May 152015

Gosh, it’s been a while. Sadly blogging here is a once and a while thing for me now. Keeping up with work (which starts at 7am generally these days due to working with overseas), the weather (because I want to spend every min outside in the beautiful weather with the kids), and Kloepping Photography (because I’ve been seeing an increase in sessions – yay!) I’m plum exhausted at the end of the day and have little time to blog personally. I feel bad because this has been a collection of stories as Noah grew and poor Lia has kind of gotten the shaft. At least I have lots of pictures of her since she’s the only one that will sit still for me and smile:)

So what’s new?

– He’s registered for Kindergarden in the Fall – WHAT?! When did he get so big!
– He’s such a little man now, demanding normal undies instead of character ones, wanting to take showers instead of baths and insisting on getting his own breakfast in the am.
– He’s super helpful with Lia (when he’s not antagonizing her for one reason or another) and I can actually ask him to help her with things like opening up her yogurt or getting her a cup of milk etc.. I even found them eating breakfast one morning when neither DH nor I were awake yet to get them fed. They did it themselves (and without making a mess!)
– I just can’t get over him some times. He’s so smart (I know, every mom says that about their kid but he really is!) He remembers everything and recalls it at random (and often hilarious) times. He likes to tell me about the things he learns in school, like the fact that octopuses lay eggs and so do chickens but we eat chicken eggs and not octopus eggs (and that he got to collect chicken eggs at Jeb farm).
– He’s still pretty obsessed with anything fire department related or anything construction related. He has a rubber mallet that he uses to bang rocks, knock wooden posts back into the dirt and other general “construction” stuff. He carries his tool bag around filled to the brim and insists on helping DH with everything in the shop (he has is own corner or scrap wood and a hammer and some nails)
– He wants to be a construction worker when he grows up – some days he wants to do roofs others he wants to be the digger.
– He likes to tell me what his house will be made of bricks when he’s a grown up and that he wants 7 kids – all boys.
– His best buddies are still the ones he had as a baby – Gus and Ben although Reid is making his way in there too now.
– He has a new bike and loves to go “mountain biking” on the dirt roads in our neighborhood (and the mulch paths – which are great fun apparently). He rides along side of me as I run, he’s a great coach.
– He has a skateboard as well and he’s actually quite good on it. He can’t turn but he’s got great balance.
– He started t-ball this year. I’m still holding my breath. He’s great and excited when it comes to batting but when it comes to fielding, he’s off day dreaming as the ball sits at his feet and the kid runs by. He needs a position that’s more engaging – like pitcher:) Maybe he’s a mountain biker or swimmer….
– He’s doing chores now for quarters instead of stickers – saving up for some spy gear or a lego helicopter.
– He likes legos and putting things together but I’m still working with him to use his imagination and not the instructions (or in addition to the instructions)

– Working on potty training still. I think this time around is the time. She went all week so far in undies and dry. It was like overnight it just clicked.
– She is the most caring and loving little creature there is. She’s concerned when you cough or say ouch and goes out of her way to make sure you’re okay (and kiss your boo boo). I hear “you okay mom?” a bunch from her. I also get “i’m sorry” and a quick pet when she hurts you (like when she smacked me in the head with a stick).
– She’s a hugger and kisser. She’ll snuggle in and then kiss you all over (and request the same back).
– She usually ends up in our bed at some time in the wee hours of the AM although this past week we’ve had a run where she’s managed to stay in her room all night long. Maybe we’ll get our bed back sooner than later.
– She’s a baby doll lover and mothers them. I find her toting them around, feeding them, tucking them in (and flipping them on their faces to “nap”).
– Is loving her new daycare (we switched them in April to one closer to our house)
– We still call her “repeat” because not only does she repeat what you say but has to do everything that Noah does. I find that she’s actually more daring than he was (and quite a bit more coordinated). She still doesn’t get the hang of the balance bike but I have a feeling she’ll get it by the end of the summer.
– She LOVES to run. Puts on her “running shoes” and she’s off. She insists that she must run if she’s in her running shoes.
– She loves to sing to herself. I find he in the corner playing with dolls and singing them songs. She also likes to put her books on the piano and pretend to play from them (like mommy does)

and no update post is completely without pictures..

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