Jan 312014

18 months huh? She’s moving on up in the daycare world to the next room and growing by leaps and bounds. I love seeing her little personality emerge. She’s silly and oh so smiley but has a fierce temper when she’s frustrated or doesn’t get her way. She’s got a streak of the dramatic too when things are not right (gracefully splaying herself prone on the floor when you leave the room…crocodile tears and all).

She likes to do girly things like shop. I find her, purse strung over her arm, pushing her shopping cart up and down the halls. It’s full of things she found around the house like her sippy, other cups/bowls, play food, clothes…whatever she can find. Usually one of her babies is in the front seat. It’s all so hilarious.

We never push gender roles here and I think she would have been perfectly happy with all of Noah’s boyish toys but man, as soon as we got a few baby dolls, play kitchen and a shopping cart up in this place, her inner girl came bursting out and we found her naturally gravitating to those items. I find it fascinating.

Weight:24.7 lbs
Length:32.75 inches
Head: I don’t know but she’s still like 95% (19ish inches)
Sleep: Better! We get a few nights here and there where she’s up to party from about 2 – 4 but those are stretching out thankfully.
Eating: Everything in sight! No problems with being picky or no appetite (now that I say that I’m jinxing myself for sure). We’ve just recently started to give her a fork and a spoon to feed herself. I don’t know why we waited so long other than we just didn’t think to do it earlier.
Sizes: Carters 18’s, 18-24 mos and few 2T things. She’s tall with long legs so I have to use the 2T pants sometimes for them to be long enough.
Milestones: Words are slowly coming. She’s a chatter box but much of it’s babble. She’ll try to repeat what you’re saying so we’re making progress. DH said if you just listen to her you can tell what she’s saying…most of the time that’s true. Otherwise she’s block stacking, climbing, running, and has figured out how to get the printer to give her paper to color on. For the most part, when Noah does something or goes somewhere she has to go too. I started to dress him for the snow the other day and she drops her snow pants and jacket on my lap and waits for me to dress her as well.





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