Jul 052014

My IG and FB friends (which is probably most of you that read this…) have already seen these but I figured I’d save them here too…

Saturday morning, while daddy was out mountain biking, we decided to take a walk down to the lake for a picnic. Well, I shouldn’t say “we”. I came downstairs to find that Noah had pulled everything together for “sandwiches” and insisted we take them to the lake to eat them – it was 9:30am at this point.

Since DH was out and the weather was nice I figured “why not” and so we packed up some PB&J’s and the blankets and off we went. We spent a few hours down there just enjoying the quiet and chatting with some of the neighbors that came down to enjoy the lake too.




Jun 172014

On Costco Snacks…

N: Can we go to Costco for snacks (as we drive by Costco on our way out of daycare)
Me: No, I forgot my card, we can’t get in.
N: Okay, well, we’ll go home and you can get your card, put it in you pocket so you don’t lose it and we can go tomorrow.
(tomorrow – rather, this morning)
N: Mom, did you get your Costco card?
Me: No buddy, haven’t grabbed it yet.
N: Well get it and put it in your pocket so you don’t lose it. We need to get snacks from Costco after school.

On getting wood:
N: Where’s daddy going?
Me: He’s going to get wood to build the shelves.
N: He’s going to Costco?
Me: No
N: He’s going to Target?
Me: No
N: Grocery Store?
Me: No
N: HOME DEPOT! He’s going to Home Depot! I wanna go!

On anything that I don’t let him do:
N: You never let me do anything ever and ever!

On eating his cereal:
N: I ate ah-hundred cereals and I’m gonna get big and strong and have a big belly.

On eating all his fruit:
N: Fruit is healthy right?
Me: Yes, fruit is healthy.
N: It’s gonna make me super big and strong like daddy.

On Lia and Potty training:
N: She’s not tall enough to use the potty. I’m taller and can use the potty, she can’t.
Me: But we have the little potty on the floor.
N: But that’s for babies, she’s not a baby either.

I could go on and on with these. He’s a riot of stringing together various conversations and pieces of information.

May 132014

We came home from Easter at DH’s parents’ house with a goodie bag full of food (like we always do:)). At some point Noah mentioned green eggs and ham (because Dr. Seuss was the theme at school the week or two prior probably).

Well, DH decided to indulge our little one with a little bit of green eggs and ham. They LOVED it. I’m not sure I can get on board with eating green eggs but it didn’t seem to faze them one bit.



May 052014

A few weekends ago we had friends over who had a very articulate 2.5 year old. She and Noah hit it off and we’d find them deep in toddler/preschooler conversation a various points of the day.

Noah was showing her his legos and telling her a story about the man on the car.
N: (struggling to get his Lego man to sit in the car)
E: You have to be patient
N: Yea, there’s traffic…

Other times he busts out with the most hilarious observations and/or logic..

N: Daddy, what happened to your face
DH: (thinking he’d done something goes to look in the mirror) I don’t see anything bud, what did you see?
N: all those cuts on your face, do they hurt?
DH: (confused as he sees no cuts…until he realizes..)…Oh buddy, those are wrinkles.
N: it’s okay daddy, they’ll heal

I really need to get on the ball and write more of these down.

Apr 102014

Lia has a thing for socks. Whether they’re on her feet or off (usually they’re off…) she loves them. She takes them off, puts them on, collects them, and hides them. Wherever that sock is, if she sees it she has to have it. Case in point, I sorted all the clean close on the bed in the guest room and had to go in there to grab her pants. I was holding her until she spotted the socks. She screams, “Socks!” and dives from my arms onto the bed. She comes up with two fists full of socks and a huge smile on her face. I tried to explain that we only need one pair but she was having none of it. All the socks came along for the ride down to breakfast (which meant they got a ride back upstairs once Lia was off to school). Her teachers at school have even commented about how they’re always having to put her socks and shoes back on her.

I’m looking forward to summer when I can put her in just sandals however I don’t know if I want to take her joy away by not putting socks on too:) It makes her so happy (and sooooo mad when one escapes out of her reach).

Mar 262014

Lia’s hit a point where she’s “talking” and uses inflection and tone pretty well but it’s a slew of jibberish. Then she looks at you like you’re the crazy one.

Mar 062014

(as it goes in fits and spurts, I manage to find one night a month to catch up on things so here goes a glut of picture heavy post for posterity…)

We had a bunch of snow the last few days and Noah’s just at that age where he’ll spend hours outside shoveling, building forts and sledding. This time DH took him over to the big hill in our neighborhood (the back half of the dam) and had some fun. On their way back, he leashed up the dog to the sled and wanted to see if she could do it.

Macie slept well that night!!

Jan 052014

Today I was in charge of both kiddos while DH was out in the garage building shelves (new house and we still somehow have a project list a mile long…) and at one point I lost track of Lia. Next thing I hear is her little feet padding back and forth in the kitchen and then her giggling. I walk over to find her emptying a tissue box one by one and putting them in the trash can. I managed to catch her on her last pass (last tissue)

I did wash her hands after that I promise:)

Aug 082013

I heard him get up and shuffle off to the bathroom around 2am. Over the next min or two I heard all the sounds I should to indicate he was not in need of my help so I went back to reading my book. Another min or two later I realized it went oddly silent. I never heard him shuffle back to his room. So, I got up to make sure he was okay. I really wish I had a camera to document what I found. He was curled up on the bath mat, covered in his blankie, fast asleep – his shorts cast off in the corner. Apparently it was too much work to put his pants back on and shuffle back to his room.

He slept thru me dressing him and carrying him back to his room and back into bed. When this kid sleeps, he sleeps hard!!

What’s better is this is the second time I’ve found him on the floor somewhere odd all covered up by his blankie. It’s like, as long as he has his maki (blankie) he can sleep anywhere. He’s so much his momma:)

Nov 192012

So, most of this is probably boring to most of you but since this blog acts as a journal of sorts I’m going to write it out because our weekend adventure was actually rather funny to me…

A few weekends ago we headed up to Pittsburgh for Lia’s baptism (pics to come…). We’d planned a day out with DH’s family on Saturday and dinner out with everyone followed by the baptism and a reception on sunday. To say it was a full weekend was an understatement. My poor sleep deprived body was not going to get any extra zzz’s in this weekend (but then again, I never really get to sleep in so…)

I’m going to break it out by day because there was at least one adventure each day worth talking about.

We packed up and headed out just before 8. Perfect timing since Lia was down for the night and Noah was due to fall asleep within the hour. The 4+ hour ride home was rather uneventful other than both DH and I being bone tired and me buying what amounted to my body weight in sugary gummy things to keep us awake (and 2 cups of coffee).

We arrive at my parents house around 12:30pm. Sensing we were approaching the heaven that is MeeMaw and Papa’s house, Noah woke about 5 min before we arrived. That gave him just enough time to wake up and get revved up. Once in the house he went dancing/running right into MeeMaw’s arms and then bounced over to Papa to give his hellos. Then he started his tornado reign of terror by pulling out every last toy they had available.

After DH and I unpacked the car we went back inside and tried to get Noah into bed. haha..that was a joke. I’d forgotten (or rather, he’d unpacked it at home) his favorite “mahki”. So, we spent hours trying different things to comfort him so he could go to sleep. Finally around 3:00 in the morning I’d managed to trick him into using Lia’s blanket instead (he loves to rub the silky tags that are on the edges of the muslin aden and anais blankets. We have like 20 of this just for him but Lia has a set too.) only to find that the dog had taken my spot in bed. So, off to bed with Noah I went. Lia then started our day at 6:00am. Beautiful

There was alot to do Saturday. Errands to pick up all the stuff for the reception on Sunday and just some general preparation. I’m totally no help because I’m chasing or feeding children and I kind of feel bad. We need to meet DH’s family downtown at 1:30pm and at 12:00 i was still attached to a hungry child. We do make it though with a little time to spare and just had to wait for the rest of the family to arrive. All the while we’re dodging rainstorms and praying that they hold off long enough for us to get the family picture at the top of Mt. Washington.

The incline ride up with 6 adults and 5 kids was actually alot of fun. Chaos but fun. The boys really enjoyed it. Once we were to the top it was a mad dash to try to get the pic taken before the next band of rain showed. We couldn’t find a happy medium…it was either raining or too sunny to get the shot. We tried a bunch of times until the kids got fed up. In the midst of this I can tell Lia’s getting hungry and I’m trying to devise a plan for which to feed her. I had her in the Ergo carrier so I figured, worse comes to worst I’ll just figure it out and feed her from there. Well, about 20 min later worse came to worst and she’s wailing and DH is still trying to get a picture of all of us and Noah’s still trying to slide thru the rails and throw himself off the mountain. Fed up, I just released the arm straps so that she sat really low and whipped it out. 10 seconds later…silence..sweet silence (and the occasional honk of her eating). I tossed a blanket over my shoulder and went on my merry way as she ate. MIL and SIL got a kick out of it.

Saturday night was dinner with the family. 15 people including 4 boys ages 2 – 7 and Lia was chaos but so much fun. I love my loud crazy family:) Saturday night bed time was muuuuuuch easier and both kiddos were down by 9:00.

Sunday was the baptism which in itself was crazy. The reception was at the church immediately following so we all went over early to get tables set and food in the oven. All of that went quite smoothly. The adventure happened on our ride back home to VA. DH wanted to see the fall colors so we took the scenic route home. It was beautiful but a tad longer than the other route so we were getting tired. The kids were holding up thankfully but traffic wasn’t. After getting off the twisty turny scenic part, we hit the interstate only to find ourselves in stand still traffic. A quick check of Google maps and we see there’s an accident about 5 miles up the road. So, 5 miles of back up. We’d be there for HOURS! DH decided that he’d flip a U-turn thru the grassy median and catch the next exit and try to find a way home from there. However, to do that, he had to drive down the median a bit to get to a section of open guard rail on the other side. Thankfully we’re in the SUV and of course he thought it was hilarious:) Back on to the scenic roads we go to get around the accident. Once past things were smooth sailing.

All in all it took us about 6 hours to get home. It did involve stopping once for gas/food (and having to take an alternative route back to the interstate because of a different accident), once to let Noah pee, once to let daddy pee, once to let the dog pee (I combined my stop with the dog’s stop). I even had to pump while we were on the road because after 4 hours I was really starting to hurt (Lia was out cold thankfully). Fun times. But we made it home safely which is most important and have an adventure to speak of now (another great story for daddy to tell from his head some day).

Sep 192012

During our time home last week Noah regularly serenaded me while I was feeding Lia. He liked looking at himself in the mirror while he did so and the only way he could do that was to stand on the changing table. Normally I tell him to get down but this time he was hilarious so I videoed him before I told him to get down (like any good mom would do haha…)

He’s going to hate me when he gets older for posting this but I can’t help it..he’s freakin hilarious.

Sep 072012

The sequence on these pics is priceless! Noah’s figured out how to work the water canons we bought earlier in the summer and he’s finally taken to actually immersing himself in the pool instead of just standing in it. So now he actually participates in a water battle vs just screaming at us.

[nggallery id=’27’]

DH’s face looks a little evil in the one pic but we were really all having fun:)

Apr 242012

I finally put new batteries in our point and shoot to take some pics of a project and noticed some videos started offloading (we have an eyefi card:) ). I sifted thru and found this one and couldn’t help but share it. It’s good for a smile:)

Mar 272012

This kid loves his beans! Doesn’t matter the kind, he eats them all. Many times after school he’ll come home, walk to the pantry and pull a can out asking us to open them. I don’t tend to argue since they’ve got protein and fiber in them and he really loves them.


He’s crazy for beans

Mar 072012

okay, not really but this is really cute and I’m super hopeful that we’re raising a musical child (he has a 50% shot of inheriting that gene:) ).

My parents bought him a guitar because we found that he loves the guitar at daycare. I was really really excited to see what he did with it because he loves making noise (the drum has been a favorite lately). Color me impressed when he sat down and actually held the guitar right (one hand on the fret board with his fingers on the strings and the other working over the strings to make sound).

He sat down in his new Thomas chair (another big hit from his great grands) and gave us a little concert:) In this video his form is a little suspect but it’s what he needed to be able to play for us. Ignore all of our singing:)

Mar 042012

I finally managed to get thru the pics of the morning of balloons. I have no idea where the idea came from but the night before his birthday I thought it would be awesome to fill his room with balloons so that he wakes up to them all. We spent most of the evening blowing up balloons and I could have sworn we did like 100….in the end it was only like 40 or so:) Anywho, in the AM I dumped them in his room before he woke up.

First is the video we took of him as he woke up….the the pics:)

Feb 282012

Noah has a Santa obsession. To the point where I had to hide his special Santa pj’s because he wanted to wear them to school everyday. At one point at dinner we started saying something that sounded like Merry Christmas (I have no idea what now) but he started in. DH added “Ho Ho Ho” and things really got rolling.

Feb 232012

I have your typical 2 year post started and will finish it this week but for now I wanted to show you this:

We blew up what felt like 100 balloons and we dumped them in his room in the AM before he woke up. This is the video of waking him up and showing him the balloons. It’s long but so funny. (ignore the crying dog in the background…she wanted in on the action too)

I tried to catch his dancing in this one but he stopped before I could get the camera up…it’s still cute none the less…

Feb 152012

Okay, as I’m weeding thru all the pictures from our cruise I have to share this story about Noah. He’ll totally kill me when he’s older but I still laugh thinking about it.

Here’s the scene: We were in the Miami airport getting ready to come home. The gate area is full to the brim with people because we board in just a few min and Noah’s standing there with his hand down the back of his pants (this is a new habit…ugh). I ask him nicely to take his hand out of his pants and he looks at me and smiles…(in the back of my mind I’m thinking…”hmm…glad there aren’t any poopies in there”…and now you can see where this is going). He whips out his hand and yells “poopies!!” with as much volume and glee as his little body could project. Yes, there he was, hand covered in poop, in the middle of the gate area with 100’s of people around us.

DH was mortified but quick on the trigger and grabbed the napkins next to him, wrapped up the poopy hand and then passed him off to me to go clean up. I couldn’t stop laughing. As I run and get Noah cleaned, DH sits back to survey the horrified faces around us. Only, there were none. No one had noticed (or if they did they didn’t make it obvious). Phew….I came back and he was laughing hysterically at the comedy of it all.

It could have gone so differently (and so much worse). I’m sure the older gentleman across the aisle would have been super excited to be greeted by a poopy little toddler hand had Noah decided to turn to him rather than us. sheesh…

Dec 122011

For some reason Noah woke up very very early (5:30am) and just didn’t want to go back to sleep. Mamma didn’t want to wake up for the day yet so I figured I’d find the best of both worlds. I parked myself with a blanket and a pillow on the floor of his nursery and shut the door. I figured he could just play around me.

I woke up and hour or so later to this:

Notice the toys clustered around the pillow, where my head was. I ended up with a few in my face but nothing enough to wake me up I guess. Aside from the hour that this took to clean up, he had a great time and momma got her much needed beauty sleep!

Oct 112011

Everyone says things come in threes…

1. Dog takes me out on Saturday and I end up with a concussion and 6 staples in my head.
2. Next day my mom tells me that gram fell last week and had a concussion and a massive bruise that stretches from the back of her head around her ear and down her shoulder.
3. Father in law calls tonight to tell us he has staples in his head now too. He lost his balance while working outside today and smacked his head off an electrical box.

Wear your helmets people, it’s dangerous out there!

and a little biking

(btw…we’re all fine, sore and ready for halloween, but fine)

Sep 052011

Lots going on here so I’m going to be lazy with this post and give you videos:) It better represents Noah lately anyways:)

He’s to the spontaneous affection stage much to the dogs dismay. DH came down stairs to find him chasing the dog and kissing her. He managed to catch this bit on video.

I found him doing the same to his sock monkey this am (and he’ll kiss us too, it’s just harder to film).

This one he’s demonstrating his new trick – animal sounds!!! We work on them in the AM on our ride to school. Ignore the bottle, most of the time he takes a sippy. Sometimes however he gets in a mood and the bottle is the only thing he’ll drink from. This is a battle I’m choosing not to fight yet.

(as I was uploading and watching the video, Noah heard it and started making the sounds along with the video…so funny:) )

Aug 312011

I’m going to deviate from my normal Noah ramblings to tell you a story. Why? because it’s too good not to share IMHO!

Starts like this….my BFF getting married 9/10/11 (next week for those that don’t care to calculate). At the end of May I ordered my dress from an brick and mortar bridal store that also had an online business. A cursory check didn’t turn up anything alarming and the price was good. I guess that should have been my first tip. They said it should arrive Mid Aug.

Anyways, fast forward to last week where we’re 2 weeks out from the wedding and I’ve still not heard from the store about my dress. I knew it would be a wee bit tight but not this tight. The end of august passes and phones calls, email, tweets, and Fbook messages have gone unanswered. I start to panic.

I actively debated on telling my bride about this tiny issue in light of the fact that Hurricane Irene was marching up the coast and well, she was in the original path. Thankfully the hurricane turned some and missed them for the most part, so I broke the news to her – but not before I’d found a suitable alternative.

Cute right? It was just my size, the right color and material and was to my door in less than 24 hours. Now that’s service! So…we at least have the worst case scenario covered but I still couldn’t rest. I had two more avenues to try.

I emailed the place that I ordered my wedding gown from years back (MB Brides – ah may zing!) and gave her my sob story. I was pleasantly surprised when she responded the next day. A quick note back inquiring about size, color, who I ordered from originally and she said she’d see what she could do. That was Thursday last week.

Come Monday this week, still no word from the original salon despite my attempts to contact them, I was getting desperate. So, I went to the dress makers site and found an email address I could use. A quick note to them explaining the situation and begging for help resulted in email back Tuesday AM asking for more info about my order. I replied with that and set out to wait on things so more.

About 3:15 Tuesday afternoon I get an email from MB Brides saying they’d talked to the dress maker and for a $60 fee and the dress price they could rush production and have it to me by mid next week. The exact dress I needed, the one my bride wanted. To say they are my heroes is an understatement. They literally saved my day!

This one - but in Red!

Of course I said yes, but only after joking with the lady on the phone that as soon as I said yes, the other salon would find my dress and send me an email about shipping it out.

and guess what?

That’s exactly what happened! I swear I’m not making this up. No sooner had I hung up with MB and called my bride to tell her everything was good to go than I notice an email in my inbox from the original salon saying the dress had shipped from the maker and would be to me by the end of the week. Um…really?

Luckily, I was able to call MB back and cancel the order before they started production on the dress. Those ladies went above and beyond the call of duty to help me out and part of me felt terrible for having to cancel that order but the other half was soooo relieved to not have to spend another $200 for what would have been my third dress.

Now I only have two dresses….

Part of me wonders if my email to the dress maker had anything to do with the ship date. It’s way too much of a coincidence that my email to them and the email from the salon happened within hours of one another. Either way, I’m just happy things are moving in the right direction and that I only have two dresses instead of three.

Aug 302011

So Noah’s been in a mood lately. He’s not been sleeping or eating well thanks to his new I teeth and that’s causing all kinds of cranky in our house. At one point during dinner, while he was so calmly and successfully using a spoon eating his yogurt, all hell broke loose. He up ended his plate, knocked all the food to the floor and then launched his yogurt bowl over the counter.

It wasn’t until a few min later (after wiping every surface within 4 feet of him) I looked up to see this:

Upon closer inspection:

Yup, at some point when i wasn’t looking, he took a full spoon of yogurt and flung it at the window. Lovely…

ETA: In my rush to take a picture and write a blog about this, I forgot to wipe the window down. I was setting up breakfast this AM and saw it still there and running down the whole window. Doh…had to break out the scrub brush.

Jul 202011

DH and I arrived home the other day just min apart. He had Noah out of the car already and was walking around the yard and I was greeted by a happy “mamama” from him (swoon…). Anywho, as I started to walk inside he followed me. As he passed the garage door threshold, he zeroed in on the bike trailer. This is the scene that played out:

I guess he wants to go for a ride! Of course, the good mommy that I am was happy to oblige and we did a few loops around the development. That’s actually a great workout! I pulled all 26lbs of him and 30lbs of the trailer up hill after hill in our neighborhood in the 95+ degree heat. Now, I just need to repeat that every night for the next month and maybe, just maybe these lingering 12lbs will melt away:)

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