Apr 102014

Lia has a thing for socks. Whether they’re on her feet or off (usually they’re off…) she loves them. She takes them off, puts them on, collects them, and hides them. Wherever that sock is, if she sees it she has to have it. Case in point, I sorted all the clean close on the bed in the guest room and had to go in there to grab her pants. I was holding her until she spotted the socks. She screams, “Socks!” and dives from my arms onto the bed. She comes up with two fists full of socks and a huge smile on her face. I tried to explain that we only need one pair but she was having none of it. All the socks came along for the ride down to breakfast (which meant they got a ride back upstairs once Lia was off to school). Her teachers at school have even commented about how they’re always having to put her socks and shoes back on her.

I’m looking forward to summer when I can put her in just sandals however I don’t know if I want to take her joy away by not putting socks on too:) It makes her so happy (and sooooo mad when one escapes out of her reach).

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