Apr 062014

Before we even moved into this neighborhood, DH was talking about how much fun we’re going to have with our kayak on the lake. Funny thing though, we didn’t actually own a kayak. His chatter increased after we moved in and hit a peak the last few weeks because of all the nice weather. So, we finally broke down and took advantage of the fact that Costco had a kayak at a relatively reasonable price and took the plunge.

After being disappointed yesterday because it was cold and windy, today turned out to be the perfect day for a spin. So, we saddled her up on the wagon and headed over to the launch point which is about a 3 min walk down the road.

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Noah was so excited to get out there although he was a bit pissed we wouldn’t let him paddle. We still have to get a smaller paddle (that floats) for him to use. The ones that were included are just too big for him.

It was so nice. Quiet, beautiful, and relaxing. I can see this becoming something we do in the evenings for sunset.

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