Mar 312014

(i have her 20 month post ready – just need to finish the pictures from the other day…maybe tomorrow)…

Lia’s independence streak is starting to show. I don’t remember it this early with Noah but alas…she wants to do everything herself. I first noticed it with feeding (she will not let you feed her…period. She has to do it herself). And just recently I found her like this:

Pantless for a good part of the day because she couldn’t figure it out nor would she let us help in any way. Not even to turn the pants around to help her put them on the right direction.

I found her in her crib this AM with both legs in one pant leg (and mad as a hornet about it..). I also find her putting her socks on which she’s actually quite good at (although she’s better at taking them off.)

She can do her jacket, hat, and shirt (if you pull it over her head first). She also likes to brush her teeth on her own (and just recently – potty on her own – more on that later).

Anyways, I can see we’re going to have our hands full with her (perhaps not literally..if she’s so independent and all…)

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