Dec 082010

or be deterred….our first try at a Christmas card shot failed miserably. They just didn’t turn out how I wanted them to. Part of the problem is that I tried to do it myself. I’m firmly convinced now that any shoot with Noah now needs to involve both hubs and I. One to actually snap the pic and the other to catch, chase, pose, and act silly so Noah will smile. So, tonight I’m going to try again! I’m going to get the mantel area all beautified and maybe even get some lights on the tree so we can try that too.

I’m determined to get a good shot partly because I’m just that stubborn and partly because I want a great Christmas card to send to our family and friends of Noah’s first Christmas. I was on Shutterfly’s site and they have so many awesome designs to pick from (and the prices are just right too!). Not wanting to reveal too much I’ll show you three that I like that may or may not end up being our final design (if I get that dang picture…these may be New Years cards instead!).

And those are just from the first 5 pages of designs, there are so many more!

Once we actually get the picture (and oh yea…we will get the picture!) and the cards have been mailed I’ll share the final result here:) There’s still time (not a ton but some) to do this yourself! And if you go to Shutterfly, you can get 50 free holiday cards for doing exactly what I’m doing now – blogging! Go to: to sign up!

Dec 012010

In a previous post I revealed that I’ve become one of those people that really dislikes the holiday traffic. Navigating jammed parking lots, standing in hour long check out lines, contending with inconsiderate people who can’t look up from their phones long enough to realize they’re about to walk right into you.

So, this year I think I’ll do all my shopping on line. I’ve done a bunch of it in the past and just love how quick and easy it is. Shopping at home in my PJ’s, sleeping baby and nice glass of wine…that’s my kind of shopping! (Don’t get me wrong – i love me a good trip to the mall but just not during the mad holiday rush). What makes this even better is that my girlfriend Brooke turned me on to Did you know that you can get cash back for shopping at some of your favorite online stores? And it’s not just no-name-why-the-heck-would-I-shop-there stores, they have stores like Gap, Banana Republic, The Body Shop etc…. Simply start shopping at their site (or thru their browser tool bar) and start getting 5-25% cash back on your purchases!

How can this work you ask? Well, the stores pay fees to ebates to direct traffic to them. It’s a win win. We make out with the cash back while buying things we’d normally buy and the store reaps the increased web traffic from all of us incentivized customers! I’ve already purchased a few things thru them and can see my cashback tally growing!

If you’re going to shop online, this is very little extra effort to earn some cash back! Try it for yourself

Nov 182010

I’ve seen a number of other blogging momma with these beautiful necklaces on and upon further searching I found out where they were from. Lisa Leonard Designs makes these adorable yet so beautiful necklaces.

If anyone is looking for a Christmas idea for me…hint…hint….my three favorites are below (yes, i know that was shameless…)

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