to:) I love watching her face as she sleeps.

She hasn’t been nearly as sick as Noah was at this age. I think that’s part of what time of year they were born in. We’ve only had one near ear infection (to his 4 by this point). Although, I know now that I said that, she’ll get sick now.

Oh, and she has 12 teeth! 4 molars and then 4 on top and bottom.

So, just to stick with tradition:

Weight:My guess is 23lbs
Length: Wild guess but 32 inches I think. She’s almost out grown the length on her 18-24 month pants!
Eating: Anything and everything:)
Sizes: 12-18 stuff but some 18-24. The weather is getting colder so I’ve had to break out the pants and tights. Gosh I love dressing a baby girl:)
Milestones:Lots of things lately – she’s running full speed ahead, sleeping thru the night, saying (sometimes) mama and dah…points to the dog and pants etc. She’s a great problem solver actually.

Aug 012013

It took two takes to get these right. My first attempt was a complete debacle. I took Noah with me and had no assistant plus it was bed time so she was just not having it. Fortunately I convinced DH to go with me the second time around and while we still had Noah, the extra hands were so helpful in wrangling her (and making her laugh).

Jul 312013

One year ago today our little family of three grew to a family of four. Lia has changed our lives is so many wonderful ways. My heart doubled in size again at her arrival and it soars with little moment I find her and Noah having together. He’s so attentive to her and she adores him.



Happy Birthday my little Lia, love you:)

I’ll do her regular monthly post as well as her 1 year pictures over the next few days once I get more time.

Jun 302013

There’s no 31st this month so you get this a day early…how exciting:) So much going on these days! Lia’s first birthday is around the corner and I think unfortunately she’s not going to get the big shebang that Noah did. We have so much going on with the house that I’m not sure I’m going to find the time to plan anything. We’ll see.

Weight:My guess is 20lbs
Length: Again, wild guess is 30 inches based on the fact that she’s outgrown her car seat
Sleep:Still hit or miss. We’re generally up at least once to eat something and lately 2 twice…new teeth perhaps?
Eating: She’s been eating more lately which I think means a growth spurt. She loves fruits and veggies and even housed a smoothie that I made one morning (spinach, pineapple, mango, yogurt and OJ..mmm…). I think she’s still around 20 oz of milk for the day plus all of her solids. I can’t believe we’ll be moving to milk soon. Yaya…no $40 formula bill per grocery run!
Sizes: Mostly 9 – 12 month stuff. I have a few 6-9’s that will fit but they’re few and far in between (mostly shorts)
Milestones:Bought a baby jail because I can’t put her down for more than a min without having to chase her – not good for getting anything done. She doesnt seem to mind as long as she’s not in there long. She’s great at standing while holding on to things and will cruise a bit. She still won’t voluntarily stand on her own but I’ve seen her do it – just today even. I’ve also seen her almost stand up without holding on to anything.

The biggest think I think – aside from the new volume and frequency in which she vocalizes is that she’s in a new car seat. Her little legs finally just go too long for the old one and were hanging all over the place. So we bought Noah a harnessed booster and moved her to his old seats.

She also seems to understand more of what we say. There’s a smidgen of comprehension when we tell her who dada and mama is and when I tell her No for something.

It was hard to contain her for pictures this time around. She about launched herself off the chair 3 times before I gave up and moved the whole operation to the floor. Plus she’s figured out the sticker and doesnt want to leave it be.




Jun 292013

Every June all the bros and sisters on my dad’s dad’s side (my grandfather on my dad’s side) gather together with their children and their childrens’ children to spend some time together catching up. We’re spread across the east coast for the most part and it’s nice to get together to see cousins, aunts and uncles. Last year I was sooooo pregnant but the weather was merciful. This year the weather was warmer but still pretty nice.

I think one of the best parts of this gathering was getting some photos of Lia with my grandmother (we had barely any) and then the adorable picture of my grandparents forehead to forehead. They have such a beautiful relationship – I don’t think I’ve ever seen them even snip at each other in all my memories of them.

May 312013

Weight: 19ish lbs
Length: 29 inches
Sleep:We were doing better for a week or so (she’d go down around 7, wake at 2 for a snack, and then back until 6) but two new teeth and a cold have sent us back into sleep hell.
Eating: We’re branching out on her solids. I fed her a whole cereal bar the other day in pieces and she LOVED it…although, she was covered head to toe in it by the time she was done. She gets around 20 oz of formula a day and solids at least 3 if not 4 times a day.
Sizes: Adding some 12 mo stuff and packing up the 6 mo stuff…
Milestones:Just after she hit 9 month she started to crawl. Now she’s a little motor that goes anywhere and everywhere. About a week ago she started to pull up on things consistently and now she’s attempting a few steps while hanging on to things. I think she’ll be walking before her first birthday (which is now only 2 months away – gah!)

I find myself forgetting how old she is because of her lack of hair (I think). At this point Noah had a pretty good mop going on and she’s still pretty much bald and therefore reminds me more of a baby still. The hair is starting to come in but it’s mostly on the back of her head so we’ll be rocking the mullet out for a while I think.





May 142013

And the photo dump continues….a few weeks ago we drove up to DH’s parents house to celebrate my father in law’s birthday and had amazing weather while we were up there. Their trees had just started blooming and my FIL took Noah for a ride around the yard on the mower (blade up of course). He was so intense half the time making sure he was steering correctly but wow did he have a blast. Couldn’t stop talking about it days later.

May 122013

Be prepared, I’m finally getting around to working thru all the pictures we’ve taken in the last few weeks.

First up – the rest of Lia’s 9 month photos.

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