Jul 182014

So, I’ve been following the Bikini Body Mommy program for 75 days now without any big misses (I think I outrightly skipped 2 workouts but only on days where I’d done something else active – like run or bike) and it’s showing!

As of day 75 I’m down almost 10.5 inches and 6lbs which is huge for me since up to this point I tried everything and could not make that scale budge. The progress is slower than I’d like (of course) but yesterday was a turning point for me. Mainly because people outside of my immediate family noticed and commented on the changes.

We have 15 days left and it all culminates in a beach trip for the family! Totally didn’t plan it that way but it works out well. I’ll actually be at the beach for final weigh in and measurements so I may have to do them before I leave – a day shy of the real ones.

Starting Measurements:
Chest – 36
Waist – 33
Hips/Tush – 39
Thigh – 23
Calf – 15
Bicep – 12

75 day Measurements:
Chest – 33.5 (-2.5)
Waist – 29.5 (-3.5)
Hips/Tush – 38.25 (.75) (so excited to see this move)
Thigh – 21 (-2)
Calf – 14 (-1)
Bicep – 10.75 (-1.25)

Trying out the new bikini in this last set of pics!!


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