Feb 232014

4 years ago around this time I was waiting through those last 2 centimeters loving my epidural man….today I’m listening to a quiet house while DH takes Noah swimming and Lia catches up on her sleep. We had a blast yesterday at Noah’s party (post forthcoming) and I’m in awe of the fact that I have a 4 year old on my hands.

Life with Noah these days is a mixture of awe, hilarity and frustration. Watching how self sufficient and independent he’s become fills me with awe. What’s even more amazing is he’s actually able to successfully accomplish what he insists on doing (dressing, bathing, setting the table, emptying the trash etc). I just can’t get over it. I can ask him now to help Lia with small things and it actually works!

The hilarity comes in when he repeats something that we’ve said and uses it correct context. “That was super mommy” or “That might be a possibility daddy”. Or better yet, lays out one of the stories from his head that go into such crazy and disconnected details that you can’t do anything but nod along chuckling to yourself. It’s a mish mosh of crazy from his head and other stories we’ve told him in the past. I love it.

Frustration happens at least 5 times a day, every day. Most of the time from him because he can’t do things or we won’t let him do things but many times it comes from us because he’s the king at pushing his limits. I’ve caught him out of the corner of my eye pushing his little sister (and then denying it when we confront him) or touching that thing that I asked him repeatedly not to touch just to see if he can get away with it. The “No Monster” still rears his ugly head some days but retreats back to his cave with a quick application of redirection. Get him talking about fires, firemen, rescues, tools, or ninja turtles and he’s all better. Typical 3 verging on 4 year old type of stuff.

Like a typical 3/4 year old he’s a walking contradiction. He’s strong headed and strong willed yet at the same time sensitive to being told “no” or being yelled at (actually, we don’t yell – just reprimanding him, even in a calm tone, upsets him to the point where he retreats to a quite spot to pout). He’s not a fan of loud noises or puppets (?!) and will find a place to bury his head however, he’s the first to forget about his indoor voice and start shouting while he’s playing. He loves sweets and candy but will tell you that he doesn’t want them (sometimes) because they won’t make him big and strong.

I know I say it every birthday but he’s turning into such a little man and every year I say that this age is better than the last and that this may be my “favorite”. It’s true though. I’ve loved every stage (even the whiny one from 1-3..haha) and looks like this one is going to be so much fun – I can’t wait!

Here’s my little man from birth on up….how they change!!

Hello World - 24 hours old

Hello World – 24 hours old

Mmm..cake - 1 year old

Mmm..cake – 1 year old

Dinosaurs? 2 years old

Dinosaurs? 2 years old

Take my picture - 3 years old...

Take my picture – 3 years old…

4 Years old!!!

4 Years old!!!

(for the record)
Height: 42 lbs
Weight: we’ll find out wed at his dr’s appt
Sizes: 4T/4 and some 5 pants – 4T/4/xs shirts

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