Sep 162014

Last week we started another round of the Bikini Body Mommy 90 day challenge ! Since it worked so well the first time, I’m trying it again. The big difference this time is trying to work in half marathon training into the schedule (like replacing at least 2 or my HIIT cardio workouts with runs…we’ll see).

The program consists of 6 days a week of short high intensity workouts that alternate between cardio and strength. They’re generally under 25 min which is totally digestible when the only time you have to do them is after the kids are in bed – at 9:30pm!

They have check in’s every 15 days and encourage you to stay off the scale in the mean time (did you know that your weight can swing as much as 5 lbs in either direction in a short period due to water retention etc..)

Starting Measurements:
(they’re pretty much my ending measurements of the first challenge…)
Waist – 30 in
Hips – 37.75 in
Chest – 33.5 in
Thigh – 20.75 in
Bicep – 10.5 in
Calf – 14.25 in

If anyone is interested in joining our Facebook group, let me know. We have a great group of gals who are working together to encourage each other to keep going and pushing hard!!

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