Mar 122014

I’m never good a taking pictures for these things but I made an effort this time. However, all the pics I took of myself in the clothes did not turn out (1. i look fat 2. they were all out of focus) so you’re stuck with just pics of them on the floor.

This is my 5th fix. My last one I kept everything so I was excited to see how things one would shape up. Turns out that the same stylist picked me up this time and again did a great job. I didn’t keep everything but I did keep a chunk.

First things first – Edie was my stylist again which was exciting because she knew what she sent last time and found pieces that would work with my previous fix. I love the style cards they include and actually have been keeping them on a shelf in my closet for when I need inspiration.


The first piece was this pretty paisley keyhole top. I loved it. The fit was nice and flowy and went well with both jeans and my work slacks. It goes well with the blue cardi from my last fix so that’s a bonus.



Next up was a dress that I loved when I pulled it out. I was so excited to try it on. Unfortunately, it was too small!:( My rib cage was just too big and I couldn’t zip it up all the way. It was too bad because I really loved the pattern on the top front.



STATUS: Send Back:(

This shirt was nice and light which will be great for summer. The fit was nice and had some good movement to it. Plus since the colors are so neutral I can try a few different bottoms with it.



This red stripped number I loved as well. There’s a small faux leather detail on the pockets and it’s this great stretchy knit that could be casual but also dressed up. I actually plan on wearing it tomorrow!!



The last piece was this awesome collar necklace. I loved it on but really didn’t have anything to match it in my closet so I ended up sending it back. I just couldn’t justify the budget for something I don’t have a thing for. I think I may regret it later but we’ll see. Perhaps I just sent it back to make myself feel better for not keeping the entire fix.


STATUS: Send back

So, I ended up with three more shirts from this fix which is funny since 3 of my top 5 favorite tops came from Stitch Fix. I foresee the rest of that top 5 being rounded out by this fix.

Now, having been through 5 of these I’ve found the following three tricks to yield better boxes:

1. Make sure you have a full style profile (and keep it up to date)
2. Provide them with a Pinterest board with your style likes on it.
3. Provide them timely and detailed feedback on past fixes so that they start to learn what you like and don’t like.

Lastly, I was not compensated by Stitch Fix for this write up. It’s just fun to share with everyone. That said, I have included my referral link below if you want to sign up which does give me a credit when you sign up and receive your first fix:)

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