Aug 272014

So I have a number of crochet projects that I’ve started in the last few months but haven’t shared.

The latest two have been hats for a very special diva who’s starting chemo in Sept for a recurrence of a brain tumor. She’s going to be bald through the winter so she’s needs lots of hats to keep her head warm and as a 9 year old they need to be uber stylish!!

The first one was just a basic beanie with a cool big wooden button

The the second is this butterfly hat. Excuse my mug in there…it was the best way to show the butterfly on the front. The hat’s actually too small for me but it has a nice stretch:)

The other things I have started but not finished are a granny stripe blanket for us here at home. It was unintentional but I ended up picking the colors from my alma mater, good ole MUC (I still can’t bring myself to use UMU).

A ripple baby blanket that I’ve decided will go to the church for the prayer blankets project – it’s lap sized.

And a random blanket that I was using to test stitches – it’s a pretty gold color that I finally found more yarn to match so I can make more progress. If nothing else it’s a great texture blanket for photography. I don’t have a picture of it though.

The kids have also asked for hats (once they saw the ones I was doing for Bella) so that’s on my list too. Plus, I have the yarn purchased/stored for two more blankets at least.

I think I have a problem:) haha…

Jun 212014

Almost as soon as I finished the last blanket – wait, I’m not finished, I haven’t woven all the ends back in, oh well – I started this one. I hadn’t intended on starting one so soon nor was this the one I had planned on but it just happened. I was at my mom’s and we swung by Joann and this yarn was the softest they had and in pretty colors – oh and on sale:) So I grabbed a bunch of skeins and set off to do another blanket.

I’ve been waffling between a chevron stripe or a granny stripe for my next project. Given that the last one took me so long, I wanted something fast but still pretty. The granny stripe won out. I’m good at that stitch and it goes up fast. Which is good since I’m doing this full sized – each row takes about 30 min to get through.


I was actually much further along when I realized that I botched the ends of a few rows and had to rip out 4 or 5 rows back to fix it. Talk about heart breaking. But, I’m back to where I was before the rip out and I love it! Like I said, it goes up quick but since I’ve not had a ton of time the progress is slow. I’ll get a row or two in every few days.

You can look up any granny stripe and they’re pretty much the same pattern. I used this one in particular to get started. I’m looking forward to seeing it progress and ultimately finishing it. I already have my next two projects lined up:)

Jan 272014

There were alot of things I was excited about with getting into the new house. Not living out of boxes being the biggest I think. However, I was also anxious to get my crafting supplies back so that I can craft again. I was itching so bad that at Thanksgiving I snuck down to my inlaw basement where my supplies were living and pulled out my crochet hooks and some yarn to start a new project. I figured crochet is pretty contained – a skien of yarn and a hook. Can’t get much simpler than that.

To this point I’ve really only done one hat, a scarf, and about 6 inches of a blanket (I didn’t buy enough yarn!) so I consider myself a very novice crocheter. I thought a granny square quilt would be a good way to hone my skills and working on being consistent with my stitches and what not. I’m having so much fun but wow, this is going to take a long time to get done:) I can average a square a night and figure I need at least 30 squares for a child sized blanket and more for an adult sized blanket (42 maybe? 6 squares wide and 7 tall..). To date I have 20 squares done so we’ll see how that goes. Honestly, I’m going until I run out of yarn (and i have lots of yarn:))

I found the pattern thru Hopscotch Lane but it was originally written up on Annie’s Place

Really easy to follow and after a while kind of mindless which is nice.


I have two more projects on the horizon that I want to get to but refuse to let myself start them until I finish this one so I have motivation to keep going. Again, we’ll see how that goes.

Any one doing an interesting crochet project?

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