Jan 252014

HE…LL….is more like it. I’m still adjusting to our new washer when it comes to our cloth diapers. When we got the new house we purchased a beautiful new HE washer and dryer. I felt so grown up with this fancy schmancy top loading washer that sings to me at the end of the cycle. Then I did diaper laundry in it… I knew going into it we’d have to adjust but I was not prepared for how much (and I’m still not adjusted). To make matters more complicated it’s agitator-less too. Great for those monster sized loads of laundry, not so great for diapers that need the friction to dislodge the ground in dirt.

First load I did using a similar pattern to my previous life and even after a full wash and two rinses they still smelled like poo….boo! So I shifted to a longer rinse cycle, longest hottest wash cycle, and two more long rinse cycles. There was a marginal improvement. Then I tried doing a rinse, then a hot wash where I added a pre-soak but the presoak was in cold water. So I dumped 5 buckets of scalding hot water into the machine. Finally I’m starting to make headway…so…we stand today at:

1 super long cold rinse (longest I can get it)
1 super hot wash with presoak where I dump in buckets of hot water
2 super long rinses

total time for this effort if I stay on top of it..?? 8 hours give or take some change. And sometimes, if they’re especially dirty I have to toss a second wash and soak in there to get the smell out. So..10 hours…

This is the point where I’m really glad I have enough diapers to last us three or 4 days between washings because between work and life it takes me about 2 days to finish a load.

I know we’re still adjusting but I’m holding strong with the cloth. She’s 18 months now and if she’s like her brother, we’ll start potty training her in about 6 months…so really we don’t have that much longer in diapers. *Crossing my fingers*

Anybody else have significant issues when they switched to a high efficiency washer?

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