Dec 042014

(as per normal for these check in’s I think – this is more bullet format than actual coherent with it..)

It’s been a while since I did a check in on the kids. Mostly because there’s not much to check in on but also because things happen so gradually that it doesn’t seem like much has changed and then I step back for a second and realize that a ton has changed!

Like – Lia’s really starting to talk more. You can hold a conversation with her and both parties actually understand what’s going on. There’s still plenty of jibberish coming from her mouth (almost a constant stream) but I’d say 80% of it is legible to not just us.

– she asks a question like “where’s daddy” and you answer. Then she returns “okay”….like, “I got it mom, storing that for later”.
– “noah did it” or “macie did it”….etc..
– looking at the picture of our wedding day she busts out with “look at your pretty dress mommy”
– or “look at my froggie” as she points to her PJ’s.
– “no like it” when she’s not happy with something or doesn’t want to look/listen/do
– We’ve entered the “i do” stage (or “lia do”)
– how she always calls herself “lia grace” or “noah andrew”

We call her CC or Repeat because if Noah has it, she has to have it. Or if Noah does it, she follows right along and does it too.

She tantrums like you can’t believe. It’s totally karma coming back to bite me for the torture I put my parents through.

Still a hugger and a kisser. She has to be touching you too to fall asleep. Which means we’re still having to stick with her as she falls asleep and she ends up with us at either 2am or 4am.

For all those signs at early potty training, we still haven’t made a ton of progress there. She’s fine at school and out places but at home she has zero interest (less than zero is that’s possible). I’m trying to incentivize her with pretty minnie mouse panties…not working!

Her hair is FINALLY filling in I hope. She’s entered a funny stage where it’s super fluffy and full but not long enough to lay. She has one longer layer over top which is the only thing saving her from a full on spike. You can see less of her scalp than before. I’m happy because I thought she was going to look all ragged forever. The recent hair cut really helped shape it up some (Now I want to retake our family pictures since it looks so ratty in them…oh well).

Her little personality is really starting to shine. She’s so funny and loves to make you laugh. She roars at you and giggles so hard when you pretend you’re scared (she’ll go one for 20 min if you let her).

She’s a dancer! This girl can and loves to move. You put on her songs and she’s beboppin around the living room arms flailing, feet tapping or hopping and her head rocking back and forth. I love it. She’s actually got quite a bit of rhythm for a 2 year old. I see dance lessons in our future!

She is good with directions and will go get what you ask her to. More than that though, she knows where things are – obscure things like mommy’s knitting bag etc.

She can dress herself for the most part – needs a bit of help with the pants but really she’s come downstairs completely dressed all on her own. She’s even pretty good a picking out matching clothing. (which is good because whatever she puts on is what she’s wearing and she won’t let you change it).

She loves to draw and color – it’s almost a sure fire way to distract her.

Anyways. I could probably go on and on about how long her legs are or how she loves to kiss you or how sweet she is when she accidentally hurts you (or how feisty she is when she doesn’t get her way) but then we’d be here forever. I just want to soak it all in – she’s so much fun right now and I know she’ll never be this little again and for all the frustrating parts of this age – there are 10 times more fun parts.


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