Nov 042014

I think DH comments at least daily about how much he loves our neighborhood and I totally agree. All of the time hunting to figure out what we wanted and didn’t want then trying to find a place that checked all the boxes has really paid off. We love it out here. What makes it even better is that we’ve had some awesome neighbors move in around us. We have 4 families in close proximity and they all have kids. Two have kids whose ages match ours and the other two have some a bit older.

The guys across the street have one Noah’s age and then three a bit older. We all end up outside in the evenings just hanging out and playing. I love that the older boys are not entirely annoyed when Noah wants to play with them (and their little sister). Lia’s just happy to be along for the ride most times.

A few weeks ago we ended up outside playing baseball in the street (the street does not yet continue past us so no one comes down this way). Our neighbor patiently explained to Noah how to play and what to do and then stood there and pitched for him (and his daughter) for what seemed forever. It was really nice of him and made Noah so happy!!

Seems Noah has a knack for baseball so it looks like I’m going to be signing him up for spring ball:)

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