Jun 212014

Almost as soon as I finished the last blanket – wait, I’m not finished, I haven’t woven all the ends back in, oh well – I started this one. I hadn’t intended on starting one so soon nor was this the one I had planned on but it just happened. I was at my mom’s and we swung by Joann and this yarn was the softest they had and in pretty colors – oh and on sale:) So I grabbed a bunch of skeins and set off to do another blanket.

I’ve been waffling between a chevron stripe or a granny stripe for my next project. Given that the last one took me so long, I wanted something fast but still pretty. The granny stripe won out. I’m good at that stitch and it goes up fast. Which is good since I’m doing this full sized – each row takes about 30 min to get through.


I was actually much further along when I realized that I botched the ends of a few rows and had to rip out 4 or 5 rows back to fix it. Talk about heart breaking. But, I’m back to where I was before the rip out and I love it! Like I said, it goes up quick but since I’ve not had a ton of time the progress is slow. I’ll get a row or two in every few days.

You can look up any granny stripe and they’re pretty much the same pattern. I used this one in particular to get started. I’m looking forward to seeing it progress and ultimately finishing it. I already have my next two projects lined up:)

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