Aug 112012

During my first week home my mom and I decided to do a quick photo shoot with Lia and let me tell you, doing a newborn photoshoot with your own child as you’re trying to recover from labor is hard! Crawling around on your hands and knees is just not an activity that my body wanted to cooperate with. We lasted about a hour before both Lia and I needed a break. We’ll have to try a few more times once I’ve had more time to heal plus I need a few with her sibling:)

Here are some of my favorites:

Aug 072012

To celebrate her 1 week birthday I thought I’d post her birth story. I have a bunch of other posts started but as you can imagine, things are crazy around here. I’m trying to sleep when she sleeps which means that everything else is going to slide.

Lia’s birth story is actually quite boring:) She pulled the same trick that Noah did with my blood pressure later in the pregnancy so we were scheduled for an induction at 39 weeks 1 day. I’d hoped to go into labor naturally and my body seemed to be working that direction but it never kicked into high gear. I was contracting when they hooked me up to the monitors, just nothing strong or consistent.

So July 31 we arrived at the hospital at 6:30am as instructed, checked in and then we sat. From what we heard around us, the previous night was crazy crazy with what seemed like every prego woman going into labor. They were still cleaning and clearing rooms when we arrived so we had to wait around.

Around 8:00 they finally got us up to the room (which turns out to be the same exact room Noah was born in!). We met our nurse and she started my IV’s (well, she tried….the blew thru two sites and decided to let someone else try, they got it first try). Dr checked me and I was 1+ cm and pretty much fully effaced which was nice to hear.

They started my pitocin around 9:00 and broke my water around 20 after and from there it was just hanging out and working thru the contractions. The doc said she’d be back in an hour or so to check things out. From there I slowly progressed and actually tolerated the contractions quite well (longer than I did with Noah). An hour later I was 3cm and another hour or so later I was 4 cm. That’s when I requested the epi. The contractions were in my back because she was sunny side up and since I really didn’t plan on a fully unmedicated birth (more power to those women who have actually done that…phew…) I just gave in.

From the time the epi went in until about 3:00 it was pretty boring (we were watching the olympics:) ). I could feel the pressure of the contractions but not the pain which was awesome. This was different than with Noah. With Noah I was so numb I didn’t feel a thing. I think that contributed to my extended pushing with him (well, that an the hand by his head…details..).

At one point the contractions were so on top of one another that little girl didn’t get a chance to recover so they backed off the pit (turned it off actually) and the contractions slowed down enough for her to get a break. Once she had a break they slowly turned it back on but funny enough, never had to take it up past the first setting, my body had taken control.

At 3:00 I was having some break thru pain and lots of pressure (I think I said “I think she’s trying to come out my butt” which of course made the nurse laugh pretty hard). Doc checked and I was 9cm:) 30 min later the pressure was intense and I was complete – time to push!!

They took a few min to get things set up, all the while I was watching the contractions on the monitor and trying not to push into them. Once we started it only took me 4 sets of pushes to get her out! At one point DH was so excited that he was getting loud (he’s pretty loud to begin with) and I had to ask him to quite down. He was a great cheerleader:)

Lia arrived at 4:11. They put her on my belly while they cleaned her off and DH got to cut the cord (neither of which we got to do for Noah so this was special). She was pretty quiet (alert but not crying much) so they gave her a lower 1 min apgar score (7). A little stimulation and she started to cry just fine (Noah was the same way) and her second apgar went up to a full 9.

All in all really uneventful which was nice. It was just me, dh, the doc and the nurse in the delivery room vs. the 10 or more people with Noah (since they were prepared to take fast action if I couldn’t get him out). It was actually kinda of peaceful (aside from DH’s boisterous cheering:)).

Aug 022012

Lia Grace arrived July 31 at 4:11pm. She weighed in at 6lb 2oz and was 21 inches long.

Noah’s doing well with her so far. He’s interested and really wants to help. A full (uneventful) labor story to come later with more pics. For now we’re home and relaxing and adjusting to being a family of 4.

Jul 232012

So, exciting stuff around here lately. We have an end date now…July 31 if my blood pressure holds out. Little girl is following in her big bros footsteps and messing with my BP so we’ve set an induction date and I’m on bp watch. It started after my 37 week appt when the doc said I needed to stop working. I convinced her that I can work from home and relax and she agreed. I’m a bit of a bad patient because I did work in the office the rest of the week but I did plant my butt firmly at my desk with minimal up and moving around so I hope that helped.

The BP is not super high, just higher than it should be and way higher than my normal (i’m usually 112/60ish…i’m up to about 135/85 ish). I should have known I was in trouble when the nurse re inflated the cuff 4 times in a row to try to get an accurate reading. Plus I’m super swollen so I really should not have been a surprise. It’s a little trippy, even the second time around, to know when your end date it. Really kicked my butt in to gear getting things ready around here (and it tipped off the purge, clean, organize part of my nesting instinct).

How far along are you? 38 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? 2 lbs this week for a total of 169 lbs. Still under 30 for the entire pregnancy and considering today was my last appt before my induction I’m going with that.

Stretch marks? Sames ones as before plus I think a new one around my belly button. Poor belly:(

Baby Movement? She’s still grooving around in there which is uncomfortable to put it nicely. I thought she’d dropped some because my heartburn relented but it’s back again. Not terrible like before but still there. Maybe it’s that she’s just that big now there’s no avoiding it. Regardless, I’ll be happy when she’s out and I can eat normally again.

Best moment this week? Calling it done on the nursery.

Food Cravings? Nothing really. Eating is a chore still (although I see to have no problem packing it in)

Belly button in or out? flat with an outtie lip.

Labor Signs 1+, super soft and about 60% effaced and lots of braxton hicks. I think there may have even been a real contraction in there too. Not bad. They’re not even making me come in the night before my induction for cervadil. We’re just going straight to the good stuff (although I’m hoping like heck she decides to come out on her own…).

Milestones? Set an induction date. I’m a little disappointed to have to do this again but my BP is just not cooperating. I’m trying to talk her into coming on her own but I’m not holding out hope. Maybe I just need to make huge plans for this weekend….

I’ll get a picture tomorrow…

38 weeks with Noah

Jul 172012

Gosh, we have so much going on over here but I can only manage to get these weekly posts out. We’ve made great progress on her nursery and I have to do a post on that soon! Plus Noah’s just amazing us daily with what he knows and learns…I can’t believe what a little man he’s turned into in the last 2 or 3 months. Potty training is on the up and up, 2 year molars are on their way in etc….Maybe someday I’ll get all of it documented:)

For now, here’s the weekly…

How far along are you? 37 weeks – full term baby!!!

Total Weight gain/loss? Last week I was up another 4! Gulp..that was alot! Sitting at 168 now and I’m still under 30 but I have three weeks to go. (ETA: at the docs today I’d lost 1lb…so either her scale was crazy or the water weight is fluctuating. …167 on her scale)

Stretch marks? Found another around the top of my belly button where my belly ring used to be so that makes 4 little ones. Still buttering up but man, it’s stretched to the max. I can feel my skin groan every time she stretches, ouch.

Baby Movement? I think…I think she’s dropped some. My heartburn has been better the last two days (and my groin feels like I spent all day on a horse…). Her movements are painful with her pointy little heels/knees and what not running across the top of my belly (and I guess her elbows down low?)

Best moment this week? I got to see her for a brief few at our last dr’s appt. Doc thought she flipped breech because he couldn’t feel her (she was really high) so he did a quick sono to check out position. No worries tho, she’s heads down and still a ‘she’:) She has lots of fluid which is why he thinks she’s still floating really high.

Food Cravings? Nothing really. Eating is a chore still (although I see to have no problem packing it in)

Belly button in or out? flat with an outtie lip.

Labor Signs 1cm but still very long at my last appt (another appt tomorrow). I’ve been having a bunch of braxton hicks and even a few real contrax I think but nothing to speak of really. I hope that some of that is helping with progress. Coupled with the fact that I think she’s dropped some, maybe we’re on our way to an on time baby. One can hope anyways.

Milestones? Full term baby! She can arrive any time from now on. Hopefully sooner than later please…I’ve been done for weeks but now it’s just down right painful. Did you know that the relaxin hormone that stretches your ligaments out to accommodate the growing babe also relax the ligaments in your feet? Yea…hurts like hell! My feet are too fat to put into really good structured shoes but flip flops provide no support and make my feet scream! I’ve been wearing crocs and just not caring how ridiculous I look but even those are getting tight. Yup…time to be done already.

Plusalso..My hands are also going numb again like with Noah. I wake up at night and their asleep and it takes a while for them to wake up. I’m trying not to lay on them but it’s hard:) I bump the carpel tunnel space (the spot on the underside of your wrist just at the bottom of your palm) and my fingers go numb for a sec…it’s a fun game to play when i’m bored in a meeting haha.

Belly pic TBD

37 weeks with Noah

Jul 102012

How far along are you? 36 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? Dr’s appt isn’t until Thursday and I’m hoping for only a pound or two. The swelling has gone down quite a bit so maybe I’ll even out.

Stretch marks? Three little ones around my belly button:( Since then I’ve been buttering up every day, twice a day even to try to keep more from appearing.

Baby Movement? She’s running out of room but still finds a way to move and make me uncomfortable. She was pretty quite yesterday thru the day which of course made me worry but picked up her shenanigans while I tried to sleep.

Best moment this week? Last night I was laying down in bed and DH got down and talked to my belly. She responded and moving and kicking all over for him. He was so happy:) To this point he’s felt her but not like that.

Food Cravings? Nothing really. Anything I eat (or dont eat) results in horrible heartburn so I’m inclined to only eat what I must to stave off hunger.

Belly button in or out? flat with an outtie lip.

Milestones? 4 weeks or less! Not so much milestones but I had my first episode of choking on stomach acid the other night. It was lots of fun lemme tell you. I woke up choking and gagging and trying not to throw up. I spent the rest of the night nearly upright and trying to sleep. This is that part I dislike the most about the end of pregnancy….


36 weeks with Noah

Jul 022012

How far along are you? 35 weeks (and 35 days to go!)

Total Weight gain/loss? My appt is tomorrow, i’ll update this then:) ETA: up to 164 which I think puts me up 3 lbs since last appt which is on track at 1 lbs/week number you see at the end. Overall I’m up 23lbs which is a far cry from the 35 that I was at with Noah around this point. Nurse wasn’t worried and given the water that was hanging out in my ankles I think alot of it is the edema that’s setting in. This last few days with the high heat has been rough.

Stretch marks? Boo..I found my first stretchie this weekend. Just to the right below my belly button. It’s still pretty light but it’s there and I’m sad. Babygirl is just taking up so much room that my belly can’t keep up. Such is life…

Baby Movement?Most of her movements are uncomfy these days. I get sharp little appendages pushing at odd angles and full body rolls that push my poor belly to the max. It’s safe to say we’re to the uncomfy stage.

Best moment this week? Oh where to start, there’s probably a whole post in this saga. Nothing with me and the babe, it all circled around the lovely storms that hit Friday and took our power until last night. 50ish hours of no electric or AC when it was about 100 degrees outside. Day 1 was bearable, day 2 no so much, even with a generator for the fridge and fans (thanks mom and dad!:). We gave up and moved in with my in-laws for the day until the power came back. We came home to find the in our heat induced delirium we switched off the AC so the house was no cooler than we left it – ooops… Thankfully as of this post we’re cooling down (upstairs is a cool 84 degrees and down here is a frigid 80 degrees…).

Despite the horrible situation we (well, hubs and my dad) got the baby’s room started. They picked up the most adorable dresser from a lady who restores them (i’m so in love with this dresser) and got the crib set up not to mention all the furniture that was in the way moved to it’s final resting places (at least for now). All in an upstairs that was pushing 90 most of the afternoon. I have to move the rocker in there and get the closet system in plus get her bed skirt made but it’s progress:) I’m so happy to at least have it started.

Food Cravings?Anything clean and crisp if that makes any sense….

Belly button in or out? As hubs would say, “the turkey timer has popped” (but only at the end of the day or when she’s in a certain position.

Milestones? 35 days left…

Belly pic TBD..we didn’t get back until after dark today.

35 weeks with Noah

Jun 272012

I finally finished baby girl’s quilt!! The pattern claimed to be doable in a few hours in a day…haha…funny. I counted 15 hours on this baby and that’s with using pre assembled binding and machine stitching everything. I learned alot. Namely the fact that I’m not nearly exact enough to really do this well. Like baking, fudgy measurements make a big difference (perhaps that’s why I prefer cooking over baking) and I’m just not that patient:) That said, I know I’ll make at least one more of these for Noah (I ordered a jelly roll today for his).

Anywho..without further’s baby girl’s quilt:)



I used a disappearing 9 pattern and what I like to call a crazy stitch to quilt it (where I hope my mistakes really don’t show that much). The binding was a satin blanket binding that I found at Joann and I did it by machine too (my hands are already starting to numb so I figured a hand stitched binding may not have been the best idea at the time. Maybe I’ll try it for Noah’s.

In the end, it was alot of work but so worth it. I love that I’ll have this for her as she grows and that it was something that I did. Both my mom and my grandmother were avid seamstresses as I was growing up (my mom still is!) and I still remember alot of what they made for me (and my brother) all those years ago. Heck, I even go to my mom now when I need things fixed. I have a whole new respect for their efforts!

Now…on to the dust ruffle for her crib:)

Jun 252012

How far along are you? 34 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? Last appt was 20lbs, I’ve definitely gained and we’ll see how much next week:) Hoping for less than 3 lbs.

Stretch marks? No marks. Linea negra is filling in. Weird that it took this long.

Baby Movement?Definitely starting to slow down in there. Her rolls are getting painful and the nightly dance parties pretty uncomfortable.

Best moment this week? hard to say. I finished her quilt last night but we’ve made no progress on her room. I hope my parents visit this coming weekend gives us the opportunity to get more done in that area.

Food Cravings?Nothing much really….

Belly button in or out? As hubs would say, “the turkey timer has popped” (but only at the end of the day or when she’s in a certain position.

Milestones? 6 weeks left baby and none too soon! My hips, back and feet are ready for this to be done. Walking is getting more and more difficult and my hips feel like they’re going to fall apart. And what’s up with the soles of my feet killing me?! Argh…


34 weeks with Noah

Jun 182012

How far along are you? 33 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? Holding at 20lbs…next appt is at 35 weeks (where I’ll have 35 days left…holy chit!)

Stretch marks? No marks. Linea negra is there though but still pretty faint.

Baby Movement?Rolling around like mad. Most of the movement it up at the top of my belly which makes me hope that the hard little bump I feel is still her bum.

Best moment this week? Realizing that the swelling has started in earnest and my numb fingers are starting to make a comeback. Okay, maybe not the best moment but it’s happening. The end of this pregnancy is much like Noahs I’m afraid.

Food Cravings?Sweets…I’ve been trying to be good though.

Belly button in or out? As hubs would say, “the turkey timer has popped” (but only at the end of the day or when she’s in a certain position.

Milestones? Nothing big at 33 weeks. I’m noticing circulation issues this time around and more swelling in my legs and feet. I suppose that’s par for the course since I wasn’t up and walking around much with Noah since I worked from home and now I have a nice long walk from my car to the office and then again up and around the office. I also notice that if I don’t get up to walk my feet turn purple. Fun times….


33 weeks with Noah

Jun 112012

Yes, I totally skipped 31 weeks but honestly, we’re pretty much status quo here. Not much is changing week to week and I totally never got around to taking my 31 week picture!

How far along are you? 32 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? Tomorrow is the doc’s appt. I don’t feel like I gained that much, I’ve been better about my eating and such so I’m hoping I’m only putting on her weight, not my own:) That said, I’ve had more than my fair share of “omg you’re about to pop” and “are you sure there aren’t two in there” cracks…. (ETA: up 1.5 lbs (160.5 lb) which is pretty good!! I’m up about 20 total with the bulk of the gain stil to come I think. If I can hold true to the 1 lb/week then we’re looking at 27/28lbs for the pregnancy…a far cry from the 40 or so i put on with Noah:) )

Stretch marks? No marks. Linea negra is there though but still pretty faint.

Baby Movement? I have a permanent hard spot at the top of my belly. I’m thinking it’s her bum (at least I’m hoping). It’s too small and pointy to be a head so… I can feel her alot and can generally find body parts as I feel around my stomach. She’s pushing out pretty hard most days but not really kicking, instead I think she’s stretching and just enjoying the buoyancy of all her fluid:)

Best moment this week? Oh ya, got my sno cone!!! The fair was in town and we braved the 90+ degree heat so I could get a sno cone (and so Noah could ride rides but that’s secondary to the sno cone…haha).

Food Cravings?Nothing distinct…just food. Although any time I eat now (or dont eat even), i have the worst heart burn.

Belly button in or out? It’s pretty much out now…

Milestones? Well, the swelling has started some. Nothing bad. My fake rings still fit but are more snug at the end of the night than they use to be. I feel like a hundred year old woman when is stand up from sitting for any length of time. I’m more sore this time around for sure (feet, hips, back, you name it). Plus, if I can make it a full day with my contacts in I’m doing good. I carry solution, a case and my good glasses around with me all the time now for when my eyes start to water. If I don’t get them out right away, I end up looking like I’ve been crying.


32 weeks with Noah

Jun 012012

I suppose I should write this one before I’m actually 31 weeks…haha

How far along are you? 30 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? Up 19 total still I guess. Next appt is the 11th so we’ll see. I’ve cut back on the milkshakes and gotten back on the fruit wagon, let’s hope it’s not so bad next time.

Stretch marks? Not yet…but I can see a faint faint linea negra which is different since I had one with Noah from like week 25 on…

Baby Movement? She’s a roller….I didn’t get many karate chops this week, just her moving back and forth. I can feel body parts now which is so cool:)

Best moment this week? DH finally really got to feel her roll around. He said he felt her before but this week she’s been really active so he got to feel it lots.

Food Cravings?Sno Cone or Shave ice…neither of which I’ve had yet…boo!

Belly button in or out? It’s pretty much out now…

Milestones? 10 weeks (or less!) to go! And the belly pain has kicked in. The muscles/ligaments around the front of my belly really complain if I’m up and walking too too much. I guess it might be time


30 weeks with Noah

May 222012

I’ve really been neglecting this blog and it’s because this pregnancy is kicking my butt:) I’m exhausted! Most days I’m in bed by 8:30 (I blame Noah, he likes a quick snuggle before he goes to bed and I usually end up falling asleep there with him for a little while). The days that I’m not I’m trying to keep the house clean and make progress on baby girls bedding (which is coming along nicely!). Then there’s this thing called 50 Shades of Grey that I swore up and down I wasn’t going to read but caved and I just finished the second book. Once you get past the gratuitous sex parts and get to the main story line (and see how the sex falls in with it) it’s less appalling.

Anyways, I have a bunch of posts started and owe you all an update on Noah (since I’ve missed doing his monthly stuff for a while) which I’ll get to eventually! For now, here’s baby girl.

How far along are you? 29 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? Up 19 total. There was a big jump between the last two appts and I blame it on the heartburn. I’m forced to down milkshakes and chocolate milk to keep it at bay….that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!:)

Stretch marks? I’m crossing my fingers I’ll luck out this time too. My skin seems very stretchy (something I always hated as a kid and I’m thanking my lucky stars for now)

Baby Movement? Oh my goodness…she’s a rockstar in there. I sit in meetings around 4:00 and just watch her grove, my entire belly goes nutz. She’s definitely picked up in the movement department.

Best moment this week? Doc tells me she’s head down!! I’m so happy. I know there’s time for her to flip back but she’s in the right spot for now which is great.

Food Cravings?Milkshakes…thank you heartburn.

Belly button in or out? Someone remarked that my turkey timer is about to pop so I guess it’s sticking out more these days. It shows thru my shirts if they’re not super loose.

Milestones? No big milestones this week. We’re almost done with the bathroom reno so I can get on to the baby’s room. We’re heading up to PGH in a few weeks and I’m hoping to assess the condition of my childhood dresser and see if we can use it for baby girl (with a nice coat of turquoise paint!!!!…squeeee…I’m in love!)

Belly pic to come, my little tripod busted and I can’t find the switch plate for my big tripod. I’ll have to corner DH and ask him to take one one of these nights.

29 weeks with Noah

May 142012

How far along are you? 28 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? So, after swearing off the home scale I did try it. Not much of a jump so I’m convinced it’s wrong. We’ll see next week.

Stretch marks? Not yet. Thank you genetics!

Baby Movement? I love it. She’s to the point where my whole belly bounces when she gets grooving.

Best moment this week? Getting told by the neighbors that I look like I’m about to pop and then telling them that I have like 12 weeks left….no one believes I can get any bigger some how (but you look at my pics with noah and i’m no bigger now than I was with him:) ).

Food Cravings?Anything and everything??

Belly button in or out? Somewhere in between outtie and flat…

Milestones? Passing my gestational diabetes test. No one thought I’d fail but it’s nice to know for sure.


28 weeks with Noah

May 082012

How far along are you? 27 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? so far still 13 but I’m expecting a big jump. I’m starting to swell some now so count that water weight…ugh.

Stretch marks? Not yet. Thank you genetics!

Baby Movement? She’s alot like Noah, she’ll go gangbusters for like 2 or 3 days and then we’ll have a few quiet days. Alot of it goes with what I eat I suppose.

Best moment this week? I started to piece together her quilt! I’ll have to post about it later.

Food Cravings?No huge cravings this week..but I’ve eaten plenty…

Belly button in or out? It’s anybodies guess now as to what it will do. It’s flat again but has a small lip that sticks out.

Milestones? We’re up to 2 lbs of baby (a head of cauliflower)….still waiting for her to turn tho.


27 weeks with Noah

May 022012

ETA: Reading this again I realize how terrible I sound by saying I’m oblivious to this pregnancy and that I’m too busy. I guess it didn’t come out right. This time around there are so many other things to focus on that I have to stop and remind myself to relish her kicks and being pregnant. This is the last time we’re doing this and I need to savor every moment. Just like I need to savor the moments alone with Noah:)

Funny how things are different the second time around. I could make a list a mile long but the one that I think bothers me is the fact that I’m so oblivious to the fact that I’m pregnant. I mean, I know I am because how the heck could you miss that belly but I remember it being so different with Noah. Every kick and movement, I knew exactly how many weeks and days I was, when my next set of test are etc.. Most days now I’m too busy to even notice her kicks and rolls and I have to look on here to remember what week I am. Heck, I have to look at the calendar to remember my due date (I figure she’ll show up when she shows up…). I suppose that’s what you get when you’re chasing a toddler while your hubby renovates the last bathroom in the house:)

How far along are you? 26 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? so far still 13 but I’m not using my home scale so I’ll tell you for sure in another few weeks. I’m afraid there will be a huge jump this time around, I feel like I’ve gotten so much bigger.

Stretch marks? Not yet. Thank you genetics!

Baby Movement? Rockin and rolling now but I still think she’s breech…turn baby turn!!!

Best moment this week? Not baby girl related but Noah’s finally really starting to get this potty thing…wooohoo…here’s to hoping we can avoid two in diapers.

Food Cravings?Choco milk almost every night, a root beer float thrown in there on odd days…

Belly button in or out? It’s still hanging on with just that lip hanging out. You can definitely see it thru my shirts and it will pop the whole way out if I move a certain way.

Milestones? Braxton hicks are kicking in something fierce and so is the back pain. I didn’t have either with Noah so this is new and not welcome. I can’t imagine three more months of this….


26 weeks with Noah

Apr 262012

I had to laugh when I saw Jenni post about this exact topic just the other day. It’s good to know that I’m not alone in my need to have a ring on.

Knowing what my hands did with my pregnancy with Noah, I thought I’d get ready for it to happen again and remove my wedding band and e-ring early. They’re pretty tight anyways and I was worried that any swelling at all would force us to have them professional removed (which they likely wouldn’t survive).

The problem is, once they were off I felt bare. I’d find myself adjusting my phantom rings all day and it just didn’t feel right. Last pregnancy I looked around at Kohls and Target for a cheap alternative but couldn’t find anything that fit (even swollen my ring size is still under a 6 which seem to be the standard). I did find one band that worked but I wore it so much that I completely wore it out so it wasn’t an option for this time around.

Determined, I got on amazon and looked up rings size 5 and holy cow, they had lots! Pretty ones too and not for bad prices. I looked for a while and ended up with this bad boy….


A full wedding set for $35 (including shipping)! The seller is Titanium Kay and I was really happy with the whole process. They shipped it really quickly and it’s beautiful.

While it’s still a bit big (I could have done a 4.5 and been good) it leaves some room for swelling which since this baby is due in the summer, I’m sure will come.

Now, I don’t feel naked! How pretty right??:)

Apr 232012

I have to squeak this one out while DH and Noah are on a walk so let’s be quick. Had my Dr’s appt today and he declares me perfect:) Confirmed again it’s a girl and that my placenta is partially anterior. We discussed birth control after the baby and they scheduled me for my lovely glucose test:) Joy joy…

How far along are you? 25 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? up to 153 which is 5 more lbs than last month. 13 or so over all. My home scale says 10 overall so either way I’m doing well. I think was up 17lb at this point with Noah.

Stretch marks? Not yet. Thank you genetics!

Baby Movement? Still kicking low and on a pretty good schedule. She doesn’t like to be squished so she tends to kick harder when I have to be over to get something (or pick up a screaming toddler)

Best moment this week? Finding I didn’t gain as much as I thought:)

Food Cravings?Goes back and forth between milk and OJ. Choco milk after OJ is my friend:)

Belly button in or out? I think it’s going to be an outtie this time. There is a lip on it at night that sticks out, probably because of how she’s positioned.

Milestones? I guess she could see colors if she was on the outside at this point. just over 13in from head to heal she’s starting to pack on some fat now too.


25 weeks with Noah

Apr 192012

Keeping up with this weekly thing is harder with a toddler for sure! Especially one who’s loving this amazing weather and waiting to stay out until all hours (and promptly screams when you tell him it’s time to go in….)

Anywho, V week baby. Viability that is. This week marks 24 weeks (based on my LMP anyways) and a point in the pregnancy where, if born, with alot of medical help she could potentially survive. Now, not saying that we want to see her any time soon. In fact, I need her to cook for as long as possible (remind me I said that when I’m 39 weeks and miserable).

Enough chatter, on to the survey.

How far along are you? 24 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? I haven’t looked so I’ll just assume 8lbs. Appt is next week so I’ll tell you then. I’m sure I’m up more than 8lbs at this point, how much? well, we’ll see. I’ve been good about eating for the most part (a milkshake or choco milk at night to help the heartburn never hurt anyone:)

Stretch marks? Not yet. Thank you genetics!

Baby Movement? I have her schedule now, early AM, commute in, right after lunch then she’s quite until the late evening. She does wake me at 4:30 or so in the AM and loves to kick Noah as we snuggle and read at bed time. I felt the thump from the outside the other day. She stopped when DH put his hand down, of course!

Best moment this week? Um..I guess viablity although if you take it by my ultrasound then we have another week. If you go by my LMP then we’re right on. Regardless, keep cooking baby!!

Food Cravings?Milk – helps the heartburn.

Belly button in or out? I think it’s going to be an outtie this time. There is a lip on it at night that sticks out, probably because of how she’s positioned.

Milestones? Feeling her on the outside and viability.


24 weeks with Noah

Apr 132012

How far along are you? 23 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? I haven’t looked so I’ll just assume 8lbs. Next appt isn’t until 25 weeks.

Stretch marks? Not yet. Thank you genetics!

Baby Movement? She’s got a pattern now and prefers when I lay down. I haven’t seen my belly move but I’m sure she could move it if I just laid still long enough.

Best moment this week? Another boring week. Those are good in the pregnancy world.

Food Cravings?Nothing really thankfully.

Belly button in or out? In but barely….it very well may pop out this time (it does if i push on it now)

Milestones? Still have lovely heartburn but it’s manageable. My weekly email said she can feel me dance so I’m making an effort to dance with Noah more so she gets to participate too.

No picture’s been a hectic week….that said, I dont really think there’s any change.

23 weeks with Noah

Apr 102012

So, back at the drawing board, I decided to take a little different path to figure things out. I’d been using something called Olioboard to create mood board/room scenes for the other rooms in the house and thought it would be great for this. So, out to I went for more fabric inspiration that I could take to Olio to pair up.

I grabbed an image of our actual crib and rocker and then went from there by adding fabrics and matching dressers (the dresser will hopefully be mine from my childhood painted whatever color. I just hope it’s in good enough shape to use…)

This first one has our original dragonfly fabric and chevrons. I added a damask in turquoise and a plum pattern too. I think all the patterns are just too big and the dragon flies feel out of place. This is when I started digging the turquoise dresser.

Option 2 was my first attempt with new fabrics. I love the chevron and damask so I found a neat paisley to go with it. still a little overwhelming but in the right proportions it could work.

DH was drawn to the birds fabric so I did one up for him. I put a pink dresser in here originally but he wanted orange. So there you have it. I’m kind of digging this..

This option (4 now? sheesh)…reduces the number of fabrics and introduces a stripe instead of the chevron (but you can be sure i’ll find a way to get a chevron in there!!). The pattern on the flowery fabric is simpler which I think I kind of like.

and last but not least, my pink dresser. For someone who said they didn’t want pink, I really kind of dig this. The paisley is busy for sure but oh so pretty. I can do the bed skirt in the dots, chevrons, and a solid (maybe that blue). Then use the paisley in the curtains or some other accent.

So that’s where I am today…kind of stuck. I dont want to order 30 more dollars of fabric that I’m not going to use but I need to see these in person. I figure for now I’ll just keep staring at the mood boards and see what sticks..:)

What do you guys think? what option is your favorite?

Apr 092012

I don’t know what it is about girls but my brain has been buzzing with color schemes, crafts, and things to make for her. I was crazy with Noah for sure but this takes the cake. I’ve ordered fabric to make a quilt and am just about ready to order the fabric for her dust ruffle and curtains. Not to mention the yards of skinny elastic and folder over elastic that arrived today! Like I said on Facebook – good thing I have 4 months still!

Anywho, this is about color schemes. I had a whole post written with my original few color schemes and the one that “won” at the time but the more I looked at it the less happy I was with it. So, i’ll break this up in to two posts to show the progression and where I am now (which i’m not positive will be the final resting place but we’ll see).

When I started to pick out colors I didn’t want anything too too girlie. I don’t know why, guess I’m just not your typical pink mamma (although, don’t get me wrong – pink rocks…just not for her room). However, I’m starting to rethink that just a bit. Plus, I’m stuck with taupe colored neutral walls (because DH refuses to add anything else to his mile long honey do list) so I had to pick around that.

I started with a few color tools to get a sense of what I liked (MyColortopia,, and Pinterest) and then went to to find some fabric inspiration for her bedding.

The first option has pink in it and I really liked it but the fabric is back ordered until late May and I’m waaaaaay too impatient to wait for it. Plus, I wanted lime green, not olive. I could totally dig this scheme though.

Option 1

The next one was again more olivey than limey if you get what I mean. Still great colors in my book but not quite what I was looking for. Plus the patterned fabric was suuuuuuper expensive.

Option 2

This last one is our original winner (and surprisingly – or not – the first set of swatches I ordered). I love the whimsical dragonfly and the pop of the orange against the green. The purple is magenta/plum so finding a coordinating solid is a little challenging. I could see a purple dresser in there too…

Winning Option

My plan was to do the bedskirt in a solid plum, the green basket weave and the dragon fly. Then curtains would be white on top and the the bottom 2 or so feet will be either the chevron or the green basket weave and the dragon fly. I also ordered some flannel in coordinating fabrics to make a baby quilt for her to use when she’s bigger (some of which will now become burp cloths and bibs since I think I’m abandoning this completely).

The turn came when the fabric actually arrived and I started to pair it. Nothing worked for me…not like it did online. Perhaps it was my excitement but in reality it just wasn’t working. My mom agreed. So….back to the drawing board of sort….and on to part 2.

Apr 022012

How far along are you? 22 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? Looks like 8 lbs, not bad (start=140, monday=148)

Stretch marks? Not yet. Thank you genetics!

Baby Movement? She’s still really low although I feel some around my belly button now too (mainly when I’m laying on my side). Which means she’s still feet down.

Best moment this week? Boring week actually. Things are status quo for the time being.

Food Cravings?Nothing really thankfully.

Belly button in or out? In but barely….it very well may pop out this time (it does if i push on it now)

Milestones? Heartburn city! To much of anything sets it off. Plus my hands are swelling some already. I need to look back to see when it started with Noah.


22 weeks with Noah

Mar 262012

How far along are you? 21 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? Looks like 8 lbs, not bad (start=140, monday=148)

Stretch marks? Nopers, it’s stretching but no marks yet and it’s weird, no linea negra this time – at least yet.

Baby Movement? Doc gave me more info on why I’m not feeling her too much – my placenta wraps around from the back to the top front. So, where her head is (yes, her feet are still in my back), she has an extra layer of padding so I don’t feel it much.

Best moment this week? Getting complemented by the doc on keeping things under control weight wise. It’s been easier this time for sure (plus I didn’t have as far to go to get where I was with Noah so I have to try to keep things under wraps….)

Food Cravings?Nothing really thankfully.

Belly button in or out? In but barely….it very well may pop out this time (it does if i push on it now)

Milestones? It’s a girl and she’s starting to kick harder plus I’m feeling braxton hicks already. I never really felt them with Noah but I do with her (because i’m positive it’s not her repositioning herself, her feel are safely embedded in my back.)


21 weeks with Noah

Mar 192012

How far along are you? 20 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? 4.5

Stretch marks? Nopers, it’s stretching but no marks yet.

Baby Movement? Figured out why I wasn’t feeling her as much on friday..she’s breech and kicking towards my back. Makes sense now:) She’s getting stronger and enjoying the ice cream I just ate…she’s kicking me hard now.

Best moment this week? Catch the “she and her’s” in the previous statement? Yup, found out it’s a girl! Noah was right all along! I loved seeing her on the screen just chillin but she was not shy and gave the goods pretty quickly.

Food Cravings?Eh…potatoes if I had to name one.

Belly button in or out? In. It stayed in the whole time with Noah and I figure it will with this one too.

Milestones? Half way there baby! and it’s a GIRL!

And, since it was such a beautiful day today we went on a family walk thus no picture for you. Maybe tomorrow after I get home from work.

ETA: Finally got a pic!!


20 weeks with Noah

Mar 172012

I always had a gut feel with Noah on what he was so I never really subscribed to the old wives tales. This time around I’m conflicted, part of me says girl (because I’d love one of each) but the other part says boy. So, I decided to dig up the wives tales and figure it out. Unfortunately I’ve seen conflicting info so take this with a grain of salt.

Chinese Gender chart = Girl
Heartbeat (usually around 160 or so) = Girl (although, Noah’s was fast too so….)
Ring on string over wrist (or belly) = Girl (although I’ve read conflicting reports on this…it went in a circle for me)
Noah prediction = Girl (he keeps saying hi to his baby sister)
Carrying High vs. Low = Girl (but I carried high with noah too)
Craving sweets vs. sour = Boy (loving sour things right now – but then again, I always have)
Acne = Boy (my face has been really clear)
Evens and Odds (legend has it that the Mayans determined a baby’s sex by looking at the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception. If both are even or odd, it’s a girl. If one’s even and one’s odd, it’s a boy.) = Girl (age 31 conceived in 2011)
Morning sickness = boy (none for this babe really and really minor for Noah)

I’m sure there are more but at this point the overwhelming verdict is Girl….

Tune in on Monday for the weekly update to find out if it was right or not….care to take a guess in the mean time?

Mar 122012

How far along are you? 19 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? 4.5

Stretch marks? Nopers, it’s stretching but no marks yet.

Baby Movement? The thumps are getting stronger. Still not as strong as with Noah but I’m feeling them at least. Actually I’m getting weird tightening on one side or the other like I did in the later months with noah when he moved from side to side. It’s too early for Braxton Hicks so I assume this is just fuzz moving.

Best moment this week? It hasn’t happened yet but I expect Friday will be exciting when we have our level 2 sono!

Food Cravings?The carb and junk food cravings are kicking in. I’m trying to stick with the fruit thing though.

Belly button in or out? In. It stayed in the whole time with Noah and I figure it will with this one too.

Milestones? Nothing big yet, the movements are getting stronger and people are getting braver to ask if I’m PG vs. fat:)


19 weeks with Noah

Mar 072012

How far along are you? 18 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? 4.5

Stretch marks? Nopers, it’s far too early for that kind of stuff

Baby Movement? Again, still only small thumps. I wish this baby would get it’s act together and start showing mommy it’s in there. I know I’ll wish I’d never said that later but for now I miss the was always my little moment with the baby…

Best moment this week? Actually been a dull kind of week…..

Food Cravings?Fruit…lots of fruit

Belly button in or out? In. It stayed in the whole time with Noah and I figure it will with this one too.

Milestones? Gosh, I’m really dull this week. No big milestones…


18 weeks with Noah

Feb 272012

How far along are you? 17 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? Looks like 4.5 lbs, not bad (start=140, monday=144.5)

Stretch marks? Nopers, it’s far too early for that kind of stuff

Baby Movement? Small thumps here and there. I’d expected something stronger by now but I think this babe is sitting back further.

Best moment this week? Getting two stitches in my thumb after an accident with a knife and a bagel…okay, not the best moment but memorable none the less:)

Food Cravings?Tom Yum Soup if you can believe it..i think the sour/tang is what i’m after

Belly button in or out? In. It stayed in the whole time with Noah and I figure it will with this one too.

Milestones? More blood work to test for alpha fetal proteins which tell us if the neural tube closed the whole way or not…


17 weeks with Noah

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