Oct 082014

So we’re already through the first month of round 2 of the Bikini Body Mommy program! I can’t believe how fast things have flown. I have to admit that I’ve not been as focused on this challenge as I was the last one. Just lots going on plus I’m trying to train for 2 half marathons this fall so I’ve had to mix things up.

That said, I am making sure to work out 6 times a week and would say 90% of the time it’s with Brianna’s videos. I generally do the strength days and then on the HIIT cardio days, I do my runs. On the days that I cant get a run in then I’ll do the prescribed HIIT cardio work out. So far it’s worked out and I’m seeing results. My clothes fit better again and I just generally feel more healthy

Starting Measurements:
Waist – 30 in
Hips – 37.75 in
Chest – 33.5 in
Thigh – 20.75 in
Bicep – 10.5 in
Calf – 14.25 in

Day 30 Measurements:
Waist – 29 in (-1)
Hips – 36.75 in (-1)
Chest – 33 in (-.5)
Thigh – 21 in (+.25)
Bicep – 10.5 in (0)
Calf – 14.25 in (0)

So – not as drastic as the first time around but I attribute that to a bunch of things.

1. I didn’t have that much more to go like I did the first time (those last 5 lbs are stubborn!).
2. I bumped up to heavier weights so I’m building some muscle in my arms (hello bicep definition).
3. I’m running a lot which builds the muscle in my legs
4. My nutrition has not been on point lately. Not that it’s bad – overall we’ve shifted for the better but I’ve let myself have a few indulgences as of late.

Time to buckle down in the next 30 and see if I can get those last few pounds off and tone up my arms and back.

Maybe I’ll take pics that I can share with everyone at the next check in… this time I’m too lazy:)

It’s never too late to get started! If you’re interested in joining us, let me know. We have a great support group on Facebook!!

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