Aug 132013

We’ve really had some amazing weather lately and we’re taking full advantage of that with family walks in the evenings. Coupled with the fact that these are the the last few weeks at our current location before we pack up everything and move to our temporary house it’s all bittersweet. Every thing we do now is done with the “this is probably one of the last times…” mentality. Noah learned to ride his bike on these paths, got his first real goose egg on those play gyms, etc. This house and neighborhood hold so many wonderful memories and while I’m really sad to move on, where we’re going is going to be soooo cool! With a house that I’m sure we’ll love (once it’s built) and the lot we’ve always wanted.

So, for now, with these last weeks left we’ll be doing more of the things we love around here and just soaking it all in….

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