Mar 122014

I’m never good a taking pictures for these things but I made an effort this time. However, all the pics I took of myself in the clothes did not turn out (1. i look fat 2. they were all out of focus) so you’re stuck with just pics of them on the floor.

This is my 5th fix. My last one I kept everything so I was excited to see how things one would shape up. Turns out that the same stylist picked me up this time and again did a great job. I didn’t keep everything but I did keep a chunk.

First things first – Edie was my stylist again which was exciting because she knew what she sent last time and found pieces that would work with my previous fix. I love the style cards they include and actually have been keeping them on a shelf in my closet for when I need inspiration.


The first piece was this pretty paisley keyhole top. I loved it. The fit was nice and flowy and went well with both jeans and my work slacks. It goes well with the blue cardi from my last fix so that’s a bonus.



Next up was a dress that I loved when I pulled it out. I was so excited to try it on. Unfortunately, it was too small!:( My rib cage was just too big and I couldn’t zip it up all the way. It was too bad because I really loved the pattern on the top front.



STATUS: Send Back:(

This shirt was nice and light which will be great for summer. The fit was nice and had some good movement to it. Plus since the colors are so neutral I can try a few different bottoms with it.



This red stripped number I loved as well. There’s a small faux leather detail on the pockets and it’s this great stretchy knit that could be casual but also dressed up. I actually plan on wearing it tomorrow!!



The last piece was this awesome collar necklace. I loved it on but really didn’t have anything to match it in my closet so I ended up sending it back. I just couldn’t justify the budget for something I don’t have a thing for. I think I may regret it later but we’ll see. Perhaps I just sent it back to make myself feel better for not keeping the entire fix.


STATUS: Send back

So, I ended up with three more shirts from this fix which is funny since 3 of my top 5 favorite tops came from Stitch Fix. I foresee the rest of that top 5 being rounded out by this fix.

Now, having been through 5 of these I’ve found the following three tricks to yield better boxes:

1. Make sure you have a full style profile (and keep it up to date)
2. Provide them with a Pinterest board with your style likes on it.
3. Provide them timely and detailed feedback on past fixes so that they start to learn what you like and don’t like.

Lastly, I was not compensated by Stitch Fix for this write up. It’s just fun to share with everyone. That said, I have included my referral link below if you want to sign up which does give me a credit when you sign up and receive your first fix:)

Apr 262012

I had to laugh when I saw Jenni post about this exact topic just the other day. It’s good to know that I’m not alone in my need to have a ring on.

Knowing what my hands did with my pregnancy with Noah, I thought I’d get ready for it to happen again and remove my wedding band and e-ring early. They’re pretty tight anyways and I was worried that any swelling at all would force us to have them professional removed (which they likely wouldn’t survive).

The problem is, once they were off I felt bare. I’d find myself adjusting my phantom rings all day and it just didn’t feel right. Last pregnancy I looked around at Kohls and Target for a cheap alternative but couldn’t find anything that fit (even swollen my ring size is still under a 6 which seem to be the standard). I did find one band that worked but I wore it so much that I completely wore it out so it wasn’t an option for this time around.

Determined, I got on amazon and looked up rings size 5 and holy cow, they had lots! Pretty ones too and not for bad prices. I looked for a while and ended up with this bad boy….


A full wedding set for $35 (including shipping)! The seller is Titanium Kay and I was really happy with the whole process. They shipped it really quickly and it’s beautiful.

While it’s still a bit big (I could have done a 4.5 and been good) it leaves some room for swelling which since this baby is due in the summer, I’m sure will come.

Now, I don’t feel naked! How pretty right??:)

Jun 152011

Still no rhythm over here yet and I have lots of pics to share from this past weekend but I’ve been falling asleep every night before 10:00pm (and then getting up with Noah at all hours..) so pictures will have to wait:) But, while browsing my phone I found lots of pics of my outfits from the week so I decided to participate in Lindsey’s WIWW link up!! Taking the easy way out – no editing for these babies:)

I will confess that these are not all from this week. They’re a compilation of the last few but you can assume every weekday it’s something similar. We have a fairly formal environment here at the office so no jeans – even on fridays (okay, that’s a bit of a lie, you can wear jeans but my consulting company strongly advises against it, anywhoo…)

Outfit 1
Dress is last season at H&M
Boots are two seasons ago Macy’s (I lurvve them!)
Funny part about this outfit is that I had to run to Victoria Secret to get a slip because my tights kept sticking…love that I work in a building that is walking distance to one!

Outfit 2
Dress: Kohls
Cover: Kohls
Shoes: Mudd (Kohls)

Outfit 3
Tank: Old Navy last season
Cover: Kohls
Slacks: Dunno really, probably Kohls
Shoes: Nordstrom (and they’re broken now:( )

Outfit 4
At a hotel in NYC on a work trip (hence the awesome bedding and mirror)
Dress: H&M
Sweater: Gap
Shoes: Nordstrom
Necklace: Awesome Fish from Kohls (Mudd brand I think)

Close up of the fish:

Outfit 5
Dress: H&M (same as last pic – this was two days in NYC with only a carryon bag so I reused and reaccessorized)
Jacket: H&M
Shoes: Nordstrom
Necklace: Vera Wang from Kohls

Linking up with WIWW at The Pleated Poppy

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May 022011

So, one of my girlfriends called Friday afternoon and invited me to a royal wedding watch party that evening. I’m always up for a girls night so I said hells yes! Only one problem…they were going all out, hats included, and I have no hat:( Enter a quick trip to el Targé and Michaels to find some supplies….

A headband, few feathers, some wooden flowers, felt and lots of hot glue, what I produced:

Excuse the cheese and the terrible pic, this was after I got home, taken by the hubs and me with quite a bit of champagne on board…

The party was a blast! The gal that threw the party went all out. She had a real wedding cake, wedding favors, and food to feed 100 (there were about 40 gals in attendance). There was toad in the hole, scones, tea sandwiches, salmon rolls, and lots of cheese, crackers, and biscuits. Oh, and lots of champagne! Her husband even put together a Kate and Wills wedding slide show for our enjoyment to watch as we were getting assembled to watch the main event. In the end a great time was had by all!

In my champagne induced silliness I decided to let the dog try on my headband (lots of cheese was involved in placating her long enough to get the shot)

I think she may actually wear it better than I did. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the headband, it’s too much fun to throw out but really, when would I wear something like that again??!

Dec 202010

It’s no secret that I’ve been trying to lose weight (and was making headway until a few weeks ago – we’re plateaued out right now..). But one thing I noticed, and everyone said this would happen, is that even though I’m getting back to my goal weight, my clothes just don’t fit the way they used to. I understand the hips/butt/belly thing…that took the brunt of the impact during pregnancy. However, what I don’t understand is that I seem to have become longer in the waist. All my sweaters from just prior to my pregnancy are all like crop tops now! I’m trying to pass it off as a cruel joke where someone went and washed them all so they shrunk but seriously….they’re all too short! Bums me out because I had a bunch that I really loved:( Oh well…off to wrap presents and figure it all out later.

And here’s a picture of Noey for good measure…he was watching daddy change the light outside the door.

Nov 182010

I’ve seen a number of other blogging momma with these beautiful necklaces on and upon further searching I found out where they were from. Lisa Leonard Designs makes these adorable yet so beautiful necklaces.

If anyone is looking for a Christmas idea for me…hint…hint….my three favorites are below (yes, i know that was shameless…)

Nov 032010

I’ve been reading Lindsey’s blog over at The Pleated Poppy for awhile now. Every Wed she does a ‘what I wore’ post that catalogs what she wore that previous week. The point of the exercise was to get her to put more of an effort into her appearance (being a stay at home/work at home momma and all). Seeing that I’m right there with her on the work at home bit I thought I’d participate this week. I can’t gurantee I’ll do this every week – it’s a PIA to take the pics. My only full length mirror is in the closet on the back of the door and the lighting is awful in there so…excuse the quality of the pics!


Shirt/Belt – Kohl’s
Jeggings – AE (LOVE)
Shoes – Target (I think)


Shirt – Target (shh…it’s a dress!)
Jeggings – AE (did I say LOVE?)
Shoes – Target
Necklace – Michael’s Craft Store (bought the medallion and some string)


Shirt and Sweater – Target
Jeans – Skinny AE
Shoes – Boscovs’s (I’ve been waiting to get skinny jeans so I could wear them…soooo fuzzy)
Pendant – Michael’s Craft store (another pendant I bought and then laced up)

I forgot to take a pic on Saturday – doh.



Sweater and Shirt – Target
Jeans – Bootcut AE
Shoes – Target
Necklace – My jewelry box – I’ve had it forever.


Sweater – Gap
Shirt – Target
Jeggings – AE
Boots – Target


Shirt – Target
Vest – Christmas two years ago
Jeans – Bootcut AE
Boots – JCPenny

Something I’ve learned typing this out…I own WAY too many clothes from Target:) Also, I wear alot of sweaters!

Sep 272010

Okay, now that it looks like I’ll be going back to an office setting (don’t want to jinx it but I’ve got a good feeling about this week), I need to actually put forth some effort when it comes to getting dressed in the AM. DC is rather formal (so much more so than Cali) and being that I’ve worked at home for the last 4 years, gained 10 lbs, and what not, my wardrobe is just not up to snuff. Coupled with the fact that I’m waaay fashion challenged (seriously, get me on “What not to wear” please…I can take it!), I need help!

At this point in time I have one pair of pants that fit well and maybe two shirts. I’m going to see this one company for the 3rd and 4th times and am really struggling on finding something new to wear. I have a pair of basic pants (grey/black pinstrip), a plain black silk blouse, and cami paired with a pretty sweater that I can build on but not enough to make up even a weeks worth of outfits. Soo…I have two challenges for you guys.

1. From time to time (and probably more frequently in the next few weeks as I build a new wardrobe) I’ll post a specific piece of clothing that I’m struggling with and you can help me figure out what to pair and accessorize it with.
2. Who wants to put together a not super expensive, versatile, cute and stylish outfit (or two) using internet links??:) Think of me as your real live Barbie doll! Just keep in mind I’m short (5’2″ on a good day – 5’5″ in heels).

I don’t want to go too crazy now because I’m still losing weight and have some really cute things in the closet that sans these 10lbs would actually fit. But I do need something for in between. I’m not opposed to dresses or shopping at Target (or Marshalls or Ross:) ). I tend to gravitate to H&M, Gap, Banana Republic, and Express. Just to give you an idea.

So any ways, here’s the first piece of clothing that I’m struggling with. Right now I have it paired with a short sleeved black sweater that I just don’t love but it’ll do for now.

I need to take a pic of the actual skirt but since it’s 11:30pm and I’m dressed for bed, here’s the shape (trumpet or flared take your pick)…

But in kind of a tweedy pattern (black and white, wool). I love it but just can’t figure out what to put on top without it cutting me off totally! I want to look professional but not stuffy. Something cute and stylish. Help!??

I’ll be back in a few days asking for more advice…anything you can do to help in the mean time is appreciated:) Think of me as your real live Barbie and DC friends, anyone who wants to take me shopping I’m totally game for! I’ll try on anything!

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