Mar 172014

I found out a few weeks ago that the big dino exhibit at the Natural History Museum was going away for a while so they an update it, clean the bones and do some analysis. They say it will be closed for 5 years?! Which means Noah will be almost 9 and Lia almost 7…so I knew we had to make one last trip down before this happened.

Our first stop was the museum but things didn’t go they way I thought they would (therefore I don’t have many pictures of us in there). Noah’s to an age where life sized things are really real to him and therefore he’s pretty darn scared of them. The T-rex dino that he loves in his books was just too much for him in person and he ended up running through the exhibit as fast as he could not really stopping to look at anything.

Same happened in the Mammals room where I think we scared the living daylights out of him at the bat display. He was looking at the fruit bats and I was trying to shield him from the bat with the mouse in its claws when he looked over his shoulder to see one of the large black bats (which is about the size of a small squirrel) staring back at him with its yellow eyes. He screamed (an honest terror scream) and started to cry. He buried his head in my shoulder and refused to come out until we were far far away from the bats. I was trying really hard to stifle a giggle because his reaction was priceless but I didn’t want to downplay his fear. He was really terrified and talked about it the rest of the afternoon (how he hated the bats..).

Anyways, we made quick rounds of the museum because of this fear (DH walked Lia through everything while I took the shortcuts with Noah) and it left us some time before DH wanted to head home. It was nice enough outside so we decided to walk the 10 blocks down the Mall to the Capitol building. We’d never actually been down that far so it was a fun thing to do. DH wanted so badly to stand on the steps but they were blocked off. We were able to get to the lower plaza and take some pictures.

Finally the cold started making it’s way back in and we had a 20 block walk back to the car. It was waaaay past nap time and Lia had had it. So, DH left me with her on a park bench and ran with Noah back to the car. I totally win mom of the year because she had no hat nor gloves (DH had them both) and I was keeping her occupied and still using goldfish crackers. That is..until that wasn’t enough and she started to wail. I caught a few sympathetic stares as well as a few judgmental ones (likely because of her lack of hat – I did put her hood up but she wouldn’t leave it). Regardless, it was a nice day with an eventful ending but we have all the great memories from it.

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