Jun 192014

Those of you that have me on IG will have seen these pics already. I had to share though because ever since Noah was born I was looking forward to this moment.

As a child we were always pinning towels on our our shirts and pretending to fly. Something about having a cape was so magical and powerful. We were reminded that we could not indeed fly but that never stopped us from trying. So, when Noah asked me last week to tuck a towel into his shirt for a cape I swooned:) He’s to that age now and I love it.

I loved it even more when he asked me to make him a cape like Batman. My sewing skills leave alot to be desired but for him, they are perfect! So, after picking up DH’s fathers day present we ran over to JoAnn to pick up some fabric (I told him I’d make a ninja turtle tie blanket too so we needed that as well).

He insisted on a black cape and I picked the yellow for the liner (figuring I could use the yellow left over to make the Batman insignia for the cape. Thankfully all the prom dress material was 40% off so I grabbed a shiny black fabric that had a nice drape and the yellow matching fabric.

I didn’t have a pattern so I was just eye balling things. I figured a yard each would suffice (in the end .5 to .75 would have been just fine too). Then I did a quick look up on line to see if I could find a pattern for the neck area. I combined two or three ideas and out came this:


Folding the fabric in half, I drew the one half of the design on the material and cut. I made the cape just under 30 inches long so it wouldn’t drag on the ground (even though Batman’s cape is to his ankles).

Then taking the right sides of the material together, I sewed the perimeter and left my self a gap to turn it then once right side out sewed a top seam to finish it up. All in all it took about an hour to put together.

The hardest part was figuring out how to attach it around his neck. I didn’t have any velcro and he wasn’t going to wait for me to get some so I used a Kam snap I had left over from converting diapers. I think I’ll replace it with velcro later for safety but for now he’s happy and we just keep a close eye on him when he wears it.


I still have to do the Batman emblem on it for him but he’s not pressing me on it and I’m okay with that. I’m not quite sure how I’ll do it:)

In the end what matters is that he loves it and has so much fun in it! My next problem now is that Lia wants one:)

Jan 262013

So when I made Lia’s quilt before she was born I knew at some point I wanted to make one for Noah too. So, I started it when I was 38 weeks pregnant (about 3 days before Lia was born) haha. Noah asked me one day what it was (it was sitting on my craft table) and I told him it was his blanket that mommy was making him. He got sooo excited! From there on any time he’d pass my craft bench (which was any time he went outside to the backyard) he’d ask me about his blanket. He wanted to wear it around:) Well, I finally got around to finishing it up – 6 months to the day I started it.

This one was done with a jelly roll of Moda Summertime fabric. It was actually pretty neat and quick to get the center patch together. You just sewed all the long strips together in one long line then folded that long line in half, sew the length, chop the end and do it again. I kept halving it until you came to a manageable size. I made my center patch just big enough to cover the top of a twin bed (I was a little short in the length tho). Then I added about 9 inches on either side and a foot to the top and bottom to make it cover his bed with some overhang.

I learned alot with Lia’s quilt and even more with Noah’s. I’m confident that I’m not a quilter but I’m proud of the two pieces I’ve managed to turn out.




Aug 252012

On the heels of that last breastfeeding post I thought I’d share this. I don’t know how I stumbled upon it but somehow I found it on Pinterest and pinned it for later.

Melanie over at The Jenson Jaunts discovered a thrifty way of recreating the popular Undercover Mama nursing coverup. It was so quick and easy. The longest part of the whole thing was waiting for the tanks to arrive from Forever 21.

I followed her instructions and even bought the tanks that she suggested and spent maybe 2 hours converting 9 tanks into covers. I love them! They work like a charm and for a grand total of $20 I have 9 covers to hide those lovely side rolls that I have yet to get rid of.

Breastfeeding moms, you’re welcome:)

Jul 222012

So, part of the silence on this blog is because I’ve been working like crazy trying to get her nursery together. Thanks to Pinterest I had kinds of crazy projects lined up and while they took forever, I’m sooo soo happy with how things turned out.

I started with the neutral taupe wall that was in the here already because DH didn’t want to repaint the room (you’ll see why when you see the pics…it would have been a PIA!!). He said that I could add color in another other way I wanted to outside of painting the walls…little did he know:)

We set out to use the furniture that we already had with the exception of the dresser. I had planned on using my childhood dresser and painting it however when my parents pulled it out of storage it need more than a little bit of work. So, on to plan B – craigslist! I was looking for another dresser to refinish and actually found something even better.


I love it! It’s the color and style I was hoping for with my own dresser and that it came with a mirror was a bonus. It did change our plans a little bit (the mirror) but I’m so happy with it!!! I think it make the room.

On the other side we have her crib and changing table in the same arrangement we did with Noah’s room. It works well like that in there. Over the crib are three canvases I did thanks to Pinterest:) They were actually the first things I did after I found out she was a girl.



As you look closer you can see yet another Pinterest inspiration with the ruffled bed skirt. That was a labor of love for both my momma and I. We had two sewing machines going at times to get it all done. Had my ruffle foot actually worked it may have been faster. Who knows….I do know that I love it. I’m a tad disappointed that you can’t see all the ruffles but that will change as we drop the crib mattress.


The green frame is just temporary until I find another I’m happier with. It works for now. It houses a piece of a quilt that was done by my great grandma (I think…or was it great great..). Anywho, the quilt was moth eaten but my mom salvaged pieces of it and had them matted and framed for all the girls in our family. Mine was purple because my room was purple at the time. It think it works well here in the green frame. I have to get it hung on the wall but on the dresser works for now.

The silver bowl is a Goodwill find. I love the pattern on it..kind of shabby chic-ish. The silver frame is also a Goodwill find. I got two. I left this one as is and dismantled the other in hopes of turning it into something. Right now it sits painted pink and in pieces on my craft table. Maybe I’ll get around to it later.

In this corner is the glider we used for Noah. It’s modeling the quilt that I made for her earlier. Yes, another labor of love:) And I’m totally head over heels for it. I actually bought fabric to do one for Noah now too!!

On the chair is another canvas that i have yet to hang (it will go over the changing table). You are my sunshine was always a favorite song of mine growing up. I did take a little liberty and change “only” to “tiny” because, well, she’s not my only sunshine:) Gotta be fair!


This happy little lamp was originally tan and white. It worked with the bedding that was in the room before but not now. It’s amazing what a little spray paint and some fabric can do (and some hot glue).


The rail covers were something I did for Noah’s room too. It gave me the opportunity to add more of the fun paisley fabric to the room. This time I went with the satin ribbon instead of making ties….sooo much faster!!


These last two are for your enjoyment. Me and my big old bellah…I missed my 37 week picture so this will have to do. I’ll take my 38 week one tomorrow.


And here’s her diaper stash! I went a little overboard. I saved most of Noah’s diapers (we had to toss about 8 because the PUL was shot) but I added a bunch of covers and prefolds for when she’s smaller. Plus I got a few Rumparooz newborns just because I couldn’t help myself. They’re so tiny!


Anyways, I think I can call myself done with the nursery once we get that list picture hung. Although, I have a few other projects up my sleeve that I have to work on. As I work thru them I’ll post I promise.

Here’s a list of the patterns/ideas/tutorials I used for the things in the room…enjoy:)

Bedskirt – Positively Splendid
Crib Rail – Baby Rabies
Canvases – I can’t seem to find the origin…just a Pinterest pin.
Quilt – Katie Did , The Cottage Home

Jul 012012

I was never much of a jewelry person but as I’ve worked longer in an office I’ve needed to find ways to dress up outfits or at least add variety. And then I found the clearance racks at Khols:) I’ve scored a bunch of new necklaces for a song!! ($4 down from $20!). Anyways, now that I have more dangly stuff, I’ve found that I have no place to put them (that’s also safe from Noah). So, off to Pinterest I went for ideas.

There were lots of ideas so I kind of picked a few of them and ran with it. I got the wood plaque at Michaels and the glass knobs at Target. I modge podged some scrapbook paper on to the main part of the board and then sanded it down.

A quick hanger and voila. I have it hung from the center right now which won’t work long term but I just wanted to get it on the wall.



Seeing it up I may need to paint around the outside wood but I want to pick a color that coordinates with our room which is in question right now so I’m leaving it natural. We’ll see….

Jun 272012

I finally finished baby girl’s quilt!! The pattern claimed to be doable in a few hours in a day…haha…funny. I counted 15 hours on this baby and that’s with using pre assembled binding and machine stitching everything. I learned alot. Namely the fact that I’m not nearly exact enough to really do this well. Like baking, fudgy measurements make a big difference (perhaps that’s why I prefer cooking over baking) and I’m just not that patient:) That said, I know I’ll make at least one more of these for Noah (I ordered a jelly roll today for his).

Anywho..without further adieu..here’s baby girl’s quilt:)



I used a disappearing 9 pattern and what I like to call a crazy stitch to quilt it (where I hope my mistakes really don’t show that much). The binding was a satin blanket binding that I found at Joann and I did it by machine too (my hands are already starting to numb so I figured a hand stitched binding may not have been the best idea at the time. Maybe I’ll try it for Noah’s.

In the end, it was alot of work but so worth it. I love that I’ll have this for her as she grows and that it was something that I did. Both my mom and my grandmother were avid seamstresses as I was growing up (my mom still is!) and I still remember alot of what they made for me (and my brother) all those years ago. Heck, I even go to my mom now when I need things fixed. I have a whole new respect for their efforts!

Now…on to the dust ruffle for her crib:)

May 302012

So, for some reason I got it in my head that I’d make baby girl’s bedding. I blame Pinterest. All those pretty pictures of nurseries and adorable bedding that costs an arm and a leg or the tutorials on how to make a ruffled bedskirt etc. The tutorials looked easy so I figured why not. Plus, if I run out of time I can always try to recruit my momma to help:) Anywho, mind set on making it myself, I set out to find fabric I liked. You’ve all seen the posts of some of my ideas and misses. After lots of misses (and a gracious Fabric.com who let me return all of it!), I settled on this:

The paisley is the main fabric that I picked and then lined up coordinating ones for around it. I have a post brewing on the bed skirt too and the paisley and a green chevron will be the main focuses there. Plus, I think I want to do curtains and may use the paisley again in them, we’ll see.

For the quilt, I’m using what I’ve been told is a disappearing 9. Basically 9 5″ blocks of fabric sewn into a panel and then that panel is cut into 4. Those pieces which have 1 main focus patch, and three coordinating patches, are lined up together to make the rest of the quilt. It sounded easy enough so I got to work.

Hind sight, it would be been faster to buy the already cut charm packs that they sell and sewing those together. Cutting the 5 inch squares was a bit of a pain (but not hard…just tedious). Given that I have about an hour at a time to put into this it took a few nights to get all the squares cut. Anyways, they were cut.

Then it was on to assemble the 9 patch. I sat for another hour or two mixing, matching and pinning (hindsight I could have skipped the pinning) until I had three strips of three squares to sew together. After I sewed the strips, I ironed the seams flat and then moved on to sewing them together in to the 9 patch.

And that’s where we sit today:) I have to iron the patch and flatten the seams and then cut them into 4s. From there it’s arranging and sewing the patches again to make the quilt front. I’m pretty confident up to that part and so far it’s been easy (time consuming but easy). However, once we get to binding and the actual quilting I’m in new territory:) I’m hoping I can bribe a one of my crafty girlfriends into helping me once we get that far.

I can’t wait….10 or less weeks left to finish it if I’m going to get it down before she arrives so I need to get my butt in gear. Plus I have to make the bed skirt (and burp clothes, no paper paper towels, bibs…oh the list goes on and I really need to stop looking at Pinterest:) ). I’ll keep you all posted (as I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seats on this one..haha).

Dec 172011

We always get such great cards from friends and family for Christmas and in the past they’ve just sat on the table or were posted on the fridge. This year I thought I’d try something different and get a little crafty. I saw a pin on Pinterest where someone used a large quilting hoop and clothes pins so that inspired this guy….

I had tons of ribbon left over from Noah’s 1 year party last year so I rounded that up. Then I found a dowel rod in the wood scraps in the garage. Last I dug for the clothes pins which were also left overs from Noah’s party last year. There was no rhyme or reason on how I assembled it but a little hot glue and some fun and that’s what you get.

It’s actually working out quite well but I think I may regret how small I made it…we’re getting darn full and we’re not even to Christmas yet!

Nov 062011

Hubs and I were on a mad cleaning spree today. The type of cleaning spree that only hits when you finally get fed up with the dust bunnies trying to cop a spot on the couch. In that fit of cleaning I tried to dust the lamp shades. Only, it made things worse. I’ve done this dance before and was just about to give up when stroke of genius hit. Sticky lint roller!

Credit: Google Images

Yup! Stroke of genius alright! It cleaned up those shades in no time. They even seem to glow brighter now that they’re not dust laden.

You’re welcome!

Feb 212011

So, while the house is still pretty much a mess and I’m sure we’ll be recovering for at least the next week, the party was a resounding success! A great time was had by all and there were no major disasters. The weather even held up and allowed us to open the sun room up for extra seating (which was key – 30 adults and 9 wee ones was just perfect with the extra square footage of the sun room).

When we started planning this (well, when I started planning this) it was going to be low key, family only, getting a meat and cheese plate and cake from Costco and a that was it. I can now say that when I decided there needed to be a theme is when it all started to spiral out of control. A quick search on Sock Monkey parties and I was hooked. I had so many awesome ideas that just screamed big first birthday party…so…here we are:)

The taco bar was perfect! We cooked everything the night before and used my moms big crock pots to warm it and keep it hot the next day. We had beef filling and a really awesome and quick chicken filling paired with hard shells, soft corn and soft flour tortillas (plus all the fixins for a taco). I also made some black beans and rice and my mom made her home made mac and cheese (which was a HUGE hit with the adults and the kids). For noshing we had veggies and dip, fruit kabobs with dip, an assortment of cheeses (goat and brie) with crackers and broccoli and cauliflower salad.

Desert was a trip…there were cupcakes (chocolate with butter cream, chocolate with cream cheese, and butter golden with banana mousse filling and cream cheese icing) and banana bread. I had apple fritters too but they never got set out…oops!

I think the decorations were what really put us over the top. I love crafting so I spent the last few weeks assembling things like his bunting, the cup cake toppers, the tissue poms, and the cup cake stand. My mom made him two awesome shirts for his birthday – he wore one for start of the party (until he coated it with cake) and then the other for the latter half of the party. Everyone loved them – I love them (thanks mom!)

I do have to say that this party would have never come together without the help of a bunch of people. My mom and dad arrived the day before to help clean and cook. My dad handled getting the sun room ready and hanging decorations, pictures and minding Noah. Mom and I cooked and cooked and cooked! The day-of my in laws arrived at the perfect time – 1 hour out and we were still cleaning up the kitchen and setting out the food. They pitched in getting chairs set up and getting the kitchen set up for the food. As the guests arrived at 11:00am sharp (pretty much everyone arrived at once…so funny!) we were still setting out food and cleaning up stuff so my two girlfriends Michele and Kristen pitched in to allow me to go greet guests and get things settled. Thanks guys – could have never done it without you.

All in all a great great weekend and a great party. It was a ton of fun to plan and though there were some stressful moments, I would do it all over again (and will I suppose for #2’s first birthday some day down the road).

Jan 252011

So the time has come to start party planning! Actually, I started awhile ago but it’s kicking into high gear now that his party is just a few weeks away! I spent the other night on the first craft project for his party – cupcake flags!

You can see the letters for his bunting lined up on the table too….that’s the next project but I have to wait for the ribbon to get here to make it much further.

I’m trying not to go overboard but I am my mothers daughter and it’s kind of in our blood:) I see all these great ideas and have to do all of them – ha!

Plus I have this nifty toy that just begs to be used (Cricut all set up on Noah’s highchair)

I’ve never thrown a 1st birthday party before obviously so I had to consult a few of DH’s cousins who not only have thrown 3 1st birthday parties each, they throw the cutest parties in general. I got some great ideas from them and tried to assemble our menu – here’s where we are today (and I need some help)

Banana Pudding
Bananas (too obvious for a Sock Monkey theme?)
Fruit Kabobs with Dip
Veggies and Dip

PB & J something (maybe)
Mac n Cheese (homemade – not out of the box obviously)
Meatballs (in marinara/with buns? or sweet and sour/with rice?)
(I need another main i think..)

Banana Bread
Candy Bar (An assortment of red, brown, and black candies and take home bags. This will double as the “goodie bag”)

Alternatively we can do a taco bar (instead of meatballs):
beef filling (turkey?)
chicken filling (fajita style maybe)
hard and soft tortillas
trimmings (cheese, lettuce,guac,salsa, sour cream)
Black Beans

While tacos have nothing to do with Sock Monkey, it’s easy and covers many different tastes…thoughts? My only reservation is that we’re not going to be in full sit at the table situation. We’ll have tv trays and a few tables but there may be some folks that are sitting in chairs with no table…maybe provide a bowl so they can make it like a taco salad? Ahh…so many choices…someone help me please!

Don’t even get me started about entertainment. We’ll have music on in the background but a vast majority of the kids are going to be 1 or under (with the exceptions of my nephews) so I’m just going to set up a baby proof area with toys and have some games for the few older kids we may have (maybe a pinata?)

I’m working on a plan to get our sun room warm enough to have it open as well for folks to hang out in and for kids to play in but there’s no guarantee..

Ahh…writing all this out shows me just so much I have yet to do…and only a free weekend or two to execute…okay, enough blogging, more party planning….any input you guys have is much appreciated…what do you think about the taco bar idea??

Jan 032011

Now that the recipient has seen her gift, I’ll show you all what we gave her (well, our copy anyways)….

The stepping stone has Noah’s feet in it and was a gift for his gramma (my mom) to put in her garden.

It was a super easy craft to do – here’s what we used (it made 2 12 inch stones):

– 10lbs of concrete
– 2 12 inch plastic trays (we used the ones that you get for under a potted plant – like $1.50 each at HomeDepot)
scrap glass (you can find this in most craft stores – i had a mix of art glass and sea glass. If you wanted to be really thrifty, break up some old dishes/glasses etc…just be careful)
– letter stamps
– cute baby feet or hands

Mix up the concrete according to the instructions (i made mine a little too wet). Put the trays on a sturdy surface where you can leave them for 48 hours without moving (I used a piece of plywood so I could move them before they were dry). Fill the trays almost to the top with the concrete then shake it a bit to level it out. You can smooth it with a trowel if you want – we didn’t. Leaving some space for the feet/hands, start embedding the glass in the wet concrete. Once it’s set up some (about 10 or 20 min) do the feet/hand impressions. When things are almost set, use the letter stamps to impress the name and date (or whatever). Timing will vary so just test it as you go. Overall we had about 30 min with the concrete pliable enough to embed the glass, do the impressions (without having them collapse), and do the letters (again, without having it collapse). Now let it set for 48 hours before unmolding. Some of the stuff around the edges may break off if you put the glass really close. I was okay with that because it added to the “stone” quality of the piece.

Overall it was a quick and easy project and so much fun. Noah wasn’t much of a fan of getting really dirty but he survived and we have these amazing prints of his cute little feet!!!

Dec 142010

that blogging slows down during the holidays. Really! I read an article on it. Anyways, blogging has slowed down here because well, life has picked up and is moving at a wildfire pace. Perhaps an update would be quicker in bullet form:

– In a testament to her obsession with tennis balls, our Vizsla Macie tried to climb a tree to retrieve a ball that had gotten stuck. I really didn’t think she could do it but after about 20 min of circling, jumping, biting and false starts she literally jumped up on to the lower branches of the tree (about 3 feet off the ground) and channeled her inner cat as she tried to walk out to grab the ball. She was interrupted by DH and ended up hopping down before she got out to it (the branch would have never held her).

Look VERY closely…you’ll see her in the tree:

– Christmas card photo shoot number two was successful! I ordered our prints and they should be here any day now. I can’t wait to share!

Here’s an outtake to share…we call it “Jazz hands”

– 1 year, 1 month and a few days later our kitchen reno is done (save for a few outlet covers that need replaced). Now, on to the next project – the sun room! I’ll get a pic of the kitchen one of these days and I hope the color conveys.

– Aside from spending a few hours at the mall killing time with Noah while DH painted, I’ve managed to do ALL my Christmas shopping online thru ebates! I’m waiting for my refunds to all hit but I’m up to $30 so far!

– I’m really looking forward to Christmas and seeing all of our families! My SIL, BIL and Nephews should be in their new house by then and I’m super excited to see it! Last time I saw it it was all studs and no stairs.

– Work is picking up – end of the year sales push means lots of demos and prospective customers to woo…thankfully they’re some pretty awesome prospective customers with really compelling stories to craft a demo around. (My main job is to listen to the prospect, figure out their pain points, and craft a demo to who how our product can solve those problems…pretty awesome stuff!)

– In Noah news he’s doing great. 4 teeth that he’s been putting to work lately on just about everything (including my chin when he was particularly frustrated and I was in the way). He’s showing more preference for foods he can feed himself and our food than his purees. Meaning I have a closet full of purees that we’re going thru much more slowly now. He’ll eat purees if he’s really really hungry. Otherwise he’s mooching off our plates.

I think that’s it for now. I have a few projects that I’ll blog about if I remember to take pics:) I finished a crocheted scarf for myself as a test and have a brimmed hat for Noah about 3/4 of the way done. I have plenty more yarn, just need to find the time. Time….ah yes, need more of that somehow…:)

Nov 082010

I get asked a lot about the numbers on Noah’s belly in each of the month pictures. I hate to reveal all my secrets but I guess for you guys I can tell you this one:)

….they’re stickers!

I saw them during my TheBump.com and TheNest.com days and just had to have a set! There are lots of companies now that sell them (just look at Etsy.com) but ours came from Pickysticky.com.

So, at last count I know 20 women that are pregnant at this very moment and these make perfect gifts:)

I’m not connected to PickySticky nor was I promoted to post this on their behalf. I just love the product and thought I’d share the love:)

Oct 312010

So, yesterday morning I walked into Noah’s nursery to find him on his knees chewing on his crib railing! I could hear his teeth raking across the back of the rail and instantly pictured the destruction that would ensue if I let that continue. But how do you keep your little one from using their crib rail as a teething toy really? Lowing the mattress only goes so far (now he just pulls himself up to standing – gah!). Then I remembered a post I read over at BabyRabies.com. She’d had a similar problem with her little one and came up with this crib rail guard that was sooo much prettier than the plastic things you get at BRU (plus, who wants to let their baby eat plastic?)

I followed her instructions pretty closely and totally agree that grossgrain ribbon, though more expensive, would be easier. I hated making the ties because you had to turn the tubes right side out and now my thumbs are really sore. All in all it took me about 4 hours to do. I got most of the cutting done during Noah’s short nap in the afternoon and then finished it all up the evening. Honestly, if I’d used ribbon instead of making ties it would have been 2 hours tops to make both.

Sep 092010

Someone needs to stop me…I just finished ironing and painting another 10 onesies. I also dyed 15 or so various colors to add some variety to my white. Fbook friends I’ve said this once but it bears repeating…you all better be having tons of babies because if these don’t sell at the fundraiser, you’re getting them for birthday and Christmas’s to come:) At least they’re cute right??

For the little girls I have the three little chicks and the ladybugs (and a few odds and ends). For the boys I have sailboats, rocket ships, and neckties (and a few odds and ends). My mom has a bunch of fully hand painted ones (one of a kind ones) and I’m sure there are other odds and ends floating around.

If you’re interested in any of them check us out on Sept 18 at the Nothing but Nets Fundraiser. Details at www.bethelumc.us. Otherwise, after the fundraiser I’ll put them up in our etsy shop where all the proceeds from the sale go to the Nothing but Nets organization.

Aug 122010

So, I’m a bit obsessed right now with this whole Nothing but Nets thing my mom is doing. I love making baby things! Today I tried my hand at making a tutu and since there were no other females in my house that it would fit, I used my Vizsla:) I mean, why use a stuffed animal when you have a real animal who’s game!!

She was not amused...

Aug 122010

Here he is modeling one of grandmas creations….yes, it’s purple…no, he’s not a girl (despite what the lady at the lighthouse asked..)

Soon you’ll be able to get your very own hand painted or appliqued onesie….

(am I beating this topic to death yet?? is it at least made more palatable by including adorable pictures of Noah??)

Aug 092010

…we do! I’ve mentioned before about an upcoming fundraiser my mom is spearheading and my contribution will be to the bassinet booth with hand painted and appliqued onesies. We used our time at the beach to make progress in our efforts and took over the rather sizable dining room table (and thus relegated everyone to take their meals at either the bar or the smaller kitchen table on the other side of the room)

There’s just something relaxing about crafting and painting…it was the perfect way to spend the hot hot hot mid day hours

Jun 262010

Alright, so today it is painfully obvious that I should just stick with photography:) I’m not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination. The pattern looked simple enough (and it really is), I’m just terrible with the sewing machine:)

Anywho, here’s my attempt to sew my own fitted diaper. I think my end product is usable but we’ll see! I found the pattern at Fern and Faerie and made a few modifications on the shape (using my monkeysnuggle fitted as a guide) but followed the same basic premise as the instructions describe. 4 layers of cotton t-shirt material and soakers made out of 8 layers of t-shirt material (in contrast to my purchased monkeysnuggles which is organic bamboo and cotton and other super absorbent materials..)

All in all not a bad attempt, if I was just better with the sewing machine. Plus I dont have a serger which I think would have made this easier. I’ll have to try again when I go to my moms since she has one.

May 292010

So, in our journey to cloth diapering I’ve learned that you shouldn’t use fabric softeners and/or dryer sheets because it can stop your diapers (and your dish towels for that matter) from absorbing. So I was on the hunt for another way to keep my diapers nice and soft while not affecting their absorption.

Enter the dryer ball.  There were two options for dryer balls – the plastic PVC ones with nubbies all over them or all natural wool dryer balls.  Since the plastic ones can give off chemicals when heated I opted for the all natural version.  I searched around the web and found lots of options on etsy.com.  However, they were expensive – about $20 for three balls and you’d need 4-6 for a normal sized load of laundry I read.  Being the crafty (or wanna be crafty) gal that I am, I asked Mr. Google how to make my own wool dryer balls and voila – the Goodmama had a spectacular tutorial to guide me along!

I followed her instructions pretty closely and am very happy with the results.  You can see in the pictures below the balls ready for their first felting.  I actually ran them thru two hot washes and then dried them.  That got them felted up nice and tight.

The image below is the after the final felting before I started using them.  They’re about the size of a softball, maybe a tad smaller.

I’ve been using them for a week now and have noticed a difference in my drying times.  Plus, my clothes are as just as soft and static free as if I was using dryer sheets.  With smaller loads you do notice the bumping of the balls as they tumble in the dryer but I just close the door to the laundry room and forget about it.

I used 100% wool yarn I found at Michaels (Lion brand) and one skein was $8.  I made 2 balls from one skein and still have a bunch left over (so much that I think I might get another ball or two out of it).  So, for $8 and a few hours of work I have 4 dryer balls (I of course wanted different colors so in reality I spent $24 on yarn – but I have enough to make many more balls or even a woolie soaker once I figure out how to knit!) 

So there you have it!  It’s a definite worth while DIY project! Especially if you’re a knitter already and have scraps avail!  Then you really get to use everything up and get your money’s worth!

(i must mention of course the best way to dry your cloth diapers is on the line outside but as a working mom that’s just not practical for us except for the weekends)

May 162010

I’ve seen these marble magnets on a variety of different blogs and thought, “hey, I can do that”…and I did! So happy with how they turned out! I need bigger magnets for the larger ones but the tiny ones work perfectly!

I’ve been trying out new crafty items to see what works, is easy and cost efficient in preparation for a big fundraiser later in the fall for Nothing but Nets (blog to come on that).

I found directions over at Not Martha – super easy project with super cute results….

Feb 092010

So I’ve been talking about progress so I thought I’d play show and tell to keep you guys updated!

First pic is of the kitchen as it stands today…sans outlet covers and paint but with pretty much everything else.  I can even claim to have helped with the grouting!!!  Wooohoo…

The some nursery pics…still not done but my bro will be out in the next few weeks to finish the mural – I can’t wait!! He’s so talented and little man is going to be a lucky boy to have that on his walls!

Notice the awesome glider in the right corner – scored that at BRU today, brought it home and assembled it myself!  Soo proud!  I also started washing little mans clothes in preparation for this arrival!  I can’t believe it’s getting close.
The last set of pics are of the mobile I made for little man.  Now keep in mind, this is for the corner of his room – not over his crib!  I realize that many of the parts are not child friendly!  As he gets older and grabby we can alter the mobile and leave just the plush owls!!  Anywho, this was a ton of fun to put togeher and I have to get a better pic once the sun comes up!

Jan 182010

I’ve been looking in Target and other stores for binky leashes (you know, the ribbons that at one end attach to the binky and the other side attaches to your child’s clothing so you don’t lose the binky when they decide to spit it out?) and haven’t found one I like:(  Anyways, I ran across a tutorial online at The Mama Dramalogues on how to make one of your very own – without sewing!

I thought I’d give it a shot.  I ordered copious amts of ribbon from theribbonspot.com, plastic clips and mam rubber binky holders from a seller on ebay, and snaps from JoAnn.  Everything finally arrived yesterday so I spent most of my day today putting them together (during conference calls of course!).

Lessons Learned:
1. hammer + fingernail = pain (see my other blog post)
2. snaps aren’t all the hard to attach if you follow the directions – which I didn’t so I wasted lots!
3.  it’s infinitely more expensive to do this if you don’t already have the parts on hand from other crafts ($40 in ribbon, $20 in ebay items, $10 in snaps etc..).  I managed to get 5 leashes out of it so far (but I have plenty more I can make but really – how many leashes does a child need?)

However, I have lots of ribbon for other projects and really like the ones I put together.  Maybe other mammas will see them and want one and I can open my own etsy store…ha ha..ya, right – wishful thinking:) I’m really not all that crafty!

Jan 182010

I have another post with the product of this craft FAIL but thought I should highlight my gafe because you all can have a good laugh at my expense:)

Note to self and others…hammer plus finger nail = pain.  My poor finger…I was hammering the snaps on to the binky clips and missed!

Jan 132010

I’m guessing this is the start of nesting or maybe just my version of nesting but all I want to do right now is make things for our little man – crafty things!  I saw a mobile the other day that had birds on it and I thought, how wonderful would that be if I could make that with woodland creatures instead!  Then that had me on the hunt for a good felt pattern for owls, foxes, hedgies, and other cute creatures.  Well, I’ve only found an owl so far but I thought that’d be a good start.  Let’s see if I can do this….:)

Here’s the inspiration:

These cuties and their pattern came from Juicy Bits Blog and they looked simple enough to make….although, I’m not much of a sewer and this carpal tunnel has me a bit limited.

Here’s my rendition:

Because this is going in the baby’s room (and the fact that I couldn’t find safety eyes at JoAnn or Michaels) their eyes are just sewn in rather than cute little buttons.  The blue guy is my second try and I’m definitely getting better and cleaner as I go!  I used Google to figure out the blanket stitch that you see around the outside (to fuse the two halves together) and sat and made them while DH tried to refinance the house:)

Pretty good for a first pass.  Now off to cut out 4 more or so and maybe a few small ones too. 

Next up, learning to crochet an amiguri doll!!

Jan 112010

So I was going back and forth with a fellow blogger over at Baby Booties  about nursery deco and she’s looking for a good mobile that’s not too girlie or cheap looking.  Knowing that I’ve seen a number of them in my travels on the internet I set out looking again for answers for her and just happened to find something I think I might do for little man’s room (since the mobile that goes with his bedding is like $60!).

There are tons of cute ones out there for sure but finding one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg but that doesn’t look cheap is harder so…I think I might DIY one!  Here’s some inspiration:

The Butterfly Mobile at Indie Fixx:

But I’d do woodland creatures rather than butterflies….
The Bird Mobile over at Spool Sewing:
This one I love love love but I’m so not a sewer that’s for sure and I dont know how I’d do woodland creatures on this (or maybe I’d just leave it as birds but again, so not a sewer!)
The Pinwheel Mobile over at Chickpea Sewing Studio
This is actually a pretty neat idea! It’s kinda theme neutral and you can use scraps of fabric (or even heavy paper is you’re really crafty).  You can make it to match any color scheme!
Anyways…now I’m inspired and am heading out to find good patterns for woodland creatures to go with my idea….i’ll post progress/results as I make them!
Jan 102010

Quite a productive weekend this time round.  I met up with the M54 girls for lunch (all of them are due right around when I am so we were trading pregnancy war stories:) ), I finally got the closet system up in Bigfoot’s closet, DH got the window casing in in the kitchen and we got the tile backsplash ordered for the kitchen!  Not to mention I spent way too much time at Target again and added JoAnn Fabrics to the mix just for fun!

Here are pics of his closet:



And his new toy cubby in the corner….soon to be relocated when we rearrange the room.

Jan 072010
So, I can’t help myself when I walk into Target. My list may only have 1 or 2 things on it and I inevitably walk out with a cart full of things. This time I did have intentions of finding art for the baby’s room I just wasnt sure what I was looking for.

I walked up and down the aisles trying to imagine the things on the shelves as wall art. After putting way too many things in my cart as always I found what I needed – in the scrapbook aisle! I found a pack of paper that had an outdoors/woodland creatures theme and had some great bright colors! Off I wandered to the frame aisle to find plain black frames to use to put my new “art” in.

Below is the outcome – I can’t wait to hang them on the walls!

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