Dec 292013

My goodness, I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without a blog post since starting this thing 4 years ago. I attribute that to packing and living in limbo as the house finishes…that and our longer commutes which mean earlier mornings and later evenings to try to fit everything in. I have so many pictures stacked up from the last few months that I need to share and will hopefully some day.

Anyways, trying to stay on the wagon with posts for Lia (and trying to get one out for Noah before he turns 4 in 2 months!!)

Lia these days is just hilarious. She’s monkey two in the monkey see monkey do pairing:) Noah does it, she follows right along including bebopping to the music in his head and sliding down the stairs on their bellies. The interactions with them are becoming more frequent and deliberate and it’s so amazing to watch. He loves his little sis and she thinks he’s the coolest thing out there. He can get her to talk better than we can these days. Our rides home in the car consist of Noah asking Lia to repeat words after him and her actually doing pretty well.

She’s talking more but still pretty garbled. You can clearly hear Apple (which I’ll count as her first word), Shoes, Thank you, mama, dada, dadoo, baba (noah), nana (banana). If she’s hungry or thirsty she smacks her lips and sticks out her tongue. Pretty darn obvious on what she wants.

If you ask her a yes/no question she’ll respond by shaking her head one way or the other. She does this best when you ask if she’s hungry or thirsty and then show her what you have to offer to eat/drink. As for eating and drinking, this kid has an appetite! I remember all the problems we had with Noah and eating. She shows none of that.

Her fine motor control is pretty good which makes up for her not really talking. She’s using a fork quite a bit of success. I found her putting Noah’s plastic screws into the right holes in his tool box. She loves to pretend to feed you and eat with you. Plus just the other night I found her in Noah’s room coloring with him and holding a pencil correctly to draw scribbles.

Sleep is still hit or miss. Some nights it’s easy to put her down and she’ll sleep the whole way thru. Others I struggles to put her down. Most nights she’ll sleep straight thru, others she’ll perk up but put herself to sleep, still others – rarely now thankfully, she’s up for the duration….Those are always fun mornings.

I love in the mornings when we go to get her we find her bouncing up and down. Then before you pick her up, she bends down to grab all of her blankets so that she can get one last snuggle after you pick her up. Then she struggles to be let down so she can go find her daddy.

She LOVES her daddy….the calls of “dada” from her room in the AM (or PM when she should be going to sleep) totally melt my heart (and his). She has him wrapped around her little finger for sure. Many nights she won’t go to sleep for anyone but him. I watch him melt every time she yells his name or runs over for a hug.

Life is so full and days have been passing by so quickly. I’m trying my best not to let things pass so quickly in my head and to savor all the moments – good and bad. When I find myself wishing away the hours when they’re being particularly naughty I try to catch myself and shift back to soaking it all in. She’s our last and as those baby years slip away I don’t want to forget any of the experiences.

And just to keep with tradition:

Weight:24, almost 25lbs
Length: 33 inches (i think)
Head:19 inches (110%!!!)
Sleep:Hit or miss….
Eating: Anything and everything:)
Sizes: Size 5 shoe, likely a 6 soon. 18-24 clothes…I need to buy more 24 mo pants.
Milestones:Just recently she had one of those leaps (where she wakes at 4am talking up a storm) and since then more words and clarity have appeared. She knows fully what she wants you to do but just can’t articulate it yet. Pointing, grunting and crying usually gets the point across.

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