Aug 112014

So I missed posting the meal plan for last week because we were at the beach. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t plan though. We went to the beach with a full menu planned – both lunch and dinner. We stuck to it for the most part (because I worked in ample “eating out” options) but did cook at home at least 1/3 of the time (and I’d say 90% of our lunches were at home). So, I only gained 3lbs while at the beach (thanks to an ample supply of margaritas and daiquiri mix).

This week is a “getting back into the swing of things” week. I have not made it to the grocery store yet so the earlier meals are based on what I have in the kitchen. Hopefully I can get out to the store tomorrow.

I’m also going to skip sat/sun most times since we’re out and about and have no idea what we’re doing.

Sun – Pizza
Mon – Pasta and Sauce (crockpot bolognese that I’ve frozen)
Tues – Kung Pao chicken with Zoodles
Wed – Out (we’re running around this evening to appointments)
Thurs – Sweet Honey Salmon with Asparagus
Friday – Chicken Corn Chowder

Mon – Out
Tues – Banana Sushi
Wed – Chicken Pesto Sandwich (just chicken breast shredded with Kirkland Pesto mixed in, a little water cress and some mozzarella and we’re good)
Thurs – Spinach, Strawberry, Goat Cheese, Pecan Salad (with Edamame)
Friday – Salami Wraps (just salami, mustard and cheese – no bread)

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