Oct 152013

So, as it happened with Noah I fell of the boat with their monthly updates after they passed a year. It’s likely because it also coincided with our move to temporary housing (more on the progress of that later hopefully) but also a new commute, new school and amazing weather:)

The neighborhood around us is so wonderful. Lots of young families that you’ll find out using the miles and miles of sidewalks that lead to schools, fields, and play gyms. Sure, we’re in a smaller house with no yard bit we’ve it’s not really that bad.

Anyways, I digress, on to Lia. She up and walked a week or two after her first birthday and we actually managed to get it on video (now I just need to find which phone it was on)! From that point one she’s been running full speed. At this point she’s all about following her brother and will climb and run right along with him (or at least try ). She’s going to be a handful for sure! I already found her trying to get out of her crib (she was jamming her feet between the slats and twisting them to get traction – I see a climbing wall in her future!)

She’s vocal but really doenst have any words yet. I get “mama” and DH gets “dah” occasionally and I could have sworn I heard all done (rather..”ah dah”) this evening (with the right sign). Noah was a late talker too and once he did he spoke in full sentences so I suppose she’s just following his lead.

She HATES her car seat. Any trip where she’s not sleeping is pretty much miserable – unless I’m singing silly songs at the top of my lungs. Then she’s quiet. I guess she just doesn’t want to compete to see who can be loudest:) Thankfully Noah loves that game and joins in the singing. That said, she loves singing so I hope we have another musical child on our hands.

New daycare is wonderful. She’s finally warming up to it and not crying when I leave (neither of them are actually). They’re making new friends and we’re so much more involved. It just has to do with the type of daycare but it’s definitely different. We loved our last place and were sad to leave but we love this place just as much!

As eating goes, she’s a fan of everything and in large quantities. I’ve never seen a kid her size put away so much food. She put away about a 1.5 cups of pasta and two meatballs the other night on top of the milk, apples, and yogurt she’d had just prior. I do think she has a strawberry allergy because she gets terrible diaper rash after eating them so sadly we’ve cut them out for now. I think she’s sensitive to eggs too (just scrambled, not in things) because a similar thing happens. I’m cutting them out and then going to try to reintro them to see what happens. Otherwise, any fruit or soft veggie is fair game. Apples, cantaloupe, plums, and bananas are particular favorites.

Sleep is much improved. She’s been going down around 7/7:30 and will sleep clear until 6:30. Sometimes she perks up around 10pm but will put herself back down. I’m still rocking her to sleep but noticed that I don’t need to. Once she’s drowsy I can put her down – I just don’t want to:) I love watching her face as she sleeps.

She hasn’t been nearly as sick as Noah was at this age. I think that’s part of what time of year they were born in. We’ve only had one near ear infection (to his 4 by this point). Although, I know now that I said that, she’ll get sick now.

Oh, and she has 12 teeth! 4 molars and then 4 on top and bottom.

So, just to stick with tradition:

Weight:My guess is 23lbs
Length: Wild guess but 32 inches I think. She’s almost out grown the length on her 18-24 month pants!
Eating: Anything and everything:)
Sizes: 12-18 stuff but some 18-24. The weather is getting colder so I’ve had to break out the pants and tights. Gosh I love dressing a baby girl:)
Milestones:Lots of things lately – she’s running full speed ahead, sleeping thru the night, saying (sometimes) mama and dah…points to the dog and pants etc. She’s a great problem solver actually.

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