Jun 072014

So, just over 30 days ago I started this Bikini Body Mommy program with a few of my old high school friends in an effort to shape up, change my lifestyle and loose a few pounds.

The program consists of 6 days a week of short high intensity workouts that alternate between cardio and strength. They’re generally under 25 min which is totally digestible when the only time you have to do them is after the kids are in bed – at 9:30pm!

They have check in’s every 15 days so I figured I’d share some results because well, evening training for a half marathon didn’t make my weight budge but this..this is working!

Starting Measurements:
Chest – 36
Waist – 33
Hips/Tush – 39
Thigh – 23
Calf – 15
Bicep – 12

30 day Measurements:
Chest – 35 (-1)
Waist – 31 (-2)
Hips/Tush – 39 (0) (which is as expected, I don’t carry my weight there…I carry it in my belly)
Thigh – 22 (-1)
Calf – 15 (0)
Bicep – 11 (-1)

I’m trying not to focus on the weight aspect of this whole thing. Muscle weighs more than fat right? Although I can’t pretend that I don’t care about the scale number – I do..alot! I’m just trying really hard not to focus on it. That said, from the time I started this to day 30 I’m down 4 lbs. 4lbs in a month isn’t bad considering it’s always hardest to lose that last 10 right?

I can’t believe I’m going to share these because they’re terrible but the do show a small difference which I’m hoping after the next 30 days will be an even bigger difference.

(ignore the messy basement and horrible look on my face…selfies after you busted our butt for 30 min are not exactly the most flattering pictures)


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