Aug 132014

To catch everyone up – 90 (well…101 as of this writing) days ago, I started the Bikini Body Mommy challenge with a few girlfriends. The workouts were 20 min, 6 days a week and alternated between HIIT Cardio and Strength Training. The premise was that you pushed yourself hard for those 20 min and gave it everything you had and while the calorie burn was not huge, over the week it adds up. Combine it with clean/smart eating and you have a recipe for weight loss and improved health!

I’m so proud to say that I made it through the entire 90 days without missing a workout. Last day of the challenge was the day we were driving to the beach so I actually finished on Sunday. But I still finished strong! It actually felt weird while we were on vacation to not be taking the time each night to tune in and sweat (no fear – we did enough during the day between boogie boarding, walking, running, and bike riding to make up for it).

My last week of the challenge my nutrition was all over the place so I think the final numbers could have been better but there was steady progress (and then I went on vacation and indulged a bit which erased some of that progress…*sigh*)

By the scale I’m down about 7lbs since I started this and here’s how the inches stack up. Not a huge change from day 75 to day 90 but from 1-90 there was quite a bit.


I missed my calf measurement in that table but I lost an inch there too!

Sadly, I don’t have after pictures because we were at the beach (and I didn’t think to ask anyone to take my pic…*sigh* the life of a photographer. Always behind the camera, never in front)

So, now that this is over I’m left with “now what?!” -itis. There is a 3.0 coming in the new year plus she’s re-releasing 2.0 come September. I personally have to get on the half marathon training program and will continue with a mini challenge that was posted during the lull between 1.0 and 2.0. Bottom line, I’m not stopping here. I have another 5-10lbs that I’d love to lose and this seemed to work well for me so I’m gonna keep on doing it!

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