Apr 162014

How can you deny your child when the actually ask to use the potty? I’m certainly not going to. So, when daycare mentioned that she basically helped herself one day and actually had success, we decided to break out the froggie potties and give it a go. Forget that she’s still 4 months shy of 2.

So far we’ve had more failures than successes but she can generally “perform” if you plop her down. Daycare is having her sit at the times they normally do diaper changes and some times it works, sometimes it doesn’t. She’s been hit or miss too with telling us. She generally tells us after she’s done so we switched to pull ups to see if the feeling the wetness helps any. Again, the results are mixed.

I’m not really pushing this, just going with the flow and letting her lead. I was very surprised that she initiated it this early but figured we should just see what happens. My fear is that this will just get drawn out forever (vs. Noah who mastered it in about 3 months) but we’ll see. Once she hits 2 we can try harder if she’s not mastered it yet.

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