Jan 312011

I used to be an avid participant in the i ♥ faces challenges but as with most things, life got in the way. It’s certainly not for a lack of pictures although my shots pale in comparison with many of the ones in the linky. It’s still fun to get in and try! Usually these are posted to my photo blog but since this is a Noah pic, I thought I’d share with everyone!

This week’s challenge is called People Choice and you’re to post your best shot from January. I actually made this one by the skin of my teeth:) This shot was from our latest bath time session…

I actually had two that I loved but I picked the one where he’s looking directly at the camera (looking kind of worried I might add…)

Head on over to i ♥ faces to check out the rest and vote on your favorites (vote for me please!!:) ).

Jun 302010

We need your help! I entered Noah in This Mama Rocks’s Photo Content and he’s currently in 2nd place by about 10 votes. Voting closes July 9 but I’d like to get him comfortably in the lead before then:)

Click on this link to go straight to the photo album…

There are two Noah’s – I should be tagged but just look for the yawning baby with the cute bear ears hat on:) The desc says Noah 10 days old.

You do need to be a fan of her page but that’s not a big deal, she’s got great give aways and posts so it’s worth it!

May 042010

Okay, see that pretty new button in the right there ————->  Topmommyblogs.com?  Pretty pretty please, if you like me (heck, even if you don’t like me and just stumbled on this site by way of whatever), cruise on over to that button and click thru:)  Pretty pretty please with sugar on top?? (and fudge and whipped cream)

I just joined the site so my bloggy doesn’t even show up yet.  A few clickys by my bloggy friends will make it appear:)

May 042010

So, my computer with all my fun photo processing and graphic software is back at HP being fixed (stupid bum fan).  Anyone of my super duper awesome creative friends in bloggy world want to help me create a blog badge?? pretty please??:)  I’ll be forever grateful and sing you praises to all 22 of my followers:)

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