Jun 162014

Somehow we made it to Monday again in the blink of an eye. Last week we did pretty well following the menu for dinner. For lunch..well, let’s say that my co-worker is really persuasive about going out for lunch…

Here we go for this week:

M: Veggie Sushi (already blew this – worked from home and had mac n cheese)
T: Banana Sushi
W: Thai Spinach Salad
R: Out
F: Out

Sat: Grilled BBQ Chicken, corn and broccoli
Sun: Filet Mignon with red skinned mashed potatoes and corn
Mon: Tacos with Black Beans
Tues: Chicken Corn Chowder
Wed: Salmon on the grill with asparagus
Thurs: Leftovers – they’re taking over the fridge.
Fri: Out/Pizza

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