Dec 302013

It’s been a long while since I’ve done a full update on Noah and I don’t even know where to begin. He’s just a little boy now. It’s crazy. He’s independent, sensitive, stubborn, and so damn smart. He retains so much knowledge

– 39lbs, 42in (I think – he’s tall!), wearing 4T/5T for the most part, size 10 shoe.
– 3’s room at daycare with his own “share” day and he LOVES it! Wednesday is a very important day in our house.
– Loves playing outside and riding his bike (sans training wheels). He tells us when he sees people without helmets that it’s dangerous.
– Very excited for our new house and yard (and basement for his trains). He was constantly packing up things prior to the move to make sure they were included.
– Loves Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder and most recently monster trucks and he can find them on the tablet (and computer when we let him have access).
– He can use a computer and mouse as well as we do!
– He needs his milk and carrots before bed (it’s a stall tactic but who am I to deny milk and carrots)
– He’s in bed between 8 and 10pm depending on his nap during the day – he’s still having a few accidents at night but generally because he’s sleeping so deeply he just doesn’t notice.
– I always listen out for “noahisms” but frankly he make so much sense when he talks that I can’t remember the last nonsense phrase he uttered. He says things like “take care of yourself mommy” as I walk out the door. Or in response to me pouting because he called me a bad mommy, he turns around and says, “I’m sorry, you’re a good mommy”. Or “your beautiful mommy” (which of course melts my heart).
– He always wants to help with Lia. He tells me that he’ll get her and take care of her.
– He loves to pack his backpack with supplied (paper plates, plastic table ware, and usually Lia toys) for our trips around the neighborhood. He packs snacks and food too for the two of them. He likes to be prepared.
– His tantrums have taken on a new level of intensity which is just payback for what I did to my parents as a child I’m sure. Screaming till he’s blue and crying till he’s purple is par for the course. Thankfully they don’t happen that often but when they do…EPIC!
– I’ve been working with him on making up stories and using his imagination. On the long car ride home I’ll start a story and try to get him to add to it. We’ll go back and forth and make up something totally non sense…then he asks me to repeat it.
– Lately he’s been a bit OCD about cleaning things. He’ll look at a room and tell us that we’ve made a mess and that we need to clean things up. Totally fine *most* of the time.

I’m sure I’m missing things but…I just can’t get over the fact that he’s mine. I love just sitting back and watching him talk or interact with other people. I don’t know when it happened but at some point he became a little man capable of holding fully coherent conversations on subjects that feel beyond the realm of an almost 4 year old. Sometimes I forget that he’s not yet 4 because of how articulate he is (then he throws an epic tantrum and I’m brutally brought back to reality).

Every time I think we’re at the best age, he grows a little more and I love the new age more than the last.

(I promise pictures soon…the move is over, the holidays are almost over, and I may actually have time to go through the hundreds of pictures I have accumulated lately).

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