Aug 082013

I heard him get up and shuffle off to the bathroom around 2am. Over the next min or two I heard all the sounds I should to indicate he was not in need of my help so I went back to reading my book. Another min or two later I realized it went oddly silent. I never heard him shuffle back to his room. So, I got up to make sure he was okay. I really wish I had a camera to document what I found. He was curled up on the bath mat, covered in his blankie, fast asleep – his shorts cast off in the corner. Apparently it was too much work to put his pants back on and shuffle back to his room.

He slept thru me dressing him and carrying him back to his room and back into bed. When this kid sleeps, he sleeps hard!!

What’s better is this is the second time I’ve found him on the floor somewhere odd all covered up by his blankie. It’s like, as long as he has his maki (blankie) he can sleep anywhere. He’s so much his momma:)

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  1. How did you guys know it was time to go for nighttime potty training? I’ve been too chicken to try it because I don’t want it to mess with anyone’s sleep. Got any pointers? I can’t believe he fell asleep on the bathroom floor!

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