Apr 012014

I’m starting to feel bad about these monthly update – or lack there of. I was looking back at Noah’s and I was pretty consistent until two so I figure I have to make up for with Lia:)

20 Months huh? That spot half way between 1.5 and 2 where they’re more little kid than baby but you (I) refuse to let go of the baby part. The place where we start thinking about potty training and bracing for the terrible twos.

Lia’s a funny but fierce little girl. She goes from sweet as pie to mad as a hornet in about .2 seconds if she’s not getting what she wants. Her language skill have yet to arrive so I’m sure that’s extra frustrating. She makes the best faces when she’s mad though..it’s really hard not to laugh. She’s ended up in time out a bunch lately and she’s totally compliant which is a change…Noah was not one for timeouts – they’d go on forever because he’d never actually stay in them.

As for words – Mamma, Dadda, Bubba, Noah, Macie, eeah (pointing to herself), NO!, ball, boat, jacket, head, nose, apple, milk, bye bye are the most clear. The rest you can figure out usually. She just started making animal sounds when you ask her what says what. She like the lion (roar…) and the sheep (baaa) the best.

She’s a kisser – she loves to kiss (usually). She’ll walk over to any one of us and plant a kiss on the closest thing to her. Sometimes it’s your leg, sometimes your foot. Generally your hip or if you’re holding her it might actually make it to your cheek. Regardless, it’s so adorable. She’s definitely a lover and a snuggler.

She’s a talker too…oh my goodness. Like I mentioned before, she has few words but that does’t stop her from having a full on conversation with you in gibberish. Inflection and all….she gets it right and even appears to as you a question (and point). She must figure that we talk to each other like that so if she does it then we’ll totally understand her. Haha…

I’m still rocking her to sleep which I know I should break but I just love the night time snuggles with her and since she’s our last I’m soaking it in and figure we’ll deal with it when she gets to a big girl bed (which could be soon…we move Noah to a big bed around 23 months…).

She’s decided to potty train herself which I’ll expand on in another post (because you know you want to know all about her potty habits right??!) and we’re just going with it even though she’s a little early. I credit it to the older kids at daycare and her older brother.

I’m still in denial that I’ll have a 2 year old and 4 year old by the end of the summer. I miss the baby stage a little bit but I’m loving this stage so much more. We’re getting to a point with both of them that we can start doing the fun “educational” trips and family events and see that they really understand what’s happening and have fun with it (whereas before it was more for DH and I:) ).

And…per tradition:)
Length:up to my hip? best I could do given she moves so much
Head:big…haha. I don’t think it’s changed much actually.
Sleep: She still has not yet mastered putting herself to sleep. She’ll sleep through the night just fine (with the occasional cluster of Night Terrors which are horrible) but when it actually comes to falling asleep she’s a mess unless it’s on your chest (with three blankets, a sippy, and a book).
Eating:anything and everything still
Milestones: Has a full conversation of gibberish with you. Has decided to start potty training herself…

And I promise I have more pictures but man…I sit down to work on them and I pass out. Perhaps I need to move to an actual desk when I’m editing vs the couch.


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