Nov 302013

*this was written actually around her 15 month mark amazingly but never posted… May as well post it:)*

It’s been a busy month. The house is coming along nicely and we have a closing date. I almost feel like a normal home buyer at this point. Now that they time has changed tho, we don’t get to see it as often since it’s well past dark when we get home. We’re left with the weekends.

As for kiddos, Halloween was a blast. Lia was a fairy with an enormous tutu and Noah was a construction worker for one and dinosaur for another.

I have lots of pictures to sort thru including house, halloween, my dad’s birthday and pumpkin patch ones…one of these nights I’ll actually get to them.

As for Lia and being 15 months – I just can’t believe it. She’s getting so big so fast. She’s funny and sweet and loves to give hugs and kisses especially if her brother is crying or upset. She is temperamental and hates her carseat but usually because she’s bored or we corrected her about something.

She dances when she hears music and usually calms down too when you start to sing (but only specific songs…happy and you know it and head/shoulders/knees/toes are popular)

She has two more teeth breaking through (incisors) and I hit or miss on sleeping. Most nights she’s good for all night but ever once and a while we end up with a 3am gab/cry session.

Weight:My guess is 23 lbs
Length: 32 inches
Head:19 inches (110%!!!)
Sleep:Sleeping thru the night for the most part. She’s also getting better about putting herself to sleep. I still rock her because I just can’t give that up but I will put her down drowsy most times.
Eating: Anything and everything:)
Sizes: 18-24 stuff for sure and even some of those are too short or too tight (they run small I guess?). She’s moving on up to a size 5 shoe pretty soon.
Milestones:Nothing huge, mama/dada are more clear and now the dog has a name (dahdoo just like Noah started with). She’ll say “thank you” when she hands you thinks and will try to mimic anything you ask her to say (Apple, mama, dada, dahdoo, thank you, car, ball etc..).

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