Feb 022014

Digging back into the archives for this one. I realized I never actually ever posted about this trip. DH grew up just down the road from this place and had fond memories going as a child and we’d always wanted to go with our kids. Soergels Orchards are located in Wexford, Pa and feature a fall festival complete with pumpkin patches, hay rides, and a wide array of attractions for the kids.

We had a blast riding the tractor up the hill to the pumpkin patch (it was actually pretty crazy and steep) and then walked back down. We bought a book of tickets which was enough to keep Noah occupied for a few hours. Lia even seemed to have a blast. What we didn’t prepare for was how cold it was. It was much chillier than we’d anticipated so we were lacking the basic things like hats and gloves which then limited our time outside.

None the less, the kids had a blast and slept the entire way home and we made some beautiful new memories.

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