Jun 172014

On Costco Snacks…

N: Can we go to Costco for snacks (as we drive by Costco on our way out of daycare)
Me: No, I forgot my card, we can’t get in.
N: Okay, well, we’ll go home and you can get your card, put it in you pocket so you don’t lose it and we can go tomorrow.
(tomorrow – rather, this morning)
N: Mom, did you get your Costco card?
Me: No buddy, haven’t grabbed it yet.
N: Well get it and put it in your pocket so you don’t lose it. We need to get snacks from Costco after school.

On getting wood:
N: Where’s daddy going?
Me: He’s going to get wood to build the shelves.
N: He’s going to Costco?
Me: No
N: He’s going to Target?
Me: No
N: Grocery Store?
Me: No
N: HOME DEPOT! He’s going to Home Depot! I wanna go!

On anything that I don’t let him do:
N: You never let me do anything ever and ever!

On eating his cereal:
N: I ate ah-hundred cereals and I’m gonna get big and strong and have a big belly.

On eating all his fruit:
N: Fruit is healthy right?
Me: Yes, fruit is healthy.
N: It’s gonna make me super big and strong like daddy.

On Lia and Potty training:
N: She’s not tall enough to use the potty. I’m taller and can use the potty, she can’t.
Me: But we have the little potty on the floor.
N: But that’s for babies, she’s not a baby either.

I could go on and on with these. He’s a riot of stringing together various conversations and pieces of information.

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