May 052014

A few weekends ago we had friends over who had a very articulate 2.5 year old. She and Noah hit it off and we’d find them deep in toddler/preschooler conversation a various points of the day.

Noah was showing her his legos and telling her a story about the man on the car.
N: (struggling to get his Lego man to sit in the car)
E: You have to be patient
N: Yea, there’s traffic…

Other times he busts out with the most hilarious observations and/or logic..

N: Daddy, what happened to your face
DH: (thinking he’d done something goes to look in the mirror) I don’t see anything bud, what did you see?
N: all those cuts on your face, do they hurt?
DH: (confused as he sees no cuts…until he realizes..)…Oh buddy, those are wrinkles.
N: it’s okay daddy, they’ll heal

I really need to get on the ball and write more of these down.

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