Oct 132013

Thinking the whooooole way back to the first week of Sept we decided to take a quick family vaca to Virginia Beach. Given the general chaos of our life at that time we decided a close beach was a better idea vs. driving to OBX or Myrtle (or flying to the Pacific NW which was my other choice). Anyways…Virginia Beach is less than 4 hours drive (counting stops) and is a really family friendly beach. It’s not overly crowded with plenty of food options and entertainment. Although, we arrived just after labor day so the options were much less than if we’d been there just a few days prior but honestly, I we were totally okay with that.

The weather was amazing – cool but not too cool and it only rain the day we arrived and the day we left. We couldn’t have planned it more perfectly. We ended up with a ground floor suite right next to my in-laws which mean that after the kids crashed we could just hang out on the patio and enjoy the ocean. Best idea ever (the suite that is).

We went for walks/runs/bike rides (we brought Noah’s bike so we could run and he could ride) on the boardwalk in the AM, spent the times before lunch at the beach (which was 10 steps away!), then Noah spent Lia’s nap time playing at the 4 different pools at the resort (which catered to kids without being obnoxious). Once Lia woke up we’d head to dinner (where Noah generally crashed) and then back to the hotel to either put the kids to bed or load them up and walk the boardwalk.

4 days ended waaaay too quickly but at the same time it was the perfect length with the two kids. We did a quick trip to the Va Beach Aquarium before we started on the road back and still made it home by 6pm. All in all a great trip. I can totally see us doing that again next year.

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